14 product must have in trip


14 product that you need in trip

14 product that you need in trip , or from wasting your precious time painting your shoes before a flight, opt for some shower caps. The elastic band on the triangles saves space in your purse, rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Take a look at the products that make more and more fun.

1. This pillow will keep your head in the BEST position during sleep. No more nodding off! Designed as a scarf, the pillow easily adjusts to your liking.

14 product that you need in trip

Under the fleece fabric hides a sturdy construction that supports your head. It can be attached to the handle of your backpack or outside your luggage. It only weighs 148 grams. It is machine washable and also available in other colors.

2. This phone holder rotates 360°! It will serve you well both when traveling and at home. The clip makes it simple to attach to any surface, and it is compatible with almost any smartphone.

14 product that you need in trip

Free your hands everywhere you go! 4-in-1 versatility: in addition to the clip, there is a desktop, portable, and stand mode. It is also available in other colors.

3. This portable scale is essential for any trip, even a visit to the market! In seconds, it will display the weight of your bag, up to 50 kg.

14 product that you need in trip

The 4 different weight units (pounds, grams, ounces, and kilograms) make it simple to read. It’s lightweight (only 90 g) and is small, which will allow you to take it anywhere. Automatic shutdown, overload, and a low battery warning function are included to save time and energy.


4. This handy cup holder will free your hands from cups of coffee, phones, and tickets. It has 4 pockets. Just attach it to your luggage.

14 product that you need in trip

Adjust the Velcro to fit the handles of your luggage. You can attach the holder turned either on the inside or outside of the suitcase. It is also available in many other colors.

5. Don’t limit yourself to the favorite beauty products you want to take with you! This cosmetic bag set has as many as 16 different bottles for every purpose.

14 product that you need in trip

The tops of these bottles are very secure. Their size is perfect to take in your carry-on luggage if you are traveling without a suitcase. It comes in 4 bottles, 4 cans, 2 spray bottles, 2 spatulas, 1 funnel, 1 clean brush, 1 label page, and 1 bag.

6. Set of 6 scrunchies with a lock to keep small valuables safe! You can also use them simply as a hairband because they won’t damage your hair as they’re made of soft velvet.

14 product that you need in trip

They come in elegant colors and will match any look. The elastic inside the scrunchies is perfectly stretchy, not too tight and not too loose.

7. If you’re a fan of picnics or camping, this hammock with netting is sure to divide your travels into before and after! Enjoy nature without the disturbance of insects.

14 product that you need in trip

It will even accommodate 2 people. The hammock comes in a bag with all the tools for installation. It is also available in other colors.


8. These are not the regular, uncomfortable earplugs. They are silicone and comfy! You get 6 pairs and can say goodbye to annoying noises wherever you go.

14 product that you need in trip

These reusable earplugs are good because they fit the shape of your ear. Great for sleeping, swimming, loud events and noises, concerts, flying, motorcycling, and more. They are also available in sets with more pairs.

9. Simple, but so useful! These car hooks are great for traveling, as well as hanging bags on them during everyday errands. They come in a set of 6 pieces.

14 product that you need in trip

Also available in white, the hooks on the headrest can be rotated 360° horizontally after installation, which takes seconds. One hook can hold up to 20 kg.


10. Durable and good quality set of 3 suitcases — small, medium, and large. Each has a combination lock! You can use them yourself on a long trip or share them with your family members.

14 product that you need in trip

They have 360° rotating wheels. The handle is height-adjustable for the easy rolling of the suitcases. Interior compartments with straps allow you to fold clothes neatly. Also available in 2 other colors.

11. Prevent your shoes from warping with this multi-pair bag! It is waterproof and can be attached to the outside of your suitcase to create more room in it.

14 product that you need in trip

Size: 8.66″ x 5.51″ x 11.41″. Holds 3-4 pairs of shoes and the compartments are separated by mesh. The bag weighs only 345 g.


12. This is the nicest thing on a long trip! A hyper-soft and large blanket that folds into a small pillow and has an elastic band to hang it on your luggage.

14 product that you need in trip

Comes with a plush, miniature carrying case that measures 11.5″ x 10″ when folded. The blanket measures 60 inches long and 43 inches wide when fully-unfolded. It is also available in many other colors.

13. This portable mini-steamer will be the best companion on any trip! It takes up very little space and heats up in just 30 seconds!

14 product that you need in trip

It is safe to use on all fabrics and is suitable for clothing, curtains, furniture, toys, and more. It has a transparent, removable water tank with a capacity of 150 ml. It also comes with a storage bag.


14. No, we haven’t forgotten about your pet! Carry this handy 550 ml water bottle with you wherever you go.

14 product that you need in trip

The sealing silicone ring provides a tight seal. Easy to use: with one hand, press the water button to fill, then release to stop the water. Unused water can be easily returned to the container by pressing the button.

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