20 BEST BEACHES IN ARGENTINA, while Brazil frequently comes to mind first when picturing stunning strands in South America, Argentina’s strands are a unique blend of rugged Patagonian lakeside and golden flaxen strands in the country’s north. Argentina has a long bank, so no matter where you’re in the country, you ’re bound to stumble upon a fantastic sand.

The Atlantic seacoast and Patagonia are where the country’s most beautiful strands are and where you can soak up the sun. There are stretches of untouched strands, natural timbers and alluring stacks. From snotty resort municipalities popular with Argentina’s high society to down- to- earth family-friendly deepwater retreats serving up ice cream and churros, whatever your taste or budget, there’s a gorgeous stretch of littoral bliss to enjoy. So, tick these Argentina strands off your to- visit list.



best beaches argentina Argentina on a map of South America with its main roads marked in red and the rest of the countries blurred out

The province of Buenos Aires stretches from Rio de la Plata, which separates Buenos Aires from the southern part of Uruguay, all the way down to Patagonia, where the waters become cooler and the land more barren.

From north to south, the coastline has beaches, forests, sand dunes and an ocean with slightly different landscapes, climates, currents and seasons.

On the Atlantic coast, depending on the time of the year, the ocean flows from Brazil, bringing warm currents to the beaches of Argentina. That’s why Argentina’s beach resorts are so popular.



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You might not think of Argentina as a beach destination but the truth is that the country has lots of beaches.

On the shores of Mar de Ajo in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province, Playa Mar de Ajo is the popular seaside resort town’s premier beach, providing excellent opportunities for surfing, swimming and wind-surfing.

Mar de Ajo has come a long way since its days as a humble fishing village during the 19th century and is today a popular getaway destination for Buenos Aires city slickers wanting to escape from the city.

Known for its charming ice cream shops, restaurants and street buskers lining its edge, Playa Mar de Ajo is also where the popular Mar de Ajo beach game, ‘Tejo’, is played by locals regularly.

Playa Mar de Ajo serves up much more than just incredible views and soothing waves, making it an excellent Argentinian beach to visit during your stay in this vibrant South American nation.


buenos aires argentina beaches thatched umbrella on Pinamar beach
One of the best beaches in Argentina near Buenos Aires that isn’t so crowded is Pinamar Beach.

Further north and less crowded than the more popular Mar del Plata beaches, Pinamar is a tranquil beachside town perfect for those seeking a low-key beach-going experience away from hotel chains.

A popular holiday destination for upper-class Buenos Aires residents in summer has seen Pinamar transform into a more upmarket seaside town.

Despite this, Pinamar has retained its unique charm and beautiful white-sand beaches bordered by lush pine forests.


The exclusive seaside resort town of Cariló, situated 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south of Pinamar, is the destination of choice for Argentina’s wealthy residents and has streets lined with upscale boutiques, spas and eateries.

Finding budget-friendly accommodation in Cariló might be a challenge, however, planning a day trip to this beautiful seaside town to enjoy some of the famous beaches in Argentina is highly recommended.

Cariló is filled with vacation homes belonging to politicians, celebrities and captains of industry, so you never know who you might bump into.

Luckily, the town’s stunning golden sand beach is open for all to enjoy.


argentina best beaches Villa Gesell
Not far from Buenos Aires, Villa Gesell is a great place to go for an Argentina beach vacation.

The seaside town for working-class Buenos Aires residents and students, Villa Gesell’s 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) stretch of beach sees visitors flock to its golden sands every summer.

An attractive resort town since the 1940s, Villa Gesell is jam-packed with family-friendly activities that won’t break the budget.

The most noticeable attraction at Villa Gesell’s beach is its wooden pier, which stretches far into the water and draws in avid fishermen who try their luck to catch fresh fish.

A quieter section to relax is at the beach’s southern stretch, where there are usually fewer people.


10.4 km (6.5 miles) south of Villa Gesell, one of Argentina’s most popular seaside resort towns, Playa Mar de las Pampas, is known for its white sandy beach and crystal-clear water.

The best activities at Playa Mar de las Pampas are swimming, diving and horseback riding.

Unlike other Argentinian beaches, measures are in place to protect its unique ecosystems and raw natural beauty by minimising the impact of human development on the beach and the surrounding area.

This means that, instead of high-rise hotel buildings, Playa Mar de las Pampas’ hotels are designed to resemble charming mountain chalets that blend in with the natural scenery.

This makes Playa Mar de las Pampas a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts, who can enjoy and marvel at the scenic beauty and rich biodiversity.

Mar de la Plata – The high season in Mar del Plata is from December until March or April, and the low season is basically the rest of the year. Even so, visitors continue to visit this beautiful beachside resort all year long. During the high season, you need to book accommodation and even activities in advance as places tend to fill up quickly. Prices are also about 30% higher in these summer months.


best beaches in argentina mar del plata people and dog on the beach
Mar de la Plata is one of the best beaches in Argentina for families.

The ritzy Mar del Plata’s most popular beach amongst upper-class Buenos Aires residents, Playa Bristol, is one of Argentina’s busiest seaside tourism destinations and has all the amenities and accommodation you could ever need.

You can walk from the city centre and San Martín Square to the beach, which has playgrounds, manicured gardens and sculpted pieces of art.

Playa Bristol has both private and public beach access, allowing everyone to enjoy the activities.


Of all Argentina’s beaches, Playa Escondida is the most interesting as it’s a legal nudist beach.

Playa Escondida is one of Mar del Plata’s most popular beaches and is 25 km (15.5 mi) south of Mar del Plata’s city centre.

Famous for being Argentina’s only legal nudist beach, Playa Escondida, which means “Hidden Beach” in English, is open for those who prefer to keep their clothes on too.

This peaceful beach, sheltered by cliffs and dunes, offers nature enthusiasts excellent opportunities to spot rare plants and animals as well as amazing vistas stretching across the Atlantic.

Playa Escondida has all the great beach amenities you’d expect to find at Argentina’s top beaches, including a restaurant, sun loungers, a swimming pool and a beach bar, making it a worthwhile beach to visit.

Clothing is optional.


best beaches argentina Miramar sign
If you’re looking for a beach in Argentina for a family vacation, try Miramar.

46 km (29 mi) south of Mar del Plata, trendy Miramar is the perfect seaside town for families looking for a laid-back and budget-friendly beach holiday.

Renowned for its stunning golden beaches and calm azure water, Miramar’s beaches have all the amenities you’d expect to find at other top Argentinian beaches.

The town’s most popular beach is Playa Miramar, where all age groups can enjoy all sorts of fun activities, including surfing, horseback riding and volleyball.

The beach’s promenade becomes the hub of activity when the sun start’s to set as cyclists and joggers take in Miramar’s exceptional views.

Miramar also regularly hosts street performances in the town’s numerous pedestrian-only streets and walkways at night, making it an exciting destination for visitors.


beaches of argentina Desolate beach in summer with storm and white camalotes in bloom in the city of federation, province of Entre Ríos, Argentina
Some of the beaches in Argentina are lush, while others are quite barren.

Monte Hermoso is an idyllic Argentinian seaside town 100 km (62 mi) from Bahía Blanca in Buenos Aires province’s southern region.

The town’s 32 km (20 mi) stretch of sandy beach draws beachgoers from across Argentina with cosy cafes and beachside eateries.

Monte Hermoso has a unique geographical advantage that allows beachgoers to catch the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening.

Even though the beach sees thousands flock to its shores during the summer months, due to its vast size, it rarely looks crowded.

Just a short 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from Monte Hermoso’s beach is the Recalada a Bahía Blanca lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in South America at 75 m (245 ft).

This mix of beach activities and landmarks to see makes Monte Hermoso an interesting Argentinian beach destination worth visiting.


The Argentinian city of Bariloche is well-known for its majestic views and serene lakes, and nowhere are the city’s best features on display quite like it is at Playa Serena.

The beach is one of the city’s most popular beaches and although few dare venture to Playa Serena’s pebbled beach to swim in the freezing glacial water, the beach is a fantastic destination for enjoying jaw-dropping Patagonian scenery.

Kayaking is another popular pastime enjoyed on Playa Serena’s waters and a fantastic activity to enjoy the region’s fresh alpine air and see striking Patagonian peaks.


beautiful argentina beaches
There are plenty of beautiful Argentina beaches both in the city and in national parks.

Rosario’s number one beach has a full-time lifeguard staff and excellent amenities.

Balneario La Florida is dotted with beach bars, a restaurant and a small market.

The beach even has Wi-Fi you can use to stay in touch with friends or just stream your favourite TV show.

Easily accessible and close to Rosario’s biggest attractions, stopping by Balneario La Florida is a fantastic way to have fun under the sun.


Overlooking the Resistencia Bridge connecting Corrientes with Chaco across Argentina’s Paraná River, Playa Arazaty is the top riverside beach in Corrientes.

The beach is clean and has well-maintained amenities, including free-use public showers, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Playa Arazaty offers a relaxing break from exploring the colourful shops and cafes in the city of Corrientes and is an excellent destination for fishing and boating on the river.

While strong currents prevent visitors from swimming year-round, you can swim when the currents are not as strong and full-time lifeguards are on duty.


beaches in argentina Las Grutas aerial
One of the best Argentina beaches to escape to is Las Grutas.

Las Grutas is in Argentina’s Rio Negro province and has wayed off the radar until recently when in-the-know travellers discovered the town’s white sandy beaches and warmer water.

Las Grutas is close to Argentina’s Patagonia region and less than three hours from the Patagonian town of Puerto Madryn.

Its rugged natural beauty, amazing beaches and proximity to Patagonia make the town and its beach a popular getaway that receives 400,000 visitors a year.



Beaches argentina Playa de Puerto Madryn aeriel view of buildings on the beach
One of the best Argentina beaches in the south is Playa de Puerto Madryn.

Playa de Puerto Madryn is Argentina’s unofficial capital for underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling due mainly to the almost translucent waters near the Playa de Puerto Madryn shore.

The beach is home to penguin colonies and whales splash around off the coast, making Playa de Puerto Madryn a place where Patagonian wildlife an amazing beach in Argentina to visit.

There are regular concerts and shows right on the beach, so you might even catch a live performance during your visit.


best beaches in argentina fishing boat silhouetted against a golden sunset
One of the stunning sights from a southern Argentinean beach in Ushuaia is the sunset.

Straddling the shores of the Nuevo Gulf in Argentina’s Chubut province, Playa Paraná, with its pearly white sand, is much more than a gateway to Unesco World Heritage Site, the Valdés Peninsula.

Situated roughly 9.5 km (5.9 mi) south of Puerto Madryn’s city centre, Playa Paraná’s sandy stretch of beach is covered in seaweed during low tide and is a sight to behold.

Apart from typical beach activities such as sunbathing and swimming, Playa Paraná is also a top-notch snorkelling and scuba diving location.

It’s the chance of an opportunity of a lifetime to swim among sea lions in their natural habitat.

Playa Paraná’s abundance of outdoor activities and proximity to a UNESCO World Heritage Site make this beach one of the best Argentinian beaches to explore.


best argentina beaches cub feeding on mum by the water
Patagonia is the place to go for Argentina beaches that are home to wildlife. Pictured here is a mother and cub elephant seal on the beach of the Valdes Peninsula National Park.

Trelew province’s Playa Unión is widely known for its thundering waves and scenic views, not to mention the beach’s pristine white sand.

A haven for beach sports such as volleyball and beach soccer, the population of Commerson’s dolphins, which you can spot swimming close to the shore, attracts the most visitors to Playa Unión annually.

It’s popular with surfers for its large swells and the local calamari is fresh and delicious.


nicest beaches in argentina desolate beach near Ushuaia
A stark beach in Argentina along the Beagle channel near Ushuaia.

Playa Larga is at the tip of South America in Tierra del Fuego and is a one-of-a-kind beach that is a popular summertime destination for Fuegians brave enough to venture into the frigid waters of the Beagle Channel.

Located in the Playa Larga nature reserve, the beach is easily accessible by car or foot via a trail leading from the reserve’s visitor centre to the beach.

While swimming might not be the ideal activity to enjoy at Playa Larga, the opportunity to see whales, penguins and petrels up close is a big tick.

The stunning snow-capped Patagonian peaks make stopping by Playa Larga an experience to look forward to.



argentina beaches Lake Correntoso clear water, sand, lush trees and blue sky
Away from the ocean, one of the Argentina beaches to tick off your to-see list is on the shores of Lake Correntoso.

Lake Correntoso is near the town of Villa la Angostura in the Patagonian Lake District and is a picture-perfect lakeside beach offering tranquillity to travellers after exploring the rugged Argentine Patagonia region.

While swimming at the beach is not ideal due to the icy cold waters of the lake, Lake Correntoso is a great spot to go kayaking or canoeing.

Surrounded by striking mountains and lush forests, few beaches in Argentina are as visually stunning as Lake Correntoso in Argentina’s far south.


Located just outside the city centre of Bariloche in Argentina’s Rio Negro province, Playa Bonita is one of the seven beaches found along the shores of the San Jorge Gulf Basin, a popular Argentinian holiday destination.

Lined with great restaurants and lively bars, Playa Bonita is where many of the city’s residents go for a good time.

The number one destination for locals looking to go swimming, scuba diving, kayaking or fishing, Playa Bonita’s spectacular natural scenery of snow-topped mountains in the distance makes it an incredibly picturesque beach.


beaches in argentina Argentina flag

About four kilometres (2.5 mi) from San Martín de Los Andes, laid-back Playa Catrirte draws families and solo travellers to relax on its golden shores and swim in its sheltered waters.

Easily reachable by car or bus, most visitors to Playa Catrirte choose to walk to the beach from San Martín de Los Andes’ city centre along a scenic footpath.

Playa Catrirte is not only an excellent locale for fishing, swimming and lounging on the beach all day, but the beach’s restaurant, complete with a deck overlooking the ocean, is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon meal with a view.

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