AMAZING UTAH GLAMPING, Glamping has revolutionised how people suppose about boarding in the United States and worldwide since this mode demurred off in 2005. canopies, cabins and lodges complete with amenities similar as luxurious king- sized beds, plush cabinetwork and indeed air- exertion have made boarding a desirable holiday
idea for those who prefer the critter comforts of an upmarket hostel or resort.

Utah is one of the USA’s best glamping destinations, given the state’s incredibly diverse landscapes, proximity to the West Coast and budget-friendly accommodation options. Whether you prefer glamping in an Airstream in the middle of a desert, in a canvas tent overlooking a lake, or in a traditional covered wagon near Zion National Park, glamping in Utah is sure to please.



glamping utah Zion Wildflower
Have a luxurious Utah glamping vacation at Zion Wildflower. Photo: Zion Wildflower Resort.

The recently established Wildflower Resort near the entrance of the Zion National Park offers guests a wide selection of covered wagons, luxurious tents and secluded cabins to choose from.

The Zion Wildflower Resort’s single-pole tepee-style tents envelop guests in total comfort and style while surrounding them with the rugged landscapes of Zion National Park’s mountains and wild cacti and flora.

The Zion Wildflower Resort is fitted with everything you need to have an amazing glamping experience with friends and family.

Enjoy amenities such as a BBQ area, a fully-equipped bathhouse, a laundry room, and a water refill station to keep you fresh and hydrated throughout your glamping vacation.

Wildflower’s air-conditioned rooms, comfy king-sized beds and heated blankets will make sure guests are enveloped in comfort and style while glamping in the picturesque Zion National Park.

Zion Wildflower Resort is at Wildflower – Zion Resort, 100 Kolob Terrace Rd, Virgin, UT 84779. Find out more here.


utah glamping tent Under Canvas Moab sign and main tent
Under Canvas Moab is one of the popular places to go glamping in Utah. Photo: Under Canvas Moab.

Under Canvas is a glamping destination like none other in Utah.

A safari-style tent in the centre of the red landscapes of Utah’s Moab desert, Under Canvas is fully stocked with all the luxurious amenities and impressive scenery you’d expect to find in one of Utah’s best glamping spots.

Complete with a comfy king-sized bed, upscale furniture, luxurious bathhouse and a wood stove to burn the chilly winter nights away, Moab’s Under Canvas is perfect for all your glamping needs.

Just bring a hunger for adventure and great people, and you’re ready to go.

Under Canvas is at 13784 US-191, Moab, UT 84532.


utah glamping Zion Ponderosa couple sitting at the entrance of a white tent
Escape on a Utah glamping vacation to Zion Ponderosa. Photo: Zion Ponderosa.

The inviting interior of the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort’s luxurious tents sets the mood for a truly unforgettable glamping experience right as you first walk in.

Situated on the northeastern side of the Zion National Park, The Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort treats visitors to all the great outdoor activities that the national park has in store, such as horseback riding, hiking and Jeep tours.

If you’re done exploring Zion National Park and wish to try something else, the fantastic Bryce Canyon National Park is less than a 90-minute drive away.

With so much to see, do and explore outside your glamping tent, the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is well worth spending a night or two at.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is at Twin Knolls Rd, Orderville, UT 84758.


utah glamping Conestoga Ranch deck chairs and wagons
Conestoga Ranch has some very special wagons to spend your Utah glamping vacation. Photo: Conestoga Ranch.

The Conestoga Ranch near Bear Lake in Utah’s wild far north treats guests to unique 19th-century covered wagons plucked out of an old western film.

Topped off with furnishings and luxurious amenities that match the ranch’s Wild West theme, if not for the king-sized bed, Wi-Fi and an open-air restaurant, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were travelling west on the Oregon Trail.

Conestoga Ranch is at 427 Paradise Pkwy, Garden City, UT 84028.


utah glamping Basecamp 37
Basecamp 37 has all the comforts you need for your glamping vacation in Utah. Photo: Basecamp 37.

Offering a selection of 5 luxurious glamping tents for guests, Basecamp 37, located on the western end of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s Chocolate Cliffs, is surrounded by some of Utah’s most rugged terrain and natural splendour.

Basecamp 37 provides a whole host of amenities, such as a fully-stocked kitchen and a bar, to be shared by guests spending the night in the facility’s glamping tents.

Situated right on the Utah-Arizona border, Basecamp 37 is the best place to visit if you want to explore both states, all from one convenient location.

Basecamp 37 is at 5951 E Eight Mile Gap Rd, Kanab, UT 84741.


glamping in utah Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch
Huddle up in a yurt on a glamping vacation in Utah’s Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Photo: Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch.

One of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s most stunning stayover destinations, the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch treats guests to incredible vistas from unique Mongolian yurts seemingly plucked straight out of the Mongolian Steppes.

Boulder Mountain’s colourful yurts are complete with rustic kitchens, comfortable bedding, sprawling decks and patio furniture, and shared bathrooms with hot showers.

This truly one-of-a-kind Utah glamping experience is like nothing else in the United States and certainly worth considering if you’re looking for your next Utah glamping excursion.

Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch is at 3995 Hells Backbone Rd, Boulder, UT 84716.


utah Zion Glamping Adventures woman sitting outside tent admiring the view
Zion Glamping Adventures is a Utah glamping destination you will love. Photo: Zion Glamping Adventures.

Live in luxury in a beautiful tent positioned to enjoy stunning mountain views.

Zion Glamping Adventure is a comfortable glamping option in Hildale, with free WiFi and activities, including a children’s playground and bicycle rental service.

Zion Glamping Adventures is at 1545 North Water Canyon Road, Hildale, UT 84784.


This glamping spot at Canyonland is a fully-equipped luxurious oasis right in the middle of the Moab Desert and Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

Stylish and located near many of Utah’s top outdoor sights and activities, the tents are rustic off-grid glamping accommodation furnished with plush bedding, sheets, blankets and pillows.

Furnishings include leather wingback chairs, throw rugs and bedside tables.

Shared bathroom facilities include flushing toilets and warm water.

Wander Camp Canyonlands is at 1849 NorthCreek Road, Monticello, UT 84535.


The Capital Reef Resort is a sprawling 58-acre (23 ha) indoor-outdoor resort set amongst the picturesque red cliffs of the nearby Capitol Reef National Park in southeast Utah.

Filled with luxurious cabins full of all the creature comforts you desire when staying over at a resort, the resort’s covered wagons and traditional teepees place the Capitol Reef Resort firmly on the list as one of Utah’s best glamping destinations.

Complete with comfortable king-sized beds, big screen TVs, en suite bathrooms, and enough bunk beds to host a group of people in utmost comfort, the resort’s teepees and covered wagons are stylishly fitted to make your glamping experience truly amazing.

Capitol Reef Resort is at 2600 UT-24, Torrey, UT 84775.


Nestled between lush forests and perched high in the Utah hills between Monte Cristo and Hardware Ranch, the 24 feet wide (7 m) Monte Cristo yurt is situated right in the epicentre of some of Utah’s best outdoor attractions.

This fully decked-out tent/hut offers guests sweeping views of spectacular Utah nature, wildlife, and simply amazing sunsets surrounded by nothing but solitude and untouched Utah countryside.

With some of Utah’s best hiking trails and ski slopes dotted around the Monte Cristo yurt, it’s a fantastic destination to enjoy your next Utah glamping trip at.

Monte Cristo Yurt is at 45 South 100 West, Woodruff, UT 84086.



This husband-and-wife-operated glamping spot is situated near the popular Canyonlands National Park and all of its amazing outdoor activities and is an off-the-grid luxurious getaway location where stargazing is the number one activity after sunset.

While the site has four other tents to choose from, the Stargazer Bell Tent, the site’s flagship tent, is the biggest and the most spectacular of the bunch.

The owners recently installed a see-through roof so guests can marvel at the stars twinkling in the night sky from inside the tent.

The Stargazer Bell is one of the best glamping spots in Utah to disconnect from the daily grind without sacrificing your favourite creature comforts.

Stargazer Bell Tent is at 2282 SW Resource Blvd. Moab, UT 84532.


The Zion EcoCabin in Utah’s far south combines indoor-outdoor living in a low-key A-frame cabin within driving distance of Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon just across the border in Arizona.

Even though Zion EcoCabin is right on the doorstep of some of Utah’s best natural attractions, there’s lots to keep you busy in the camp itself that you’ll hardly ever want to leave.

The EcoCabin’s wow factor is, without a doubt, its retractable wall, which can be opened or closed at a moment’s notice depending on the mood.

Zion EcoCabin is at Juniper St, Hurricane, UT 84737.


The Moenkopi Yurts uses its basic yet comfortable interior and lack of over-the-top luxuries to place the main focus on the spectacular natural scenery on offer outside.

Moenkopi’s situated in the mesmerising Moab desert, where visitors can enjoy the scenic canyons, nature trails and perfect night sky after dark.

Cosy and perfect for disconnecting and enjoying the unspoilt nature free from crowds, the Moenkopi Yurts at Dead Horse State Park is everything you could ever want from a glamping destination in Utah.

Moenkopi Yurts is at UT-313, Moab, UT 84532.


This is a glamping destination capable of accommodating up to four people in effortless comfort.

Situated in a striking desert landscape along I-15 near Beaver, this 1969 Airstream is filled with all the glamping amenities you could ever desire.

Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, limitless supplies of water and electricity, a full bathroom, and a quaint yet fully functional kitchen.

The Airstream is also pet friendly, so guests can bring their animal companions along for a fantastic Utah glamping experience in the desert.


The sleek and modern Guardian Angel Tiny House, named after the soaring limestone peak which overlooks the tiny house, is the best destination to go glamping in the utmost comfort and style in the entire state.

Complete with a full-sized kitchen, free Wi-Fi, a hot tub, a fire pit, a sizeable bathroom and a big screen TV, the Guardian Angel Tiny House is perhaps Zion National Park’s greatest little glamping spot.

Guardian Angel Tiny House is at 1901 Kolob Terrace Rd, Virgin, UT 84779.


Situated right at the entrance to the picturesque Providence Canyon, the Canyon Canvas Getaway is right next to stunning biking and hiking trails, not to mention a beautiful creek right on the luxurious canvas tents’ doorsteps.

The Canyon Canvas Getaway glamping tents offer amenities such as a comfy king-sized bed, an outdoor fire pit, a mini fridge, and some of the best panoramic views of Providence Canyon and Utah.

Located close to the Great Salt Lake, the Canyon Canvas Getaway is just a short drive away from Salt Lake City and Utah’s travel hubs.

Canyon Canvas Getaway is at Canyon Rd, Providence, UT 84332.


Camping on a lakeside beach in landlocked Utah, surrounded by striking peaks and serene water is one of the most unique Utah experiences you could possibly experience.

The beachside tent on the shores of Yuba State Park’s Yuba Lake offers indoor-outdoor living with a unique coastal atmosphere, all within a two-hour drive from downtown Salt Lake City.

If fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding sounds like your kind of glamping, Yuba Lake and its luxurious tent is the place to be in Utah.

Beachside Tent on Yuba Lake is at Levan, UT 84639.


For a Utah glamping experience with a green twist, try out the Desert Dome near the entrance of Zion National Park.

A see-through geodesic dome covered with solar panels and decked out with a composting toilet, the Desert Dome might lack the luxurious amenities some other glamping spots have, but it more than makes up for it with gorgeous riverfront vistas.

Pristine and clean on the inside and outside, the Desert Dome combines comfy glamping with sustainability to create the perfect environment where guests seem to become one with the unspoilt nature of Utah.

If you’re a conscious traveller looking for a venue with the smallest possible footprint, the Desert Dome is the perfect glamping space.

Desert Dome is at UT-9, Virgin, UT 84779.


The Zion Backcountry Yurt is a family-owned and operated glamping destination nestled in the beautiful Utah backcountry, where serenity reigns supreme and the night sky is the only light in sight for miles.

You can observe sheep and cows grazing around the yurt camps, which feature authentic yurts capable of accommodating up to nine people at a time.

Complete with flushing toilets, warm showers and plenty of drinking water, all you need to bring is something to eat, and you’re good to go and start enjoying the wild side of Utah.

Zion Backcountry Yurt is at 4605 Yurt Rd, Orderville, UT 84758.


The Wildlands Gardens and its stunning tents, decked out with patios, queen-sized beds and living rooms with plush sofas, is an off-the-grid glamping paradise located less than 14 miles (23 km) from the rejuvenating Mystic Hot Springs.

Named after the beautifully manicured garden in bloom and open to the public year-round, the Wildland Gardens is located right in the epicentre of Utah’s best outdoor attractions and national parks.

Wildland Gardens is at 370 600 N North, Joseph, UT 84739.

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