Travel outfitters predict that more American families will travel in the upcoming months as domestic COVID instances are down and a pediatric vaccination licensed in the United States is about to be released.With the October 26 debut of Field Trip, a set of immersive itineraries that can be fully personalized and added to existing itineraries, luxury travel provider Black Tomato has completely redesigned its educational travel services for families, in line with the growing trend of families traveling by car and by air. Each Field Trip draws from Black Tomato’s extensive worldwide network of insider contacts in fields ranging from sciences and the arts to economics and engineering, either to complement what children aged 12 and up may already be studying in the classroom or to ignite a new passion.BEST NEW FIELD TRIPS FOR KIDS

“While education of course begins in the classroom, it certainly doesn’t end there,” says Tom Marchant, the cofounder of Black Tomato. “We believe the world is the ultimate canvas for a younger generation—and arguably the most socially engaged and curious—to put their lessons to the test.”

The company has already observed a notable rise in multigenerational travel, with a 70 percent increase in family trip bookings between January and July 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. During the same time, the company also saw a 33 percent increase in family itineraries with built-in educative experiences.

Field Trip consists of 64 itineraries spanning 37 countries, divided into eight categories, which include STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), sustainability, and art and history experiences. The trips are searchable by subject or destination and can be booked as is or act as starting points for individually tailored itineraries. For example, a family traveling to Cuba with a specific interest in dissident artists might meet with notable artists at the prominent Fábrica de Arte Cubano in Havana. Itineraries are designed to be inclusive of all age groups (from younger siblings to parents), whether the trip includes a private lesson in kung fu from a Shaolin master in China, an insider’s look at the end of apartheid in South Africa, or a closer study of plate tectonics in Iceland.

This new, purpose-driven approach to educational travel empowers Black Tomato’s younger clients to shape their travels with their own personal interests in mind, according to Marchant, who is a father to two daughters. “Being able to dial down or ramp up from a half day to even multiday experiences allows for more meaningful absorption,” he said. “This less prescriptive approach to family travel puts the interests and dreams of the younger generations firmly in their hands.”

Read on for three sample Field Trip itineraries on three different continents, or explore all eight categories.

In Copenhagen, kids can get a close look at what it takes to raise organic produce.
In Copenhagen, kids can get a close look at what it takes to raise organic produce.

Photo by Inge Poelman/Unsplash


Dig into sustainable farming in Copenhagen

Category: Sustainability

This conservation-minded experience features Soren Wiuff, a Danish farmer who supplies some of the country’s top Michelin restaurants, including the world-famous Noma. He’ll take pupils ages 14 and older into fields to harvest fruit and vegetables, while teaching them principles behind chemical-free farming and food waste reduction. He’ll also lead a cooking tutorial using his own recipes featured in the 2018 cookbook The Noma Guide to FermentationFrom $7,400 per person for a seven-night custom trip through Denmark.

Explore the musical side of Jaipur

Category: Arts

In Jaipur—one of India’s most celebrated cultural capitals—renowned musician and installation artist Dr. Ashwin Dalvi leads pupils on a private tour of the Nad Sadhna Institute for Indian Music & Research Centre to offer them a deeper, hands-on understanding of the country’s classical and folk music traditions. Dalvi, a celebrated player of the sur-bahar, or bass sitar, will both perform and guide students on how to play various traditional instruments. From $7,500 per person for a seven-night trip in India from Udaipur to the Himalayas, with a stop in Jaipur.

In the Atacama Desert, STEM-minded kids can explore the mysteries of the universe.
In the Atacama Desert, STEM-minded kids can explore the mysteries of the universe.

Courtesy of Black Tomato

Take an immersive astronomy tour in Chile

Category: STEM

A private, astronomer-led tour takes Field Trip guests to the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLP) array, which is located in Chile’s Atacama Desert and houses the world’s most advanced optical telescope system. Visitors will get a real-time peek at what experts are observing in the sky, and conditions permitting, they’ll even be able to tour the tech-forward control room where the astronomers work. From $7,900 per person for an eight-night trip in Chile from Santiago to Atacama Desert.




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