QUEBEC’S HÔTEL DE GLACE IN CANADA, Further than 55,000 people have slept in an ice bed in Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace. Since opening in 2001, the Quebec Ice Hotel has charmed locals and callers.

Having drink in the bar of the Quebec Ice Hotel is one of the fun conditioning in Quebec in downtime. Sleeping in an ice bed is indeed more amazing and one of the top effects to do in Canada in downtime.


ice hotel quebec
2016: The ice bar. Photo: Renaud Philippe

An architectural wonder built out of ice and snow – precisely 500 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow last season – Hôtel de Glace is worth making a trip to Quebec City for between January and March.

hotel de glace
2012: Hotel de Glace Photo:

Each year students from Quebec’s universities compete to create a theme suite out of ice and snow.

ice hotel quebec
2015: There’s an ice bar and an ice chapel. Quebec ice hotel is a sight to behold and every year is different. Photo: Clermont Poliquin

Last winter there were 44 rooms and themed suites.

There’s a Nordic area with hot tubs and sauna, an ice bar, ice slide and ice chapel (it’s a unique venue to tie the knot or renew your vows) vows.

ice hotel quebec
2011: In 2011 the Quebec ice hotel moved to the site of the former Quebec Zoo. Photo:

The hotel is redesigned each winter and you can book a room or suite for the night or just pop in for lunch or a cocktail.

If you’re really cold, you can warm in one of the hot tubs or saunas.


ice hotel fireplace
2015: Some rooms at the Quebec ice hotel come with fireplaces. Photo: Clermont Poliquin

Each year’s design is different.

Construction begins in December when the temperature is under – 5 °C.

Snow is made onsite by snow blowers and the deck (or floor) is built first.

The ice hotel in Quebec is unique in North America and a sight to behold.

ice hotel quebec
2015: This is possibly one of the world’s funkiest “igloos”. Quebec ice hotel rocks! Photo: Renaud Philippe

Metal moulds are used to create the shapes of the buildings and ice blocks weighing 500 tons are used to create the furniture (bar, night tables and chairs), columns, sculptures and ice glasses.

You can take a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour to learn how the Quebec Ice Hotel was constructed.

ice hotel
2011: Can you picture yourself bundled up in this bed at the Quebec ice hotel? Photo: Luc Rousseau.

If you decide to sleep there, you’ll be snoozing in a bed of ice on a comfortable mattress and tucked up in a cosy sleeping bag.

ice hotel canada
2016: Would you sleep in this bed? The Quebec ice hotel is special every year. Photo: Renaud Philippe

If might be a freezing dash to the heated bathroom in the nearby Celsius Pavilion but the experience is so unique it’ll one you’ll talk about for years!

ice hotel canada
2014: 500 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow is used to build the Quebec ice hotel. Photo: Renaud Philippe
ice hotel quebec
2015: How about a Premium Deluxe Arctic Spa themed suite with fireplace and private spa at the Quebec ice hotel? Photo: Renaud Philippe
ice hotel quebec
Hôtel de Glace is eternal and ethereal. There are plenty of good reasons to visit. Photo:

Quebec ice hotel room

2011: The Quebec ice hotel is about 10 minutes from Quebec City. Photo: Luc Rousseau.

Quebec ice hotel bed

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