Top tourist honeymoon places


Top tourist honeymoon places

Top tourist honeymoon places; traveling to a special honeymoon place is one of the best options to celebrate your marriage with your partner

Top tourist honeymoon places; traveling to a special honeymoon place is one of the best options to celebrate your marriage with your partner in order to spend the best start of a happy family life.
But choosing the best destination for honeymoon is not surprising, especially since, while researching, a person is striving to find the best spot on the surface of the Earth that might give him and his partner the most enjoyment to achieve the principle of “perfect start”. And because a honeymoon is one of the most immortal memories of human life, the process of choosing the optimal destination for the honeymoon that will frame that anniversary can become a bit daunting. Because there are so many things to consider, such as the distance, the budget and the amount of time you’re going to spend in this country.
For a journey that both of you will not forget, we have chosen the top 10 romantic destinations in the world to choose who is best in your view and best suited to you for your honeymoon.

Top tourist honeymoon places; Honeymoon in the Maldives
The fairy tales of the Maldives turn out to be great moments for couples on their honeymoon, where they will be fascinated by seaside beaches with golden sunshine, clear water decorated with marine life, luxury resorts, delicious food and a lush atmosphere. All this will have a huge impact on you and will make your journey full of happy memories that you will never forget.
The Maldives is not only an island of beautiful scenery, but also a place to live in an adventure-filled atmosphere such as the adventure of diving in colourful coral reefs and beautiful marine creatures, having an underwater meal at Etha’s Water Restaurant, going on a boat picnic or a cruiser tour of the sea, enjoying a massage session, watching sunset on the seaside, and other activities.
One of the most famous Maldivian Islands she will certainly enjoy visiting is: the quiet island of Maafushi, the beautiful northern island of Mali, the tourist resort-filled island of Holhumali, the distinctive beaches of Cocoa Island, and the famous coconut island of Cashido.

Top tourist honeymoon places; Thailand Honeymoon
Tourism in Bangkok ranked among the world’s most attractive cities in 2018 and is one of the world’s most attractive for honeymoon trips, so it deserves to be called the “Land of Smiles.” In this magical paradise floating in the middle of the Andaman Sea, you will enjoy crazy Ferozoic waters and white sandy beaches, ride small boats, relax during traditional Thai massages, and have a romantic dinner on the sea or in a restaurant with romantic music.
From Bangkok, you’ll be able to visit the other beautiful islands of Thailand, which are also suitable for honeymoon stays if you want a quieter atmosphere with less budget, you can visit Bukit Island, which is Thailand’s most famous island, Hua Hen Island, which is two hours away by car from Bangkok, Phi Islands, which is one of the most beautiful Thai islands, Koh Taao Island o Island with soft sand and huge rocks of great appearance.

Top tourist honeymoon places; Honeymoon in Greece
You must have heard of a lot of celebrities who spent their holidays on the island of Santorini in Greece, it’s really one of the most famous islands and destinations for honeymoon vacation in the whole world.
This island on the Firosi Aegean Sea is unparalleled in the splendour of its small, cubic blue-domed houses and in its charming nature with all the word.
You’ll also enjoy water sports on the beach, watching the sky at sunset, living with your partner memories you’ll never forget.
If you are a fan of calm and want to stay out of the noise of life, you should travel to the quiet island of Mykonos, which is famous for its homes, its terraces, its narrow streets, its white and blue, it has seven antique windmills, and it has amazing markets.
You don’t spend all your time in Greece on one island, because it has more than 300 wonderful islands worth visiting. At least I enjoy the beauty of two of them. Besides the islands mentioned above, Crete is the largest island in Greece and is suitable for honeymoon and recreation with a spirit of civilization and history, Rhodes Island with ancient history, Corfu Island much mentioned in Greek mythology, and many others.

Top tourist honeymoon places; Jamaica on honeymoon
Jamaica is an extraordinary country in the Caribbean islands, where it will be aligned with spectacular tropical beaches, green rainforest and mountains with ocean breeze, beautiful warm weather, distinctive music and nightlife. It will provide you with the right atmosphere for memorable honeymoon vacation, so many are among the best countries for honeymoon.
On Jamaica’s beaches, you’ll enjoy the quiet air, the refreshing waters and the clear blue sky, and relax on the retinal swing, and then you can take a tour of the beach on horseback if you like it, but if you don’t want to ride the horses, you can ride the boat and take a quiet romantic tour of the Martha Bray River, or do a cruise of the river to watch the sunset.
The most famous tourist areas in Jamaica include: Montego Bay for diving, Ocho Ríos for beaches and resorts, Negril for diving and sunbathing, the capital city of Kingston for quiet and low – budget lovers.
If you’re a fan of recreational activities, Jamaica has a lot of water activities to offer you, you can dive and dive into Montego Bay, Marin Park, see coral reefs of diverse colors, or ride on a glass boat that allows you to watch clear water under you, and you can watch dolphins shows and swim with them as well. It’s very pet, and then walk away.

Top tourist honeymoon places; Honeymoon in Indonesia
Indonesia is a large country full of countless islands, but its most famous and suitable honeymoon island is Bali, which some call “Gods Island,” it has a unique charm and a spiritual and romantic climate that makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.
The island of Bali offers you everything differently from sunshine, beaches and health resorts. Its quiet beauty and landscapes, along with its unique culture, make Bali a charming island, enchanting anyone who comes to it and leaves an emotional trail that only those who go to it will know.
There are also other honeymoon-friendly islands like Sumatra, which has spectacular waterfalls, the famous pink beach island of Lombok, and last but not least the spectacular island of Kalantan.

Hawaiian Islands in the United States of America
Honeymoon in the Hawaiian Islands
The Hawaiian Islands offers a lot of romantic and perfect adventures for lovers to enjoy and give the perfect honeymoon holiday. The Hawaiian Islands of California are located on the Pacific Ocean, and consist of 6 major islands. Each island offers a unique and rare experience.
On these islands you will find a variety of romantic activities waiting for you: For example, on Ohio Island, a bright view of the sunset will be seen along the Waikiki Coast, the scenic valleys of the Ohio Mountains will be explored, the floodplains in Kaleo will be tracked, the bright coral reefs of Kanyoh Bay will be seen and whales will jump into the ocean.
Maui Island offers you many water activities such as diving and diving, makes you relax on beaches with scenic white sands, tastes of sea dishes, finds golf courses full of palms, and watches the world’s largest dormant Mauna Loa. On Kauai Island, she can ride horses on her scenic beaches.

Honeymoon in Vietnam
Vietnam’s presence on this list may be impressive, but Vietnam is truly a wonderful Asian country with a special romantic atmosphere. With its rich, attractive beaches, glamorous bays, scenic landscapes, colorful culture, vibrant cities, the natural charm of its features and delicious food, the honeymoon in Vietnam has become a truly special and special taste in recent years.
The capital, Hanoi, is one of Vietnam’s finest tourist places for honeymoon. This city has many more romantic hotels and resorts, and it has one of the most beautiful lakes suitable for the “Huan Kim Lake” picnic.
If you want to move away from the capital and crowded places, you can go to Saba with the scenic area of the listed rice fields, the Vansepan mountain range, the wonderful waterfalls, especially the Love Waterfall, and the beautiful hiking trails.
Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s paradise. There will certainly enjoy a cruise in Ha Long Bay with delicious local food and watching the floating fishing village, ape island and caves spread out there, so many consider it one of the best places to have a honeymoon.

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