Tourism in Armenia


Tourism in Armenia

Tourism in Armenia;The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country characterized by its rugged mountains and dormant volcanoes, and is one of the countries located in the Caucasus region.


Tourism in Armenia; Armenia is one of the countries that encourage tourism due to its low cost and cheap prices, and this motivates travelers to travel to Armenia to spend the most beautiful times and practice all the tourist activities and activities that exist in Armenia, such as walking, mountain climbing and other tourist activities as well as visiting its tourist places, beautiful lakes, waterfalls and the charming green nature In the mountains in the Armenian Republic, we will mention to you some of the tourist places in Armenia.
It has a rich cultural heritage, strong history, and occupies a great position, and this small country is blessed with a fantastic nature, and diverse tourist attractions. This has made tourism in Armenia one of the destinations that attract thousands of tourists from all countries. Here in this article is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about travel and tourism in Armenia.

It has an interesting group of tourist attractions, the most prominent of which is Mount Ararat, which is considered a symbol of the homeland. It is also known as (Mountain of the Bible), as its name was mentioned in the Bible, during the story of the Great Flood, so it has a religious status in addition to the panoramic views it offers, and the daring sports adventures it provides for tourists. It also provides you with the opportunity to practice paragliding, go to ski resorts and many types of winter sports.

Tourism in Armenia
Armenia includes the famous Lake Sevan, which is found high in the mountains, among others, many lakes and mountains. This is in addition to the monuments, castles, churches, monasteries, and buildings of the Armenian style, which dates back to the Middle Ages. In addition to parks, various nature reserves and many elements of tourism.

Armenia is located along the Great Silk Road, in the South Caucasus between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea between Asia and Eastern Europe. It is a landlocked republic bordered by many countries, bordered by Georgia in the north, Iran in the south, Azerbaijan in the east, and Turkey in the west.

Best time for tourism in Armenia
The best time for tourism in Armenia is from late May to early June. This is because that is the period when the weather is mild before the heat season begins. Which makes it an ideal time to explore the country, and practice many tourist activities. Below is a breakdown of the four seasons of the year in Armenia…

Summer (from June to August):
It is one of the best times to visit Armenia, and it is the peak season for tourism in Armenia, as the temperatures rise and the humidity decreases, allowing you to explore the country and its outstanding attractions in the open air, hiking among the rugged mountains.

It also allows you to attend a distinguished group of cultural and traditional events, such as the sheep festival or the bread festival in the mountains, the barbecue festival and many more.

Autumn season (from September to November):
Autumn is an ideal season for tourism in Armenia, as autumn has very pleasant weather and warm colors. Cooling temperatures help you take great tours around the country.

You can also participate in exciting events, such as the Carpet Festival, the International Balloon Festival and many more. It is also a low-cost tourist season, due to the low number of tourists.

Winter season (from December to February):
Temperatures drop at that time, until they reach below zero degrees Celsius. It is one of the colder seasons that does not allow you to fully enjoy exploring the country, especially for lovers of winter games, such as snowboarding in many ski resorts in Armenia.

In addition to watching the snow-covered cities and monasteries, it is one of the most beautiful places in the winter and has a wonderful view of the snow-capped Mount Ararat.

Spring (from March to May):
Spring is characterized by lower temperatures and precipitation. Despite this, Armenia is characterized by the beauty of its nature at that time of the year, the green color and flowers in their cheerful colors. You can enjoy exploring the country in late May and watching many wonderful festivals.

The language in Armenia
The Armenian language is the official and spoken language in the Republic of Armenia. There are also many other sub-languages ​​(such as Russian and English).

Tourist visa in Armenia
To have a perfect holiday in Armenia, you will need to obtain a travel visa to Armenia. There are a set of rules and documents necessary for obtaining a tourist visa in Armenia, the most important of which are as follows:

.A valid passport, valid for at least one month after the date of obtaining the visa.
.Bank statement in dollars or euros.
.Apply for an Armenia visa online.
.A photo size 35 by 45.
.Pay visa fees to Armenia.
.Official invitation from the Armenian Republic.

The ideal period for tourism in Armenia
The ideal period of tourism in Armenia is about three days, which is enough time to explore the most important and prominent landmarks of the country, and to do the most enjoyable recreational activities. Here is a suggested tourist program for a vacation in Armenia that you can modify to your liking:

Day 1: Exploring Yerevan
Take an enjoyable tourist tour in the beautiful Armenian capital Yerevan, enjoy watching antique historical monuments, museums, Erboni Castle, stroll through the Cascade Park rich in stonework and wonderful sculptures, and hike.

Day 2: Visit the tourist attractions
On that day you can visit the cathedral, churches of Ichmiatsyn and the archaeological site of Zvartnots. And visit the pagan temple of Garni, the rocky monastery of Gigard, and the sacred monastery of Echmiadzin.

Day 3: Doing different tours
Visit the snow- and ice-covered Kari lake, as well as Sevan, Hagartsin, and visit the Khor Virap Monastery at the foot of Mount Ararat. In addition to going to the markets and buying beautiful souvenirs, such as carpets, handmade jewelry, musical instruments and many more, and then preparing to leave and return home.

How much does it cost to visit Armenia?
You have to plan well your budget during the tourist vacation in Armenia, to get the perfect vacation at a reasonable cost to your budget. Here are the average prices for services, recreational and tourist activities in Armenia:

.The average cost of a trip to Armenia for two people for one week is about 262 USD.
​​.The price of a hotel in Armenia for a couple is about 16 USD.
.The average daily expenditure per person in Armenia is approximately 19 USD.
.The cost of daily meals per person inside Armenia is about 8.19 USD.
.Average domestic transportation prices per person per day in Armenia is about 2.33 USD.
.The average cost of entertainment and activities in Armenia per day per person is 523 AMD.

Transportation in Armenia
You can move around in Armenia using many great local transportation, which are fast and highly efficient. Here are the most important types of transportation in Armenia:

Buses and coaches:
Armenia has many buses, buses and minibuses, which you can use to move within the country easily, comfortably and quickly, but it will not be the ideal way to move between major cities in Armenia.

Railroads in Armenia are old and dilapidated, and it is difficult to get around the country by train without speaking Russian or Armenian. Tickets are available at stations in Yerevan and some major cities.

Taxis are available in Armenia, but they are not very reliable and unsafe, in addition to their high cost. If you decide to travel within Armenia using taxis, be careful.

car rental:
Car rental and transportation within Armenia is the best and most enjoyable way, although the roads are unpaved and terribly potholed. So always slow down while driving to avoid any accidents, God forbid.

Cycling is very popular in Armenia, where you can admire mountain landscapes. It is one of the great means of transportation that we advise you to try in Armenia.

Food and drinks in Armenia
Armenian food is influenced by neighboring countries, as well as the animals and crops grown on their lands. Armenian cuisine is rich in vegetables, meat and fish, and eggplant, lamb and lavash (flat bread) are the main ingredients of Armenian cuisine. Plus broken wheat or bulgur instead of rice and corn. Here are the most famous traditional dishes, which we advise you to try while traveling in Armenia:

Dolma: Fresh grape leaves wrapped in a mixture of minced meat, rice and delicious herbs and spices.
Khorovats: It is one of the most delicious Armenian dishes. It consists of pieces of meat grilled on skewers.

Lavash: A thin, flat bread similar to a Mexican tortilla, it is the most common ingredient in Armenian cuisine.

Gabama: The most famous Christmas dish in Armenia is pumpkin stuffed with boiled rice, dried fruits and nuts.

Khash: It is made from boiled lamb or cow parts that include the feet and the head, and some use the other parts of the cow, such as the stomach in the recipe. It is one of the most important traditional Armenian dishes.

Harissa: a thick porridge made from roasted or dried wheat and fatty meat (lamb or chicken).

Basturma: smoked, air-dried and seasoned beef. By letting the salted meat dry for up to 15 days. The meat is then covered with a paste consisting of a mixture of different spices including cumin, garlic, hot paprika and pepper.

Eich: It is a side dish made of bulgur, and it can be eaten warm or cold.

Börek: are cheese pies stuffed in filo pastry, and there is another type of
These pancakes have spinach or meat instead of a cheese filling.

As for the drinks: the most popular drink is sorsch (Armenian coffee), tea, and fresh fruit juices.

Communications and the Internet in Armenia
Armenia has a very developed and modern telecommunications sector, as there are many telecommunications companies, which provide many services of ToG, 3G, and 4G. Sim cards are also available across the country. Among the most important telecom companies in Armenia are:

Ucom Company:
It is one of the main companies in Armenia, which offers many communication and Internet services, as well as ideal offers on packages for calls and the Internet, and is characterized by its affordable prices for everyone.

Beeline Armenia:
It is one of the most important telecommunication companies in Armenia. The company provides a variety of high-speed Internet services to customers, and its sim cards are available in three languages ​​(Armenian, Russian and English).

VivaCell MTS:
It is one of the largest telecom operators in Armenia, providing many advanced and modern services with high technologies. The 4G network covers a wide area of ​​the territory of Armenia, identification cards are available throughout the country, with reasonable prices and very special services and offers.

Distance between the most popular cities in Armenia
Moving between tourist cities in Armenia, requires knowing the distance between them, to avoid fatigue and effort. Here are the distances between the most famous major cities in Armenia:

.From Yerevan to Kaban 195 km 121 miles.
.Yerevan city to Goris 173 km 108 miles.
.From Yerevan to Sevan 55 km 34 miles.
.Yerevan to Kaban 195 km 121 miles.
.Yerevan city to Ararat 42 km and 26 miles.
.Yerevan to Sevan 55 km 34 miles.

The best tourist cities in Armenia
Because Armenia provides you with a unique experience and a daring tourist adventure for lovers of excitement and thrill, be sure to include the most important tourist cities in your tourism program. Here are the most important and best 7 tourist cities in Armenia that we advise you to visit:

Tourism in Yerevan

Yerevan is the largest city in the Republic of Armenia and is the capital. It is known as the “Pink City”, as it was built from ancient volcanic rocks, which over time turned pink to red, giving it a distinctive charm. This is in addition to its warm climate.
There are many recreational activities that you can do in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. Among the most important are exploring impressive old Soviet architecture, as well as rural ghost towns, visiting Old Rock, art galleries displaying the work of talented local artists, as well as museums of history and culture.

Tourism in the village of Goris

The village of Goris, located in the south of Armenia, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Armenia. It is located along a river and surrounded by beautiful lush green mountains.
The village of Goris allows its visitors to enjoy a distinguished range of activities and enjoyable sports. Such as exploring the magnificent rock formations on the edge of the village, or heading to the ancient cave village. Also, visit the beautiful Tatev Monastery, located on a cliff of 850 meters. This is in addition to riding the longest cable car in the world, and getting the most amazing and picturesque scenery from the top on the village and many other interesting activities.

Tourism in Sevan Village

The village of Sufyan is located at an altitude of 1905 meters above sea level. It is the charming pearl of Armenia, as it is one of the best places to visit in the country, due to its mild weather, especially in the summer.
The village of Sufyan includes the famous Sufyan Lake, which allows its visitors to enjoy swimming, various water games, fishing and participating in barbecues for fresh fish by the lake. This is in addition to visiting the church with its stunning interior and exterior engineering designs.

Tourism in the village of Kaban

Kaban village is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Rmenia, as it has a charming group of picturesque landscapes, which impress and attract tourists, especially lovers of nature and a calm atmosphere. You can do many enjoyable recreational activities in the village of Kaban, the most prominent of which are enjoying the picturesque landscapes of high mountains, beautiful valleys and breathing in the fresh air every morning.
You can also go to the center of the village, where there are lush green gardens, and enjoy long walks, cycling, as well as cafes, restaurants and cafes. In addition to exploring wonderful archaeological sites such as castles, forts, and museums such as the Historical Museum of Caban, and monasteries such as Deir Vahan. And don’t miss horseback riding in the village’s amusement park.

Tourism in the village of Odzon

Odzon Village is a beautiful historical village, with a distinctive geographical position. It is located on a plateau above the left banks of the Debid River Gorge, and is one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in Armenia.
Odzon Village offers a range of fun activities and exciting experiences to its visitors. Among them, explore the most important historical and archaeological sites, such as visiting the ancient church of the fifth century, which includes one of the most magnificent basilica in the country with the finest dome. Climb the tower to get the most amazing panoramic views of the picturesque nature that surrounds the place. You can also visit many other historical sites.

Tourism in Dilijan Village

The village of Dilipjan, located in the Tavush province of Armenia, is one of the most important and best tourist attractions in the country. It is known as “Spa Town”, “Little Switzerland” or “Armenian Switzerland”. Surrounded by many dense pine forests, it provides its visitors with fresh air, as well as mineral water treatment fountains, for which the village is famous.
It also offers a good number of beautiful hotels and sanatoriums, in addition to the traditional Armenian architecture, especially in the “old town”. It’s also the perfect place for mountain biking, hiking, and strolling Chamberian Street, where merchants offer their local traditional goods for souvenirs.

Tourism in the village of Jermuk

Jermuk village is famous for its archaeological nature, and its mild climate, which attracts tourists from all over the country. In addition to the therapeutic mineral water for which it is famous. The village of Jermuk is considered the first city in the health resorts.
You can also go to the different water stations, where you can experience the sparkling fresh water of varying temperatures, because it has about about 40 sources of very hot minerals in Jermuk. This is in addition to watching Jermuk Waterfall, another major attraction in the village, the second largest waterfall in the country, with water falling from a height of 68 meters. Do not hesitate to visit it.

Tips before traveling to Armenia
Before traveling to Armenia, here are the most important information and tips needed, which can help you have the most enjoyable and hassle-free tourist holidays:

.Pay attention to your clothes when entering religious places
You have to respect that Christian country, especially in dress, such as wearing wide, uncovered, and not short clothes when entering churches, and wearing headscarves for women inside monasteries.

.Don’t miss out on delicious Armenian food
Armenian cuisine is distinguished by its delicious taste, and its prices are quite cheap even in restaurants. Do not worry about the high prices of restaurants and enjoy the experience of Armenian food.

.Always make sure to have cash with you
This is because many places in Armenia only accept cash payment. Even some places with Visa and MasterCard signs.

.Know that the work day starts very late
There are no shops, restaurants or any other facilities in Armenia that open before 9:00 AM.

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