Tourism in Belgium


Tourism in Belgium

Tourism in Belgium have a lot of attraction, driving hundreds of thousands of tourists to flow into the country. Brussels has many buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tourism in Belgium have a lot of attraction, driving hundreds of thousands of tourists to flow into the country. Brussels has many buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other Belgian cities are no less charming or elegant. It is not possible to miss visiting Bruges and its legendary atmosphere, betraying or Antwerp, and so many wonderful cities.
If we talk about Belgian nature, it’s no less attractive. The country includes many scenic parks and sparkling parks as well as mountains, rivers and lakes. History and cuisine add additional touches that increase the country’s and its Iraqi progress.

The Federal Kingdom of Belgium is located in the northwestern part of the European continent. The country shares land borders with 4 European states, the Netherlands from the north and Germany from the east. It is bordered by Luxembourg to the southeast and France to the south. The northern part of Belgium overlooks the North Sea.

Best time to travel to Belgium

Tourism in Belgium is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the magic of monuments and nature. However, access to the most beautiful journeys undoubtedly requires timely knowledge, based on climatic factors. Belgium is characterized by relatively mild weather in winter and summer, particularly in areas with maritime airspace. The interior appears cooler in winter and warmer in summer. As such, the following should be noted:

Summer (June-August): This season is marked by the peak of tourist flows into Belgian territory in order to enjoy mild weather, particularly on coastal shores.

Spring (April-May): The spring has fun tourist opportunities in Belgium, especially when walking around parks and parks with many colorful flowers. as well as a refreshing spring atmosphere that attracts visitors.

Autumn (September-October): In the autumn, Belgium enjoys a mild atmosphere even in the highlands. This provides tourists with comfortable tours away from summer season congestion and with more economic prices. As well as the really amazing Khent Film Festival.

Winter (November-March): The winter in Belgium also has a large influx of tourists. In order to enjoy the snow in the Ardennes or to roam and explore Belgian cities, they are milder than other parts of the European continent. The tourist turnout towards Belgium is growing winter for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tourist visa in Belgium

before  travel and tourism to Belgium, there are certain conditions for obtaining Visa:

Filling the demand form for Visa Schengen with fingerprints.
Passport valid for at least 6 months.
Personal photos.
Health insurance.
Hotel reservation proof.
Flight tickets to go back and forth.
Bank disclosure to prove financial capacity.
Payment of the visa fee of €80.

The Ideal Duration of Tourism in Belgium

You might be wondering how long it’s going to be in Belgium, and the fact is that this answer varies depending on the tourist schedule you’re setting for your trip. The tourist needs to enjoy the Belgian nature and walk around its highlights for at least 10 days.
An integrated tour of monuments and historic buildings requires at least 10 more days. Based on the foregoing, he tried to book at least 20 days for a pleasant tourist trip. The small size of the country does not mean missing its beautiful details on a short trip.

Cost of tourism in Belgium

Belgium is a fun and charming tourist country, and this is reflected in the cost of trips in the country, where peak seasons are experiencing a dramatic price hike. The cost of the flight is therefore expected to be at least US $900 to US $1,300.
The additional cost of the trip from hotel accommodation is estimated at between US $65 and US $120. For example, parks and museums can be entered at a reasonable cost of about US $ 20. The daily cost of the tourist trip is estimated to average at least US $150.

transport in Belgium

In Belgium, mobility takes place in several ways, including:

Trains: It is the best and most popular mode of transport in Belgium, especially in order to move from one city to another. In addition to the beauty of scenery across the road, children under six years of age are exempt from the cost of tickets.

Buses: It is a good public transport in Belgium. It is run through three Belgian companies, STEP, TEC and DE LGen, where most of the country is covered.

Subway: The capital, Brussels, has a subway that covers its area, allowing visitors to reach the city’s highlights more quickly and safely.

Tram: Commuting through tram lines in Belgian cities also allows visitors a beautiful tourist experience, especially when riding coastal trams.

Taxi cars: It is possible to travel in Belgium through private taxis as well. As for the wage, it was defined by Belgian law on the basis of distance, and there was no need for concern.

Food and drinks in Belgium

Belgium has a lot of high – end European restaurants with Michelin stars, mixing both French cuisine, especially in Wallonia, and traditional Flemish-Dutch cuisine. In short, the journey of food to tourism in Belgium adds a special experience that we advise you not to miss.

In any case, traditional Belgian dishes are dominated by meat and fish cooked with sauce. The dessert menu includes many pastries and many chocolate-rich meals. One of the most notable Belgian recipes is the Carbona de flamandeur stofflees, which is a stew of meat with mushrooms and delicious sauce. So is the Soul dish, which consists of flour and sour fish. Waffle gaufres are delicious desserts of global fame.

Official currency of Belgium

Belgium uses the euro as one of the member States of the European Union.

Communications and Internet in Belgium

During your tourist vacation in Belgium, you can communicate with your friends and relatives very easily. This is because there is a distinct set of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:

Proximus: It is the largest telecommunications company on Belgian soil and provides users with mobile and high-speed Internet services.

Orange: It provides 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services.

Telenet: It is the main provider of the Internet in Belgium and also provides users with communications services.

Distance between Belgium’s most famous cities

Brussels to Antwerp 45 km.

Distance between Dinant and betrayed 157 km.

Brussels to Bruges 88 km.

The distance between Brussels and Spa is 140 km.

Brussels to Verne 133 km.

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