Tourism in China


Tourism in China

Tourism in China is one of the wonderful experiences, which allows you to enjoy the opportunity to explore the ancient Chinese culture


Tourism in China; It has a large number of tourist attractions that attract millions of tourists from all over the world annually. It has the most beautiful landscapes and the most important and prominent historical sites and landmarks of world fame. Learn through this report all the information and advice before traveling to China for tourism, and the best tourism cities in China that we suggest you visit during your vacation. Among the most important of them are the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Wall of China, ancient cities, temples, forests, waterfalls, rivers, sacred mountains and many other tourist attractions that gain great tourist popularity.

Discover tourism in China

Thanks to China’s huge size, along with its rich civilization and cultural heritage, as a tourist destination, it also offers unlimited scope for exploration. Where you can take a cruise on a luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze River, walk along the Bund in Shanghai, visit Guangzhou, and many other exciting adventures and attractions.

China is located in the northeastern part of the Asian continent. China shares its borders with fourteen countries:

It is bordered on the north by Mongolia, on the northwest by Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, on the northeast by Russia, on the south by Vietnam, Burma, Laos and the South China Sea, and on the western side with India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sikkim and Bhutan On the east side is the East China Sea. ”

The best time for Tourism in China
The best time Tourism in China is during the autumn (September-October) and spring (April-May). This is where the weather is warm and dry during these months every year. And due to the huge area of ​​China, you can travel to different parts of China throughout the year according to your preference of weather and tourist activities. It is worth noting that:

Spring semester (April to May):
Spring is one of the best times to visit China, especially for nature lovers. Where the flowers bloom and the temperature ranges between (10-23) degrees Celsius, allowing you to enjoy exploring China and doing all the outdoor tourism activities.

Summer season (June to August):
Summer is the time for most things you can do in China, like sightseeing, hiking in the sunny mountains and watching Chinese festivals. It also provides ideal conditions for lovers of mountainous and highland destinations, such as Tibet, Yunnan, Guilin, Zhangjiajie Park and many others, where the average temperature is (25-33) degrees Celsius.

Autumn semester (September to October):
Autumn is also one of the best times to travel in China and practice various outdoor activities, where the average temperature is (15-27) degrees Celsius.. Autumn in China is characterized by its cheerful colors that enhance your trip and allow you to take the most wonderful photographs.

Winter season (November to March):
The average daily temperature in winter is 8 degrees Celsius, which is one of the least expensive tourist seasons, in terms of airline tickets and hotels prices, as well as to avoid tourist crowds in peak seasons. During which you can discover the traditional and ethnic culture of China through the colorful local festivals. And do many different winter activities.

language in china
The Chinese language is the official language used in China, and it is one of the most difficult languages in the world, and it is called “Hanyu, Junkun, and Huayu”, and the Chinese writing language is known as “Hands”.

China also has many other sub-languages, the most important of which are:

(Cantonese, Mandarin, Ken, Ken, Wu, Taiwanese, Hakka, Xiang, Jin, Huizhou, Xiang, Baifenghua, Min Bei, Min Nan, Yue).

China Tourist Visa
To obtain a tourist visa in China, you will need to follow a set of rules and conditions, in addition to submitting some documents. Here are the most important ones:

A passport valid for a period of no less than six months, with blank pages in it, a copy of the personal data page and the page where the passport photo is located.

Apply for a China Tourist Visa “L-class visa” form, fill it out and sign it.

A recent color photograph, with a white background and the same size as the passport photo.
Proof of accommodation or hotel reservation in China for the duration of the trip.

Documents showing the itinerary include information about the applicant and information about the visit.
Reservation of a round trip flight ticket.

The ideal period for tourism in China

The ideal duration of tourism in China is approximately 13 days. It is long enough to explore most of China’s notable tourist attractions. Here is a tourist program in China that you can take or modify:

Spend the first, second, third and fourth day in Beijing
In those days, you can wander around the city and explore its treasures and attractions. Such as the Forbidden City, the largest imperial palace in China, the Chinese Royal National Park, the Summer Palace, and a mixture of charming landscapes. Then take a trip to the Mutianyu Great Wall, ride the cable car, and visit the Temple of Heaven.

Spend the fifth, sixth and seventh day in Xi’an
During those days, you can go on a trip to the Qin Emperor’s mausoleum, and explore the religious architecture of Xi’an. And that’s where Buddhism and Islam have melted away in Xi’an for thousands of years, with magnificent Buddha temples and mosques being built. Then you can visit Shaanxi History Museum, and admire the fantastic landscape.

Spend the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth days in the Lhasa region
Here you can visit the magnificent Potala Palace, and Jokhang Temple, which is the spiritual center of Tibet. You can also go to the bustling central market, buy special souvenirs, and then go to the famous sacred lake of Tibet, the most beautiful lake in the world.

Spend the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth day in Chengdu
During the last three days of your vacation, enjoy visiting the giant panda breeding base, strolling the ancient Jinli Street, enjoying special Chinese food, and preparing to leave and return home.

How much does tourism cost in China?

You should plan your budget well before you go for a holiday in China. Here are the average costs for tourism in China:

.The average cost of a trip to China for two people for one week is 1007 USD.
.The average cost of a vacation in China for a week per person is about 3,215 JPY.
.Daily expenditure in China per capita is approximately 72 US dollars.
.The average cost of daily meals in China for a single traveler is about 21 USD.
.The average price of bee transportation in China per person is 14 USD per day.
.Hotel rates in China for a couple is 62 USD.
.The average transportation cost between cities and towns in China is 274 JPY.
.The average cost of entertainment and activities in China is about JPY 97 per person, per day.
.The cost of tips and tricks in China is JPY 38 per day.
.The average daily cost of spending on bottled water in China is JPY 5.74.

Transportation in China

China has a wide network of transportation and transportation, which you can use to move within the tourist cities in China. Here are the most important types of local transportation in China:

The scooter:
The bicycle is one of the main means of transportation in China. It is environmentally friendly and greatly relieves the traffic pressure in the city. You can rent it through the many applications on the mobile phone, as well as motorcycles and scooters.

It is a highly efficient, air-conditioned, comfortable and cheap way. It also allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, pets are not allowed on the bus in China.

The subway is a popular way to get around in China, and it is characterized by high speed, especially in crowded places.

Taxi “Didi”
Online car ordering is a convenient and fast option for commuting in China, DiDi is the largest online car ordering platform in China.

High Speed ​​​​Train
China has the world’s largest railway system in terms of passenger volume, and commuting by train is a faster and more convenient mode of transportation than a car, especially by high-speed trains with speeds of 350 km/h or more.

China is currently the second largest aviation market in the world after the United States, and there are many airports, including Changshui Airport in Kunming, which is the fifth largest in the world.

The distance between the most famous cities in China
In order to move between the tourist cities of China easily during your tourist trip, you need to familiarize yourself with the guide to distances between cities. Here is the distance between the most famous tourist cities in China:

Beijing to Changchun 860 km 534 miles.
Changchun to Changsha 2,062 km 1,281 miles.
Changsha to Chengdu 905 km 562 miles.
Lhasa to Liaoning 3.192 km 1.983 miles.
Xi’an to Xining 701 km 436 miles.
Hainan to Hangzhou 1,509 km 938 miles.
Wuhan to Xi’an 646 km 401 miles.
Chengdu to Xi’an 606 km.

The best tourist cities in China
China has a variety of tourist cities, villages and regions, rich in tourist attractions and various natural and recreational places, that you can enjoy during your tourist vacation. Here are the 5 best tourist cities in China that we suggest you visit:

Tourism in Beijing


Beijing is the Chinese capital, and one of the most important and most beautiful tourist cities in China. It is a bustling and spacious city and includes many tourist sites that attract tourists from all over the world. You can enjoy many fun activities such as going to the huge Tiananmen Square, where many wonderful buildings such as the Forbidden City, which is a historical palace that served as the home of emperors.
You can also visit hundreds of museums scattered in Beijing, as well as palaces, temples, and archaeological sites located among modern modern buildings. And don’t miss out on exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China. Add special charm to your holiday with a visit to the zoo and Beihai Park, and indulge in delicious Chinese food.

Tourism in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is located on Victoria Bay in China, and is one of the most important tourist destinations in China. Hong Kong is famous for its skyscrapers and many beautiful landscapes. Hong Kong also offers tourists to do a lot of wonderful things, as it allows tourists to relax in Victoria Park, as well as ride the cable car to explore the wonderful Lantau Island and enjoy the panoramic views from the top as high mountains covered with green forests.
Hong Kong is also a huge mix of cultures and people, which makes it worth a visit, in addition to Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park and many other attractions.

Tourism in Xi’an


Xi’an is one of the most important tourism cities in China, as it includes many important archaeological and historical sites, scattered throughout the city. It was the ancient capital of China.
Perhaps the most important tourist attraction in Xi’an, is the surprising sight of the clay warriors, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as visiting the city’s ancient city walls, Shaanxi History Museum, Banpo Museum and Xi’an Mosque.

Tourism in Shanghai


Shanghai is the largest city in China, and one of its most beautiful tourist attractions. Shanghai has many diverse tourist attractions. You can enjoy wandering the city streets, see the tall skyscrapers on the banks of the Huangpu River, and explore the colonial era buildings, as well as the Art Deco buildings, and the Museum of Buildings.
The city is also an eclectic mix of different architectural styles, and as a commercial center, it is great for shopping and buying beautiful souvenirs. Also, don’t miss to visit Yuyuan Gardens.

Tourism in Lhasa


Lhasa is a beautiful Chinese city, located in a beautiful mountainous environment in the Himalayas. Lhasa is the capital of Tibet, and an important tourist place in China. It is also one of the highest cities in the world.
Lhasa has many famous religious temples like Jokhang Temple, a religious city that makes you get an insight into the rich Tibetan culture. In addition to visiting Potala Palace which is the main site of interest with its amazing building, the Tibet Museum and much more.

Tips before traveling to China

Avoid drinking tap water
You can drink bottled water in China that is available everywhere and is cheap, but stay away from drinking tap water.

Make sure you always bring wipes and hand sanitizer anywhere
Since squatting baths are still the norm in China, most baths do not contain toilet paper or soap.

Be sure to wear a seat belt in taxis
This is due to the unregulated traffic in China, and for your safety.

Know that tipping culture does not exist in China
You don’t have to tip  in China.

Don’t forget to buy Chinese souvenirs
China has its own wonderful and delightful traditional crafts, so be sure to buy them. Also, exchange token gifts of your country with the Chinese during the tourism holiday in China, they love and appreciate it.


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