Tourism in Malaysia


Tourism in Malaysia

Tourism in Malaysia; In a part of the land like the lost paradise that we miss on a vacation that takes us to a world of magic

beautiful Malaysia stands out as a pearl in an oyster that we have not yet lost but a little magic that surrounds it, here where beauty is translated into breathtaking nature, a mixture of civilizations and the precious legacy that it has forged. The country has gone through a long journey until tourism in Malaysia has become a golden sector that has earned the country the title of “The Real Asia”.
We will delve into the midst of this guide, discovering the most prominent tourist places in Malaysia and how long it takes to visit each city, the landmarks in which it is located, and the best months of the year for an optimal visit.

It is easy to obtain a tourist visa in Malaysia, as the tourist visa is given at the airport for a period of three months for almost all nationalities.
Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, and the English language is an official language spoken along with other languages, and its local currency is the Malaysian Ringgit.
As for the time zone in Malaysia, it is (Greenwich +8), and the weekly holiday is Saturday and Sunday in Malaysia, except for the Muslim-majority East Coast states, where Thursday and Friday are the weekly holiday.
For those wishing to use mobile devices, they can purchase prepaid cards, which are available at reasonable prices from the offices of telecommunications companies located at the airport, such as Maxis and DJ.

The best tourist seasons in Malaysia

Malaysia is an excellent tourist destination throughout the year, but its semi-tropical climate makes tourism in Malaysia more ideal in certain months, which are as follows:
The best times to visit extend from the sixth month of July to the ninth month of September, and the weather is characterized by moderate temperatures and low humidity.

Important tips before traveling to Malaysia

Each country in the world has its own peculiarities, customs, and laws governing different regions.
Before you travel to Malaysia, we offer you some tips that you should follow to avoid situations that may disturb your trip:

If you start your journey to Malaysia in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, always remember that there are two airports: KLIA and KLIA 2, one for low-cost domestic flights, and the other for international flights. Make sure of the airport from which your plane will take off, as the distance between the two airports is approximately an hour and a half.

With regard to meals and halal food, Malaysian restaurants rarely serve what is not halal in all meals. And if the word “pork” appears in the menu, do not panic! It means “meat” and is a word commonly used in Malaysia.

Do not forget to try the “milo” drink, which is a staple drink in Malaysia, as well as tea in Turkey, and it is served everywhere. .

Finally, a tip on local tact: If you want to point at something, point with your thumb, and never use your index finger, as it is a sign of anger and intimidation. Also, avoid touching someone’s head, even if it is out of friendship, as the head is a sacred part for them and they do not like to touch it.

Peace in Malaysia is often done by clasping hands to the chest, and the word salam means salutation.

Now, let’s take a sneak tour of the most important cities that contain tourist places in Malaysia, revealing the gems of each region and its precious secrets.

Tourism in Kuala Lumpur
It is no wonder that the capital of Malaysia is the front of the country’s civilization. It has risen economically within a few years to prove itself among the top countries. Tourism in Malaysia cannot be complete without passing through Kuala Lumpur, and saluting its most famous landmarks:

The twin towers embracing at high altitudes, the breathtaking Batu Caves, and the experience of shopping in its most famous mega mall. Where you need at least five days to see the highlights of it
Its rainy season, which extends into August, September and October, makes the rest of the year more favorable to visit. 

Tourism in Langkawi
Langkawi is not limited to being one of the beautiful islands of Malaysia with breathtaking beaches, its glass bridge suspended in the air will amaze you as it is suspended between earth and sky in a scene fleeing from a movie, and the famous cable car will take you on a journey through mountain ranges covered with amazing greenery that you will forget to catch your breath through.
Do not forget to make your travel date suitable for the best visiting times, which start with the month of July and end when the rainy season arrives, that is, with the beginning of September.

Tourism in Selangor
It is one of the most important tourism cities in Malaysia, where the real economic renaissance is evident in its buildings and construction.
Also, for lovers of major amusement parks, their passion for adventure can be satisfied through the world-famous Sunway Lagoon, a large water park and a large group of other things that you should visit and not miss.

Tourism in Penang
When we talk about tourism in Malaysia, the name Penang is the first thing that comes to our mind, as it gives us the most beautiful imagined picture of the white sandy beaches and the azure waters that embodied in the island of Penang, which bore the title of the Pearl of the Orient.
Here you can spend a holiday with distinction and visit the heritage places that the island is famous for in a visit for at least two days.
Penang is suitable to visit in most months of the year except from November to February, when it is rainy and windy.

Tourism in Cameron Highlands
The Highlands is an important stop in the tourism trip in Malaysia and deserves to be devoted to it for two days to surround all its landmarks, the most famous of which are:
Iskandar Waterfall, Robinson Waterfall is the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia, and the tea and strawberry plantations are among the attractions worth visiting.
Its climate differs from the rest of Malaysia as the rainy season is between April and October.

Tourism in Genting Highlands
Gentingland is synonymous with amazement in Malaysia’s tourism station, nowhere can match its cool and refreshing climate, the world’s most amazing theme parks, wonderful rain forests, and the largest strawberry farms in Malaysia.
In order to enjoy the right of pleasure, it is preferable to visit it, in one of the best periods: from March to September.



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