Tourism in Mongolia


Tourism in Mongolia

Tourism in Mongolia is a departure from the usual tourist path, as it is a different and diverse mixture between history, culture and picturesque nature.


Mongolia is a tourist destination abounding with a group of tourist sites that attract tourists. Here in this article is a comprehensive guide on travel and tourism in Mongolia, and the most important 5 tourist cities in Mongolia that we advise you to visit.It allows you to do the best unique experiences and exciting adventures. You can explore the vibrant capital of Ulaanbaatar, which combines the past and the present. You can also take a trip through the desert, horseback riding in the grassland and camping, and experience staying with a Bedouin family. All this in addition to many exciting sports and other tourist attractions.

Mongolia is a landlocked country, but it is one of the wonderful tourist countries that provide many distinctive tourist activities
For tourists, it is located in the continent of Asia, bordered to the north by Russia, to the south, east and west by China,
It covers an area of about one and a half million square kilometers and is one of the smallest countries in the world
Population density, with a population of about 2.5 million people, its capital, Ulaanbaatar, and it is the largest city in it

Tourism in Mongolia
If you intend soon to travel and tourism in Mongolia, find out below the most important information about Mongolia, the best recommended tourist attractions to visit, as well as a set of the most important tips that you should know before traveling.

The Mongolian Republic is located in East Central Asia, between China and Russia. It is a landlocked country and is known as “Outer Mongolians”. Mongolia is bordered on the south, east and west by the People’s State of China, and it shares its western border with East Turkestan.

Best time to travel to Mongolia
The best time to visit Mongolia is during the summer, from mid-June to late August. And that’s mild weather and sunny days all over Mongolia. It is worth noting that:

Winter in Mongolia (December to February)
Winters in Mongolia are very cold, with temperatures reaching freezing at times. Despite this, it is one of the ideal times for tourism in Mongolia, for lovers of fun winter sports, and watching the white snow covering the landscape.

Spring in Mongolia (March to May)
This season is also considered one of the low seasons, as it witnesses very low temperatures, but it is characterized by calm and charming natural beauty, which gives you the most beautiful tourist holidays that you cannot forget.

Summer in Mongolia (June to August)
Summer is the peak season for tourism in Mongolia, as temperatures rise, which makes the weather good for exploring the country, taking various tourist tours, seeing the wonderful landscapes, and practicing all the outdoor tourism activities.

Autumn in Mongolia (September to November)
Autumn has cooler weather, but it is an ideal season to travel to Mongolia. Autumn witnesses a mixture of amazing colors of the picturesque nature of Mongolia, which gives you a great opportunity to do a lot of interesting tourist activities.

The language in Mongolia
The Mongolian language is the official and spoken language of the Republic of Mongolia. There are also many other languages ​​used, including “Russian, English, Turkish, and Korean.”

Tourist visa in Mongolia

There are a set of papers and documents, and some rules that must be met, to obtain a tourist visa in Mongolia. Here are the most important ones:

.Apply for a tourist visa in Mongolia inside the embassy or at the airport.
.Pay the Mongolian visa fee of US$105.
.Recent photographs, and visa rights.
.A valid passport and a copy of it.
.A bank statement to ensure you can afford to spend during your holiday vacation.
Evidence from the employer with the submission of salary statements for the last three months.
.Reservation of a return flight ticket to ensure leaving the country.
.The duration of a tourist visa in Mongolia is 30 days from the date of entering Mongolia.

The ideal period for tourism in Mongolia
The ideal duration of tourism in Mongolia is approximately 4 days. In order to be able to visit the most important landmarks of Mongolia. Here is a suggested tourist program for a tourist vacation in Mongolia…

First day in the capital, Ulaanbaatar
Head out on the first day to explore the mountains surrounding the Mongolian capital, and the modern architectural buildings with exquisite engineering designs. In addition to picturesque landscapes such as Khojno Khan National Park, visit archaeological and historical temples, museums and palaces. And don’t miss the experience of staying with a Bedouin family in the desert and riding a camel.

The second day in the city of Erdenet
Head to visit this wonderful Mongolian city, which is famous for its big clubs, as archery is the main sport of the country. Then you can go to prominent tourist attractions such as museums, and enjoy many exciting recreational activities.

3rd day in Kharkiv
It is one of the tourist cities that is characterized by beautiful nature, important archaeological sites, of which there is a site on the UNESCO World List, and visiting many other tourist attractions.

Day 4 Return to Ulaanbaatar
On the fourth day, head to Ulaanbaatar again, to complete the visit of what you could not go to, to buy souvenirs and then prepare to return home.

How much does tourism cost in Mongolia?
Here are the average costs of tourism services and recreational activities in Mongolia, to be able to plan your tourism budget:

.The average cost of a trip to Ulaanbaatar for two people for one week is 340 USD.
.The average hotel price in Ulaanbaatar for a couple is 23 USD.
.The daily expenditure within Mongolia for two people is approximately 70€.
.The average daily expenditure in Mongolia per capita is approximately 24 USD.
.The cost of daily meals per person in Mongolia is about 8.65 USD.
.The average price for local transportation in Mongolia is $2.82 per day per person.
.Entertainment and activities in Ulaanbaatar cost an average of 12,189 JPY per person, per day.
.The average daily expenditure on bottled water in Ulaanbaatar per day 2,326 is JPY.

Transportation in Mongolia

The Republic of Mongolia has a distinctive set of transportation, to facilitate movement within the country, and to explore its most important tourist attractions. The following are the most important local means of transportation in Mongolia:

Buses and minibuses
There are trolleybuses on the main roads, and minibuses that go around the city. It is characterized by its high quality, speed and very convenient. You can buy the magnetic card at a kiosk near the bus stop.

Jeep and minivan
Mongolia also has SUVs, minivans for traveling into the countryside and for long distances in the country. It is the most common public transportation in Mongolia, faster than buses and more comfortable.

Self-driving in Mongolia is the best way to explore the country and its highlights, especially the rural areas. This is because most of the sights worth seeing, are located at a great distance from the main roads.

The official currency of Mongolia

The Mongolian Tugrog is the official currency used and circulated in the Republic of Mongolia. The Mongolian Tugrog is divided into one hundred mongo.

Communication and the Internet in Mongolia
The telecommunications market in the Republic of Mongolia is characterized by growth, in fixed-line and mobile phone services, as it provides many services, the most important of which is the 4G LTE services. The following are the most important telecom companies in Mongolia:

.Mongolia Telecom Company
.MobiCom Corporation
.G-Mobile LLC

Distance between the most popular cities in Mongolia
To move between the tourist cities in Mongolia, find out the distances between the most famous tourist cities in Mongolia:

.Ulaanbaatar to Erdenit 245 km.
.Hovd to Hofsgol 679 km.
.Ulaanbaatar to Ulangom 1,107 km.
.Ardent to Jovi Altay 738 km.
.Ulaanbaatar to Erdenit 245 km.
.Hovd to Ulaanbaatar 1139 km.
.Uelji to Altai 554 km.
.Ulaanbaatar to Derhan the first 181 km.
.Ulaanbaatar to Bolgan 272 km.
.Hovd to Orhon 942 km.

Rent a car in Mongolia
Renting a car in Mongolia is an exciting adventure, given the bad roads and volatile climate. However, at the same time it is fun in terms of exploring the highlights of the country on your own, and enjoying the views of the landscape on both sides of the road. Here is information on how to rent a car in Mongolia:

.The cost of renting a car with a driver in Mongolia may be cheaper than renting a self-driving car.
.Get compass, map and some kind of GPS.
.Use caution when traveling to Lake Baikal, to avoid frequent burglaries in that area.
.The weather can be unpredictable in Mongolia, as it can snow any time from mid-September.
.Vehicle insurance is a must in Mongolia.
.An up-to-date map of the Mongolian road system should be found.
.Get at least two spare wheels.

The best tourist cities in Mongolia
Mongolia is known as the “Nature Museum”, as it includes desert, mountains, national parks, dense forests, lakes and beautiful, pristine nature. It is a tourist destination worth exploring. Here are the most important and best 5 tourist cities in Mongolia…

Tourism in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is the Mongolian capital, and is the largest and most populous city. It is also the cultural and economic center of the country and the most famous tourist city in Mongolia.
The city allows you to learn about the ancient history of Mongolia, along with the modern architectural buildings, you can see the buildings of the Soviet era and monumental monasteries such as “Gandan Monastery” which is an ancient Buddhist monastery full of joy.
You can also visit the Bogd Khan Winter Palace, which houses many temples and pagodas built with a Chinese touch and European style. In addition to Sukhbaatar Square, the Mongolian Theater Museum, Naran Tol Market, and don’t miss the local delicacies.

Tourism in Uliastai

Uliastai is located in western Mongolia in a river valley, surrounded by lush green mountains. It is a beautiful city with many historical monuments dating back to the 17th century.
There are a lot of fun things to do in Uliastai, one of the most important is a visit to Tugus Buyant Javklant Monastery, which has many towers, a Bodhisattva statue, and a Mongolian lime. As well as temples, exciting adventures, and taking the most beautiful souvenir photos.

Tourism in Ulgii

The city of Ulgii is located in the far west of Mongolia, and it is popularly known as the city of Kazakhs, as its people speak Kazakh as a first language, and it is one of the most important Mongolian tourist cities.
Ulgii offers its visitors to enjoy a distinguished group of recreational activities, the most important of which is attending the Golden Eagle Festival with the opportunity to go on a hunting trip with falconers, and visit the city’s museum, which enables you to learn about Kazakh culture, and eat delicious Kazakh food.
You can also tour the Kharjan Lake, which provides a wonderful view of the snow-covered mountain and freezes in winter, as well as hosts many types of birds around it, as well as the Altai Tavan National Park, which allows watching the Altai mountain range, and has many glacial lakes, and do An exciting experience among the homes of Bedouin families.

Tourism in Khovd

Khovd is one of the most beautiful cities in Mongolia, located at the foot of the Altai Mountains in the west of the country. It is an ancient city dating back to the 17th century, and the commercial and financial center of western Mongolia.
Khovd has many tourist attractions, the most prominent of which is the Khar Bna Nur National Park, which has many monuments, including the Dorgun Monastery, Khar O Nur Lake, Girqalant Khirkhan Aul, the Genghis Khan wall, and the watchtower.
In addition to the nine Dara lakes, which are found in the Dara mountain range, the caves are Kazakh art and culture. Enjoy eating the famous traditional foods of the city.

Tourism in Erdenit

The city of Erdenit is one of the smallest and most beautiful cities in Mongolia, and it is also a tourist destination worth visiting and exploring. It allows you to practice many enjoyable recreational activities, the most important of which are going to the many shooting yards in the city, watching the most exciting races, and visiting the oldest Buddhist monasteries founded in the eighteenth century.
As well as the Temple of the Big Buddha Statue, the most famous tourist attraction in Mongolia, as well as hiking on Bian Ondor Mountain, watching the scenic, and going to the Ardent Cultural Center, to explore traditional Mongolian art and culture. This is in addition to visiting the Erdent Carpet Factory to learn how the world-renowned distinctive Mongolian carpets are made.

Tips before traveling to Mongolia
Before you make your tourist trip in Mongolia, here are the most important tips and basic guidelines, which can help you have the most enjoyable and best tourist holidays in Mongolia…

.Be sure to try camping with the Bedouins
When taking a road trip in Mongolia, you can’t miss spending the night in a beautiful Bedouin tent. The Bedouins are a very loving, welcoming and generous people.

.Beware the drought
It is imperative to drink enough water every day, to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration in Mongolia.

.Make sure to pack heavy clothes for travel
Mongolia is full of landscapes such as plains and small hills, and although this is stunningly beautiful, it also means that there is nothing to cut the wind, the night can be cold and windy, so be sure to carry heavy clothes with you especially while camping.

.Check your vacation time during Mongolian festivals
The festivals in Mongolia are very fascinating and very joyful, so be sure to attend these festivals that highlight ancient traditional games, wrestling and horseback riding, the most famous of which is the Golden Eagle Festival in October.

.Pay attention if you suffer from seasonal allergies
Bring all your allergy medicine with you, the Gobi desert is dry and vast, but the wind can pick up anything from anywhere including dust, grass and tree pollen, so be aware.


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