Tourism in Spain


Tourism in Spain

Tourism in Spain; Spain has historical, cultural, and special climatic and geographic features that made it one of the most important tourist attractions in the world.


The European Kingdom monopolizes the Andalusian rule, the third place in the world in this matter, with a force of more than 75 million tourists annually, according to 2015 statistics. This is in addition to the hotels that are the highest rated in their services in the world. Tourism in Spain
Perhaps this huge number of arrivals to Spain annually attracted you to the idea of ​​traveling for tourism in Andalusia to see what is unique about this country from others to reach this position and even maintain it in a market that continues to compete as the tourism market, and why it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
So, for more knowledge and to have enough tourist information about Spain, we present this detailed report on the most important cities in Spain that are worth your visit.

The most important tourist cities in Spain

Sagrada Familia in the center of Barcelona
One of the most important cities in Spain and one of the most famous tourist cities in the world. Who among us has not heard of the famous FC Barcelona, ​​one of the city’s most important sports landmarks. On the level of tourism and apart from sports, Barcelona has a large number of tourist attractions in Spain, including: religious landmarks, the most famous of which is the Church of the Holy Family, historical and cultural landmarks, the most famous of which are the National Museum and the Canalettes Fountain. Aquarium and Jewel Park.

The most important 3 landmarks in Barcelona:

1- Sagrada Familia Church
One of the most important tourist places in Barcelona with its high sanctity and distinctive artistic architecture dating back to the eighties of the 19th century, where the works of the famous creative designer Antonio Gaudi filled the horizon in the beautiful city and throughout the country, attracting over time the attention of thousands for tourism in Spain.
The ancient church is distinguished from the outside by its multiple and high towers and its old architecture that simulates its era, and from the inside by its large area and its magnificent inscriptions and decorations.

2. Park Guell . Barcelona
It has been classified as one of the most beautiful parks in the world, and why not if it includes some of Gaudi’s famous touches, and the park was in the past designed as part of a residential area for families to become now one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Spain, where the dazzling colors of old buildings and green spaces that form a wonderful painting do not Resist the camera.
This is in addition to the site’s museum bearing the name of its famous designer, and through your trip, you can buy souvenirs and gifts that remind you of your visit to the city.

3- Camp Nou stadium
If you are a fan of world football, specifically the famous Barcelona team, do not miss visiting the Camp Nou stadium, the largest of its kind in the European continent when traveling to Spain, where the famous team has been playing its matches since 1957 on the stadium’s area of ​​​​55 thousand square meters, and if you Fortunately, you may have attended one of your favorite team’s training or matches while you were visiting.

Tourism in Madrid
The capital and largest city of Spain and, of course, the most famous tourist attraction in it. In addition to the international sporting fame that Real Madrid has achieved for it, the city is famous for its possession of many historical buildings that witnessed the succession of multiple civilizations, each of which left its mark on the city, its culture and architecture.
Perhaps the most famous of these buildings, in which classicism is mixed with modernity, are the Cathedral de Almudena, the Royal Palace of Madrid and the four towers of Quattro Torres. This is in addition to historical and cultural attractions such as museums, ancient streets, gardens and parks that make Madrid one of the best tourism cities in Spain for families.

The 3 most important landmarks in Madrid:

1- Parque del Buen Retiro
One of the most famous natural attractions for tourists to Madrid, the capital of Spain, the picturesque garden is an ideal haven for lovers of calm nature amidst the rich green spaces and colorful fragrant flowers, in addition to its clear lake, which you can enjoy a boat picnic through.
The Palacio de Cristal glass monument is also the most important feature that distinguishes the garden square from other tourist sites in Spain, where tourists coming to Madrid are interested in visiting it and taking photographs of it.

2- Museo Nacional Del Prado
One of the most important attractions that you should not miss when traveling to Spain for tourism; Where this museum has been classified as one of the most important and most visited museums in the world because of its paintings and sculptures created by the most famous and brilliant international artists such as: Velázquez, Francisco de Goya, Bosch, El Greco and many others.

3- Puerta del Sol Square
The best place from which to begin to explore the beauty of the city, the most important when tourism in Spain, is a public square dating back to the 15th century when Madrid was one of the Islamic cities of Andalusia, where this square represents what remains of the old city wall and gates.
Piazza del Sol is characterized by its historical buildings and its wonderful artistic sculptures, which are popular with tourists during their visit to the country, such as: the bear statue and the Teo Baby sign, the famous clock tower, and it is an ideal place for a walk and an outdoor walk while taking pictures.

Tourism in Marbella
It is one of Spain’s coastal cities that attracts millions of tourists, especially from England and Germany, which over time has turned it into a high-end tourist resort.
The city enjoys its picturesque beaches and recreational water activities, where yachting and fishing, along with modern car racing tracks, along with the heritage buildings of the old city and the fortress of Marbella dating back to the era of Islamic Andalusia, which is the only trace left in the city near which is the ancient Marbella Church.

The 3 most important landmarks in Marbella:

1- The old city of Marbella
Old Marbella is one of the most ancient tourist areas in Spain, with its distinctive engineering and construction design dating back to the Renaissance.
After taking a tour with your camera between the streets and alleys of old Marbella, you can have a meal, a popular drink and an entertaining session with the original inhabitants of the city park, which smells of orange fruits; Where restaurants and cafes take their seats and tables for their local or foreign customers, it is a good opportunity to exchange conversations with the people of the country and gain tourist information about Spain that you may not know alone.

2- Puerto Banus Marina
One of the most important tourist places in Spain that you can visit if you are a fan of adventures; Where car racing and yachting drive, but if your nature is much calmer about doing such things, you can enjoy seeing and taking the most wonderful pictures with the “Statue of Salvador Dali”, which exceeds the size of three and a half tons and decorates the port square, or shopping through the stores spread around it everywhere, or Even sitting in peace and relaxation on the seashore and contemplating the picturesque clear waters. The famous port is located near the east of the old city.

3- Plaza de los Naranjos
One of the destinations that appeal to every hobbyist is to mingle with the indigenous people and learn about their cultures and customs. The place is like a park or a public square in the old city. The neighborhood’s luxurious cafes and restaurants line their seats and tables in a traditional style under the shade of the old orange trees, where the people of the old neighborhood and its visitors from foreign tourists gather For general conversation while eating their favorite food or drink.
Of course, your visit to the square, which you will definitely pass through during your visit to the old town, will not be without you passing through two of the most important landmarks of the old quarter, which date back to the 16th and 17th centuries: the town hall, built in the ancient Spanish style, and the ancient Ermita de Santiago Church.

Tourism in Malaga
Thanks to its diverse tourism package that meets all tastes, Málaga is one of the best tourist cities in Spain. The city has a special climatic and geographical nature; Its pleasant climate and privileged location on the Mediterranean coast between two rivers and a series of mountains made it an attractive destination for many when deciding to travel to Spain.

In addition to its picturesque natural features, Málaga includes a number of archaeological sites such as: the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, the Islamic Palace, and Málaga Cathedral. If you are fortunate enough to visit the beautiful coastal city during the winter months, particularly late December or February, you may have attended one of its cheerful carnivals.

The 3 most important sights in Málaga:

1- Alcazaba of Málaga
One of the most important monuments that you should not miss during a tourism trip in Spain, the Kasbah is known as a huge and ancient castle located at the foot of the Gibral Faro hill, dating back to the end of the 11th century when Malacca was one of the Islamic cities of Andalusia.
The castle is the most famous tourist attraction in the city, which attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists thanks to its ancient history, grandiose construction and design, which looks like a distinctive Islamic architectural look.
Near the castle is the Roman theater, which is famous for its stone steps, like other Roman theaters in the world, in a clear reference to the impressive Roman architecture, and it is said that the theater was built during the first century AD.

2- Museo Picasso Málaga
One of the distinguished destinations for fans of fine art, where the museum, located in the heart of the old city near the birthplace of the famous painter, displays a group of his masterpieces that formed a mixture of different art schools during his life, from the end of the 19th century until the seventies of the 20th century.
In addition to what the museum is famous for as it bears the name of the well-known artist and displays his most important works, it is also distinguished by its location inside the Buenavista Palace, which is derived from the Andalusian architecture.

3- Málaga Cathedral
It is one of the most important archaeological sites for which Malacca is famous; The ancient cathedral, whose construction took nearly two and a half centuries, dates back to the period from the 15th to the 17th century, which made it acquire a distinctive Baroque style. In addition to the distinctiveness of its external facade, the ancient cathedral is distinguished from the inside by wonderful murals, sculptures and eye-catching inscriptions, considered one of the masterpieces of the European Renaissance.

Tourism in the Canary Islands
Of the largest islands of Spain and the most beautiful nature; It is a range of four large islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and Lanzarote, and around these large islands are scattered dozens of small islands.
The Canary Islands are one of the best islands in Spain for the tourist looking for a quiet, picturesque nature that is not without some interesting historical tours, as the islands include a museum that displays the ruins of Christopher Columbus’s exploration ships in the heart of his ancient house.
Despite the beauty of their beaches, the islands have a special and different flora and fauna that tends to a somewhat African nature, where palm trees, fig plants and desert cacti are spread throughout their gardens and parks, and the canary birds that are famous for the islands and bear their name are also spread.

The 3 most important landmarks in the Canary Islands:

1- Loro Parque
One of the best tourism sites in Spain for families is on the volcanic island of Tenerife. The place serves as a natural reserve for endangered animals from species of lions, dogs and monkeys, in addition to the snowy penguin. Loro Parque also offers its visitors great offers of whales and dolphins that will be very interesting for children, with restaurants at prices Reasonable service for serving meals.

2- Siam Park water park
It is the second best site for tourism in Spain for families and the most popular and crowded with tourist groups, where the largest diversity witnessed by the world’s parks in water games that suit different ages and depend on desalination and purification of sea water and heating it first to be suitable, safer and fun for visitors.
In addition, the hilltop Siam Water Park on the island of Tenerife is famous for being the only version of the original Siam in Thailand, so you will find in the garden about 25 Asian-style buildings, and many restaurants that serve delicious Thai meals along with the huge dragon statue that is larger than its kind in the world.

3- Teide National Park
One of the tourist areas in Spain that is described for safari lovers roaming amid the picturesque features of nature when they visit the Canary Islands, specifically the volcanic island of Tenerife. In Teide National Park, you can enjoy the wonderful walking and photo-taking trails either on your feet or by taking a car among the diverse flora and fauna, and enjoy the hot spring under Teide Mountain, which is within the park’s boundaries, which can also be climbed via cable cars.

Tourism in Cordoba
One of the oldest and most ancient cities in Spain; It is one of the most famous and most important cities during the periods of Roman and Islamic rule of the country, and this may appear in the nature of its tourist attractions. Once upon a time, the city included about 80,000 palaces, 600 mosques and countless Roman monuments. Perhaps there is not much left of all this, but this does not prevent that The city is full of many historical monuments and full of treasures that have yet to be discovered.
Perhaps the most important discoveries are Dar Al-Rawda and Madinat Al-Zahra, the Jewish Quarter, the Roman temple and mausoleum, the Naoura, the Islamic Calahorra Castle, the walls of Cordoba, and the Arab baths.

The most important 3 landmarks in Cordoba:

1- The Mosque of Córdoba
One of the most wonderful tourist areas in Spain that has witnessed the radical historical and cultural changes that the country has undergone since its first inception.
The Mezquita started as a Roman temple before turning into a Gothic church, then a mosque after the Moroccan Muslims took control of Cordoba during the 8th century, and then returned as a cathedral after the fall of the cities of Andalusia and the control of Western Christians over the city during the 13th century.

The place is distinguished by its interior and exterior designs that tell the tourist everything that the Andalusian city witnessed and witnessed during its history, in addition to the inclusion of an original copy of the Holy Qur’an and the majesty of the arm of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

2- Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
One of the most important ancient monuments of Cordoba that you should not miss during your trip to Spain; The Cordoba Palace dates back to the 8th century AD, where it was the seat of the rule of the Spanish kings and queens for more than a century and a half before it turned into the castle of Moroccan rule after the Islamic conquest of Cordoba, one of the most important cities of ancient Andalusia, then a prison, and finally ended up being a museum that includes the richest treasures and antiques. .
In addition to the museum’s valuable contents, its backyard includes gardens, fountains and corners designed in the Islamic style.

3- Roman bridge of Córdoba
The Roman bridge has a unique design and a long history on which different civilizations have inscribed their names. The Roman Bridge, or Puente Romano in Spanish, dates back to the first century when Spain was a Roman colony. The ancient bridge witnessed several restoration attempts throughout the ages, which lost it about 16 to 17 of its huge gates, to retain the end of a Roman design with a distinctive Islamic flavor.
Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes the bridge and makes it a tourist attraction for Cordoba is its location above the Guadalquivir River near the Mezquita, where you can enjoy a river boat trip or the view of the sunset at the top of the bridge and see the famous San Rafael statue in the middle of it during a walking tour with taking the most wonderful photos.

Tourism in Seville
One of the cities of Spain with a rich and ancient history dating back to the Andalusian era, the city enjoys its location on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, in addition to the inclusion of a large number of archaeological and modern buildings that attract millions of tourists to visit during tourism in Spain, perhaps the most famous of which are Seville Cathedral, Seville Cathedral, Tower Gold, Luisa Maria Park and others.

The most important 3 landmarks in Seville:

1- Plaza de España
It is a great arena founded by the creative designer Mudejar in the early twenties to receive the American Libro Exhibition, which was hosted by Seville at the time.
Now the square is classified as one of the most important tourist attractions in Spain in the heart of Seville because of the splendor of its design and cheerful colors. The European Renaissance.

2- Alcázar Seville
It is the most prominent and most famous landmark in Spain and one of the factors that attract attention to Seville when tourism in Spain as the Spanish Royal Palace and even the oldest palace at the European level.
The history of the majestic palace dates back to the tenth century AD, when the Moroccan kings lived when Seville was one of the ancient cities of Andalusia. Despite this, the building of the palace as it appears now was not completed until the 19th century.
Therefore, the palace has distinctive and multiple architectural styles such as Islamic, Renaissance and Mudéjar architecture, in addition to being built on top of the ancient Roman ruins of Seville.

3- Metropol Parasol
One of the most wonderful things you can visit when tourism in Spain, in the heart of Seville, and more specifically in Encarnación Square, and perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes the Metropol Parasol umbrella, which is famous for the name of the mushroom, is its distinctive architectural design that actually resembles the shape of a mushroom, in addition to its construction method as wooden umbrellas based on huge white columns And a short one that adorns the famous square in a dazzling appearance, and includes a winding walkway through which you can enjoy a wonderful tour of the heart of the city.
Going back in time a lot, you will discover that the mushroom umbrella, which dates back to the beginning of the third millennium, is of great historical importance as it is built on top of the ruins of Roman ruins that you can simply see under your feet.

Tourism in Granada
It is the highest city in Spain, located at an altitude of 738 meters above sea level, parallel to the Sierra Nevada mountain range at the confluence of the Singel and Waste rivers.
The city has a rich history dating back to the era of Islamic Andalusia, which is evident in most of its tourist attractions, the most famous of which are the Alhambra Palace, the Generalife, Al Bayazin neighborhood, in addition to its Coptic landmarks, the most famous of which are the Royal Church and Granada Cathedral.
Perhaps what makes Granada one of the best tourist cities in Spain is its uniqueness with mountaineering activity through the funicular mountain railway network known as Gornergrat, where you can explore the beauty of the picturesque mountain nature around you in comfort and safety through the windows and glass floors of the train.

The most important 3 landmarks in the city of Granada:

1- Alhambra Palace
The most famous landmark that can be visited when tourism in Spain, as the number of its annual visitors ranges to about 4 million people thanks to its distinctive architecture derived from the Islamic style. in the hands of the Europeans.

The palace is distinguished, in addition to its external architecture, by its interior decorations that combine inscriptions and Quranic decorations and the splendor of Arabic calligraphy in decorating walls, ceilings and entrances.

2- Generalife’s Paradise
One of the most famous landmarks of the Alhambra, and its placement on the UNESCO World Heritage List made it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Spain as well. The Generalife is really a paradise of wonderful green plants and trees overlooked by one of the buildings of the great palace known as the Generalife Palace or Nafis Palace.
The Generalife Gardens are located on the top of a hill between the Albayazin district, where the palace of Queen Isabel is located, and the Alhambra Palace, surrounded by palm trees from everywhere. Perhaps the most important thing that the place is famous for, besides its green spaces with a wonderful engineering design, is the fountains that pour into a picturesque stream in front of the gate with the famous five arches engraved with the phrase “There is no victor but God.”

3- Granada Cathedral
You should not miss a visit to Granada Cathedral during your tour, as this cathedral is the first that the city witnessed from the architectural and engineering harvest of the European Renaissance.
The cathedral, located in the Albayazin district, is distinguished by its architecture that combines the Baroque and Gothic styles, and its impressive interior designs, with huge columns and ceilings decorated with art and creativity, and stained glass windows that include drawings that tell stories from the Bible.
Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes this cathedral from others is the statues of Kings Ferdinand and Isabel and the busts of Adam and Eve, who are carved with unparalleled creativity, mastery and precision.

Young woman visiting Spain

After we discussed the most important cities and landmarks that you can visit in the ancient country of Spain, did you choose which city you will go to during your tourist trip in Spain?

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