tourism in Switzerland


tourism in Switzerland

There are dozens of reasons that can lead you to tourism in Switzerland, not only to taste the flavor of authentic chocolate, and to buy the most famous and finest types of watches; You can find it from hundreds of branches around the world, but buying it from its home country has an irresistible value and flavor.


Switzerland is a European paradise among the “Alps” paradises, the most famous, largest and highest mountain range in the world, which thousands of people have always dreamed of challenging, defeating, and reaching their peaks, no matter how much time, effort, and perhaps life may cost them.
Switzerland, where the authentic, calm and picturesque countryside meet the modernity, hustle and bustle of cities, modern shops and shopping centers in the heart of the oldest streets of cities with a long history. It also met the most ancient museums and buildings with the oldest caves on the banks of its famous countless lakes, and rivers that surround its cities from every direction. All these reasons and more made traveling to Switzerland for tourism an ideal thing that caters to all tastes and suits different cultures and ages, so Switzerland is one of the most preferred countries for tourists.

The most important tourist cities in Switzerland

Tourism in Geneva

Geneva is classified as one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland because of its multiple tourist attractions, such as the picturesque nature that is reflected in its famous lake, rich gardens and pleasant climate, and its ancient history that is presented by its museums and theaters, its modern shops and shopping centers that are embraced by ancient streets dating back centuries, in addition to being a headquarters There are many international organizations, so you will not feel the sweetness of tourism in Switzerland without starting your journey in the heart of Geneva.

The 3 most important landmarks in Geneva:
1- Geneva Fountain
One of the most beautiful things you can see when tourism in Geneva is a high-flowing fountain whose water flow reaches 140 m, making it one of the tallest fountains in the world. Perhaps the most important feature of the Geneva Fountain is that it is located on one of the banks of the lake so that it can be seen from anywhere near it.

2- The English Garden
It is a wonderful masterpiece that you can visit during your trip to Switzerland; It is a free public garden dating back to the mid-fifties, and is characterized by its inclusion of about 6,500 flowers, including rare species, in addition to vast green areas. Perhaps the most important feature of the English garden is what is known as the Geneva clock, which reflects the picturesque nature of Switzerland through its wonderful design of flowers, green grass and farming clay with real and controlled clock hands.

3- Nations Square
Thanks to its unique design that bears a great idea, the Place of Nations is one of the places worth visiting in Geneva, as the square facing the United Nations building in the heart of Geneva consists of granite floors in different colors symbolizing the different countries participating in the organization, from which flows 12 small fountains .

Perhaps the most important feature of the square, in addition to its striking design, is the erected a broken chair in the middle of it, and it appears in the form of a wooden chair, one of whose legs is broken and non-existent, in an indication of the physical damage caused by the planting and spread of mines during wars that may reach the amputation of limbs.

Tourism in Zurich
Zurich is one of the Swiss cities full of regions worth talking about, and it is enough that it includes its main airport. As for the level of tourism in Switzerland, you will not find a more diverse Swiss city than Zurich; It is the home of international sports including FIFA, and it is a haven for dozens of museums, theaters, snowy mountains and extended lakes. As for shopping, you will not find months or richer than Bahnhof Street to buy the most delicious chocolate and the most accurate watch that you will not find in any other region in the world.

The 3 most important sights in Zurich:
1- Lake Zurich
One of the most beautiful outings that you can take while tourism in Switzerland is to take a boat that takes you as far as you can from the sprawling Lake Zurich, one of the most important tributaries of the Limmat River in the city. The boat trip usually ends at Küsnacht, the end of Zurich or Rabiesville, which is the southern end of the large lake.
In addition to boat trips, the lake is distinguished by an endless number of restaurants, cafes and parks that adorn its banks, as well as an outdoor cinema screen.

2- Zurich Zoo
It is the best places in Switzerland for children’s outings, as the antique garden dates back to the 18th century and is located near the city center with about 300 different species of animals that look as if they were in their natural environment, giving children the opportunity to enjoy their petting closely, with shows Useful entertainment information for children about the wild inhabitants of the park.
The park is also close to Lake and Mount Zurich, which offers wonderful views of the picturesque nature of Switzerland.

3- Bahnhofstrasse
It is one of the best places in Switzerland for shopping, and even the most famous one, as the ancient street extends from the central train station of Zurich to the lake, and includes giant stores and shopping centers that display various goods from the most famous international brands, whether produced by Switzerland and famous worldwide, such as chocolate and watches, or imported from other countries, especially those Which is located on its borders, in addition to a plaza that includes restaurants and luxury cafes.

Tourism in Basel

Basel is known among the cities of Switzerland as the capital of art and culture, with its exhibitions, museums, art festivals and archaeological buildings with elaborate and distinct architectural styles.

The 3 most important landmarks in Basel:
1- Basel Cathedral
It is one of the most important places that a tourist can see when traveling to Switzerland and visiting old Basel. Perhaps the most important feature of the antique cathedral, whose construction dates back to the eleventh century, is its unique and impressive architectural design that combines the Gothic and Roman styles mixed with the Byzantine “Romanesque”.

2- Basel Zoo
One of the favorite tourist places in Switzerland by family and children; Where the Basel Zoo or Zoli, as it is known among the indigenous people, includes about 600 wild animal species, including rare endangered species, in addition to rock cavities that include a group of fish and distinctive marine creatures, and the full-service park has a yard for restaurants and souvenir shops.

3- The Art Museum in Basel
Lovers of art and culture, especially plastic arts, always prefer to visit the Museum of Art when tourism in Switzerland, which is located in the heart of the city of Basel. Artistic.

Tourism in Interlaken
Interlaken has a wonderful view of the green Alps, which provides multiple trails for lovers of hiking or snowboarding, as well as the impressive rock formations and archaeological sites, gardens and shopping areas with a special character and flavor; Interlaken is an ideal tourist spot for anyone looking for the tranquility of picturesque nature with the beautiful, calm, classic rhythm of life. If you are one of them, do not miss it when traveling to Switzerland.

The 3 most important landmarks in Interlaken:
1- Harder Colm
One of the natural areas in Interlaken that deserves you to travel to Switzerland for, as it is one of the highest peaks of the Alps in the country, with a height of 1322 meters that you can climb via a special train, with large windows and glass floors that enable you to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland’s nature Picturesque with antique style European medieval restaurant.
Perhaps the most beautiful thing you will see under your feet is Lake Thun, Lake Brienz and the alpine peaks that surround it, such as the Eiger and Junggrau.

2- San Petos Caves
You can explore the San Pettus Caves during tourism in Switzerland, where the karst caves extend into the mountains for a distance of a kilometer, and you can roam inside them and explore their details and the underground waterfalls flowing from them, in addition to a museum explaining the history of the emergence and exploration of karst caves.
It is worth noting that the San Pettus Caves, located to the southeast of Lake Thun, bear the name of the priest who lived near them during the 16th century and is linked to a popular legend circulating among the Interlaken residents.

3- Höhematte Garden
Where the picturesque nature that the garden reflects with its greenery and wonderful fragrant flowers, which enjoys an unparalleled view of the Alps in the capital, Bern, to which Interlaken belongs. Hohmat is located on the city’s main street known as “Hoheweg” parallel to the Aare River, which includes building-free walking paths with luxurious chains of restaurants and cafes, the most famous of which is the Interlaken Casino.

Tourism in Bern

Bern is the administrative capital of Switzerland, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Once you get past its narrow cobbled streets, you will find the old city of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and you will find old towers, many fountains and historical forts, as well as museums and markets and the elegant Parliament Building, so it is One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Switzerland.

The 3 most important landmarks in Bern:
1- Bern’s old city and clock tower
The old city of Bern deserves its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is well worth your visit while tourism in Switzerland. It dates back to the 16th century AD, and is located on the River Irre. It managed to preserve itself in the Middle Ages, where you will find cobbled streets and winding covered walkways, and you will also find a tower The famous clock that was used as a guard tower and as a prison, and the buildings in this city were divided into two parts: the lower floors were for shops, restaurants, cafes and libraries, and the upper floors were apartments for housing.

2- Rose Garden (Rosengarten)
The Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland and offers you a wonderful view of the city. It is a large open-air area located on a hillside across a river running from the city center. Originally it was a cemetery, but in 1913 it became a very beautiful, calm and beautiful public garden, and it includes more than 200 types of roses and beautiful plants, and there are picnic areas, a large wonderful pond and an elegant restaurant.

3- Berner Münster . Cathedral
This cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in Bern. It is considered the largest church in Switzerland from the late Middle Ages since the 16th century, and played a vital role in the overall development of the city’s architecture. It is built in the late Gothic style, is decorated with beautiful carvings and icons, and has a recently completed tower. This magnificent church overlooks the River Er, and if you can climb up the tower you will see great views of the city and the picturesque Alps.

Tourism in Lugano
One of the most beautiful and quiet cities in Switzerland, where the picturesque nature reflected in Lake Lugano, the tourism center in the city, around which most of its tourist attractions of a picturesque natural dimension, such as mountains and parks, are wrapped.
Choosing Lugano during a tourism trip in Switzerland is only an expression of your longing for the tranquility and the picturesque rural nature that the city reflects, or perhaps your desire to taste Swiss chocolate on its origins during your visit to the Alprose chocolate factory, for which Lugano is famous.

The 3 most important sights in Lugano:
1- Lake Lugano
The most famous glacial lake that you should not miss during tourism in Switzerland, where boating and snowboarding, while enjoying the look and smell of citrus fruit trees and cypress trees that grow despite the cold weather. Lake Lugano is characterized as a border lake with an area of ​​about 50 km separating Switzerland and Italy, which makes you able to organize a direct cruise between the two countries if your circumstances permit.

2- Parco Civico-Ciani
And near Lake Lugano, and after you finish your tour, you can try roaming among quiet paths lined with trees, green spaces, smart colorful flowers and flowing fountains in Baha on an area of ​​​​up to 63,000 square meters in one of the most beautiful spots that reflect the beauty of nature in Switzerland, a garden Sevico Siani, and if you have your children, they will never get bored in the play corner that the beautiful park provides for them along with a library and a natural history museum in its surroundings.

3- Monte San Salvatore
One of the ancient and sacred mountains in the country dating back to the year 1200, you can reach its summit, which is settled at an altitude of 600 meters, crossed by a mountain train to discover that you would have missed a lot if you missed visiting this spot when traveling to Switzerland, from the top of the mountain you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city as well as the mountains The Elbe is located far south or west of Lugano.


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