Tourism in the French countryside


Tourism in the French countryside

Tourism in The French countryside; the countryside is full of towns, villages, vineyards and beautiful landscapes to explore.

In this article, we will learn about the features and effects of Tourism in the French countryside

Tourists look for the most beautiful tourist cities in the French countryside with a good range of fun things to see, and tourism activities can be done with the family. The tourist villages of rural France are characterized by their fictional castles, medieval architecture and scenic landscapes.

Climate in French countryside:
The French countryside has a wet, cold winter and warm summer climate, and some cities in the French countryside have a Mediterranean climate.

Travel to The French countryside:

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Tourist places in rural France:

The cities of Strasbourg and Colmar are home, along with hundreds of Alsasian villages:
The cities of Strasbourg and Colmar enjoy a special Old World charm that is quite different from the rest of France. The architecture and atmosphere of Alsace, neighboring Germany, were influenced by buildings with bright half-wooden walls and venerable Gothic churches.

Strasbourg enchanted visitors with its narrow streets lined with gravel, scenic canals and a decorated cathedral.

Gerberwe is characterized by its narrow gravel-lined streets and perfect rural houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, many of whose houses and gardens are decorated with beautiful climbing roses and curtain. The village hosts the annual Rose Festival, which takes place every June.

The most beautiful village of Saint-Léon-sur-Vizier in the French countryside is situated on the banks of the river Vizier, and features many houses built of white stone with distinctive stone roofs interspersed with rambling roads. This village has a number of tourist features, such as; Clare Castle, churches, and antique monasteries all enjoy Roman-style architecture as well as numerous restaurants, cafes, souvenirs and prehistoric caves.

Village of Pinak Sazinac:
The village of Pinac Sazinac is located near the capital, Paris, overlooking the Dordogne River in southwestern France, where it stretches around the historic Palace of Cust-Belle-Nou, and is also known for its rich and scenic Marchiac Park. The village also has a river port with water activities from river trips through old small boats and luxury yachts.

Larok Jagiak:
The village of Larok Jagiak has a spectacular location on the north bank of the river, as well as golden yellow houses with their small ovens built above the hill at an altitude of 40 metres. The village has a number of castles, forts and churches with their unique design and some river trips can be made.

Anse Town:
The village of Anse Town, the most beautiful tourist feature in rural France, is located on the spectacular Lake Anse and between the snowy mountains of winter, providing tourists with the opportunity to play winter sports. The village is well known for its aqueducts, which give off a wonderful romantic atmosphere, so it’s called Venice Minor because it’s very similar to the Italian city of Venice.

Castle City:
The Flemish-looking city of Castle is located just 7 miles from France’s northeastern border with Belgium, and provides views of the beautiful plain of Flanders. You can try the most delicious Flemish food, like fries, mussels, pancakes and Flemish beef soup.

Chinon City:
The medieval city of Chinon is located along the Vienne River, one of the most beautiful in the Loire Valley.

Manusk Village:
The attractive small town of Manusque is located in the perfect, beautiful area of Beauvance, and is the best tourist area in the French countryside to explore unparalleled landscapes, red poppy fields, bright yellow sunflowers, a number of small waterfalls and mountain slopes. 

Colmar City:
The city of Colmar comes in the form of a painting filled with flowers in every corner that attracts tourists and artists, and includes the Dominicans Church, which has a famous Schongauer painting, and the Unterlinden Museum, in which you can enjoy seeing a collection of old and rare objects for some furniture and war tools.

Entebbe Tourist Resort:
The Intip tourist resort is the best place to have fun with family and children; It’s got a bunch of super – cool rock beaches and a bunch of tourist resorts and nightclubs you can spend the evening in. There is the World Artist Picasso Museum, which has an impressive collection of his most important works of art, as well as the Museum of Antiquities or a nice picnic around the Carreé castle bordering the sea.

St. Fleur:
The city of St. Fleur contains many ancient historical buildings belonging to various time-castles, some dating back to the 4th century, ancient historical walls dating from the Middle Ages along with a group of volcanic rocks, and the Church of Saint Peru and Saint Fleur, a charming church with a basaltic façade dating from the 11th century.

Mont Blanc:
Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and forms part of the French border with Italy, with a height of 4810 metres, known as the roof of Europe because of its dramatic views of the Iguile Rouge mountain ranges and the Chamoné valley. Tourists can enjoy landscapes and views on long-distance hiking trails, or by riding a gondola elevator, and traditional Alpine huts and chalets offer refreshments, meals and night accommodation                                                                       

Tourism activities in rural France:
Visit the village of Alsace villages in the Green Hills of Alsace near the Rhine, marked by half-wooden pastel-painted houses gathered around small parish churches.
Hiking in Provence to enjoy gorgeous landscapes of olive groves and purple porcelain fields, walk along gravel – lined streets, spend the afternoon in the outside of cafes, and enjoy eating local food.
The visit to the medieval city of Carcassonne is a narrow, cascading, gravel-lined hallway and attractive old houses.
You can ride around by renting a yacht to spend a sea space full of excitement and pleasure.                                                                                                                                                         

The best tourist hotels in rural France:

Best Western Place Excelsior Hotel:
The Best Westerns Place Excelsior Hotel is located two kilometres from the slopes of La Fleiger Ski, and provides panoramic views of the Mont Blanc mountain range. It features an outdoor swimming pool during the summer, and facilities for people with special needs. All rooms include a free Wi-Fi service, a flat screen television with satellite channels, a coffee and tea machine, a hair dryer, an indoor bathroom with free bathroom supplies, a bath or shower and toilet paper.

Sasha Hotel:
The 4-star Sacha Hotel is located only 350 metres from the Saint-Georges metro station in Paris and has special needs facilities, rooms for non-smokers, and a 24-hour reception office.                                                                                                                                 

The best tourist restaurants in rural France:
The Crémere des Igueles has a warm and rustic setting with a quiet fire in the fireplace, and contains a selection of regional food such as fondue, crotte and tartifleet, as well as fish options, steaks, burgers, and a children’s menu for young people.
A restaurant that doesn’t offer Mexican dishes like nachos, homemade tortillas with cheddar.

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