what is Tourism?


what is Tourism?

what is Tourism? Many countries depend on tourism as an important source of their national income. Even countries that do not have the elements of tourism, we find new ways to attract tourists.


Tourism has become not limited to visiting monuments and historical sites only, We have seen cities like Dubai making artificial islands in the sea and building the most luxurious hotels and palaces over them,and tourists from all over the world come to them. We have also seen desert cities hold car, bike, horse and camel competitions and attract large numbers of tourists.

  Tourism has become leisure and marketing tourism more active and more attractive to tourists. it is a source of national income for countries, and tourism provides many job opportunities for young people. We find that there is a diversity in tourism, such as beach tourism, in which tourists visit beach cities with beautiful beaches and a pleasant atmosphere, and which have entertainment and marine sports. There is also cultural tourism, in which tourists come to cities that contain monuments, museums, and historical places, or festivals and conferences are held there. There is also medical tourism, and tourists come to cities that have sulfur springs or natural places with curative properties. Also, international sports competitions attract many tourists, so we find that countries compete with each other to hold World Cup matches.

  There is no doubt that historical places, monuments and museums are among the most important elements of tourism, but there should be luxurious hotels and restaurants that offer a variety of meals, modern and comfortable transportation, and huge shopping centers.

  In addition, there must be places of entertainment, amusement parks, and places for hiking, because tourism is not limited to one area only, but an integrated tourism program must be prepared, in which we allow tourists to enjoy several cultural, entertainment and sports activities.

  In addition, one of the most important elements of tourism is the preparation of well-prepared tourist guides, and the awareness of the people of the importance of tourism and how to deal with tourists in a good way.

  Tourism brings new investments to their countries, which greatly help to save money. Examples of large investments created by tourism are large hotels or mega-festivals that offer visitors from around the world to visit and bring income to those countries. So that many countries are interested in the habit of hosting large events such as sports festivals.

Types of Tourism:
  Tourism is divided into a variety of types, each with its own characteristics, and information about tourism types comes from:
Types of tourism by purpose, including the following:
Religious tourism: Visits by tourists to religious places and areas; To learn about its history, spiritual values, and beliefs.
Sports tourism: Travel to another State within a specified time period; To practice and apply various sports activities or watch sports and sports, such as international football championships.
Conference tourism: Modern tourism; Because of its emergence at the end of the twentieth century of birth, its existence depended on the rapid cultural developments that have affected the world, whether social, cultural, economic, or political, and conference tourism is defined as the influential development in the tourism sector; By organizing and preparing world-wide conferences, which are of huge size and rich space.
Cultural tourism: Tourists watching past manifestations and features, cultural tourism is defined as the attraction associated with tourist sites, which enhances tourist attraction, including architecture, language, music, and traditions.
Curative tourism: It is an up-to-date form of tourism, and it spreads within countries that have therapeutic natural resources, such as water wells and eyes that help cure many diseases.
Leisure tourism: Relocation from the home within a period of time; For the purpose of entertainment, enjoyment, and application of many hobbies, such as fishing.


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