WHERE TO LIVE IN SALT LAKE CITY, Utah’s capital and most vibrant megacity has a stunning mountain background that draws callers to its natural beauty, out-of-door conditioning and artistic treasures. There’s plenitude to do, from wheezing down ski pitches to exploring major Temple Square. And choosing where to stay in Salt Lake City can make a difference to your trip.

Salt Lake City has a range of lodgment from luxurious five- star hospices to budget-friendly caravansaries and for those who prefer cosy holiday
settlements, there are plenitude of those too. When deciding where to stay in Salt Lake City, if it’s your first visit, pick a hostel in the town area as it’s accessible to the megacity’s top lodestones . You ’ll also be within walking distance of the megacity’s stylish caffs
, shops and escapism.

hospices in Salt Lake City are more precious during the downtime ski season and in summer, when the rainfall is perfect for exploringoutdoors.However, visit during the shoulder seasons in spring( April to June) or fall( September to November), when you can enjoy the megacity’s lodestones with lower of a crowd, If you ’re on a budget. Ready to go? Then’s where to stay in Salt Lake City.



Grand America Hotel
Where to stay in Salt Lake City if you want to spend time seeing historic attractions? The downtown area is a safe bet.

Downtown Salt Lake City is at the base of the Wasatch Mountains and extends from Capitol Hill down to around 900 South Street.

The area is only a 10-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport and not far from the mountains, where you can enjoy year-round outdoor activities.

Staying in Downtown Salt Lake City is perfect for first-time visitors as you’ll have direct access to many of the city’s major attractions, such as Temple Square and Main Street.

You’ll need at least a day to explore Temple Square, which includes the Salt Lake Temple, the Tabernacle and the Assembly Hall, or longer if you want to explore thoroughly.

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and the City and County Building are near Temple Square.

If you want to shop, head to the open-air City Creek Center.

The downtown area has dining options for foodies ranging from upscale restaurants to casual, unique local eateries.

After dark, you’ll find a lively nightlife with bars, clubs and live music venues within walking distance of your hotel.

Explore on foot or rent a bike to get the most out of your stay. There are excellent bus and light rail services, making it easy to visit attractions further afield.

Head to the Downtown Farmers Market to shop for fresh produce, artisan foods and handmade crafts when visiting in summer.

In winter, the Gallivan Center becomes an outdoor ice rink and a great family spot.

Hotel prices can vary depending on the season, with costs rising during winter ski season or during major conventions or events.

Downtown Salt Lake City has some good luxury hotels, such as the Grand America Hotel or the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, but if you’re on a budget, you can find affordable options like the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel or look for inns and guesthouses.


  • Easy Access to Attractions: Many of the city’s major attractions, such as Temple Square and the City and County Building, are in the downtown area.
  • Choice of Dining Options: From upscale restaurants to casual eateries, downtown has the best dining options.
  • Convenient Public Transportation: The downtown is well-served by public transport, making it easy to explore.
  • Vibrant Nightlife: The area has the best bars, clubs and concert venues, providing entertainment options after dark.
  • Shopping Opportunities: With City Creek Center and other shopping areas, there’s a variety of shopping options.
  • Accommodation Variety: To suit different budgets, from luxury hotels to more budget-friendly options.


  • Potential Noise: As with any downtown area, it’s noisier and busier, with traffic, nightlife and events.
  • Parking Issues: Parking can be expensive or hard to find.
  • Higher Costs: Accommodation in downtown can be more expensive than in other parts of the city.
  • Crowds: As a popular area for locals and visitors, the downtown can get crowded, especially during events or peak travel seasons.


Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City
First timers wondering where to stay in Salt Lake City might want to stay downtown to be close to Temple Square.
Luxury – Grand America Hotel

Grand America Hotel is a five-star establishment with European-style architecture, luxurious rooms and excellent service in a prime downtown location.

Midscale – Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City

The Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City is a modern, upscale downtown Salt Lake City hotel with comfortable rooms, good amenities and convenient access to major attractions.

Budget – Salt Lake Plaza Hotel SureStay Collection By Best Western

Salt Lake Plaza Hotel SureStay Collection by Best Western is a comfortable, budget-friendly hotel next to Temple Square and the Salt Lake City Convention Center.


accommodation in salt lake city apartment
If you’re looking for apartment-style accommodation in Salt Lake City, look in “The Avenues” area.

The Avenues is in the northeastern part of Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Range’s foothills, directly north of Downtown Salt Lake City.

Its grid-like layout has avenues running east to west and streets running north to south.

Being elevated, it offers sweeping views of the downtown, the Great Salt Lake and the Oquirrh Mountains.

Choosing The Avenues as your base when visiting Salt Lake City provides a balance of being in a charming historic neighbourhood reasonably close to city attractions, such as the Utah State Capitol and City Creek Canyon.

An exciting time to visit is during the Utah Arts Festival in summer, where you can enjoy a showcase of art displayed by artists from around the world.

To get your bearings, admire well-preserved Victorian and Craftsman homes while exploring the tree-lined streets, taking in the neighbourhood’s relaxed atmosphere.

There’s reliable public transportation, with bus routes connecting the area to downtown.

As it’s close to the mountains, it’s a great spot for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who want easy access to trails while staying within the city.

If you’re looking for a residential experience in a cosy B&B or a sleek home-away-from-home apartment, you’ll want to check out the guesthouses and vacation rentals in The Avenues.


  • Residential Atmosphere: The Avenues has a relaxed, residential feel, offering a peaceful alternative to the busy downtown area.
  • Close to Attractions: You’re still close to the city centre and attractions.
  • Scenic Views: The Avenues has panoramic views of Salt Lake City from the slopes of the Wasatch Range.
  • Historic Charm: The area is filled with historic homes and buildings, adding to its charm.
  • Outdoor Opportunities: Its location near the mountains offers easy access to hiking and biking trails.


  • Fewer Accommodation Options: While there are charming bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals, there are fewer hotels compared to downtown.
  • Less Nightlife: The area is quiet at night and you’ll have to travel downtown to party.
  • Limited Dining Options: While there are some local eateries, there are not as many choices of restaurants compared to downtown.
  • Need for Transportation: Depending on where you want to go, you’ll need to either use public transport or drive.


where to stay in salt lake city for transport
If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Salt Lake City that’s quieter and are willing to take public transport into the downtown area, there are a few options to consider.
Apartment – Beautiful SLC Apartment

The Beautiful SLC apartment in the Avenues is a well-appointed, homey vacation rental offering a fully-equipped stay with easy access to Salt Lake City’s attractions.

Budget – Avenues Hostel

The Avenues Hostel in Salt Lake City is an affordable accommodation option in the Avenues neighbourhood, with a laid-back atmosphere and a convenient base for exploring the city.

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Extended Stay America Suites Salt Lake City Sugar House
There are hotels in Salt Lake City for all budgets.

Sugar House is a southeastern Salt Lake City neighbourhood named after a 19th-century sugar beet test factory.

Sugar House surrounds Sugar House Park, a large public recreational space with a pond, walking trails and views of the Wasatch Mountains.

The eclectic neighbourhood is only 10 minutes from downtown by car and has an artsy, bohemian atmosphere.

Staying in the Sugar House area offers a different vibe from the more touristy parts of Salt Lake City and is a thriving neighbourhood filled with unique shops, eateries and galleries.

One of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods has tree-lined streets with bungalows and historic buildings.

Sugar House Park is popular for walking, jogging or cycling.

You’ll like this neighbourhood if you like browsing local shops and unique boutiques and eating at locally-owned restaurants.

Fortunately, Sugar House has an active nightlife scene with several popular bars and a few clubs.

Public transportation is also available, with several bus lines serving the area, but much of the area is walkable.

Accommodation options in Sugar House include boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and apartments.

Prices at Sugar House are generally more affordable than downtown, but rates can vary depending on the season, so book early to secure the best rates and availability.


  • Unique Atmosphere: Sugar House has an eclectic, bohemian vibe with lots of character.
  • Diverse Dining and Shopping: The has a variety of local restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.
  • Access to Parks and Trails: With Sugar House Park and Parley’s Trail nearby, it’s a good spot for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Affordable Accommodation: Accommodation in Sugar House is generally more affordable than the downtown area.
  • Close to Universities: Sugar House is near Westminster College and a short drive from the University of Utah.


  • Distance from Downtown: It’s a bit further from the attractions in the downtown area and not as convenient.
  • Slower Nightlife: Sugar House’s nightlife is quieter than downtown.
  • Potential Noise: Some parts of Sugar House, especially near the more popular bars and clubs, can get noisy.
  • Limited Public Transport: You might sometimes need to rely on a car or rideshare service.


King Bed Fast WiFi Sugarhouse Health Center
Wondering where to stay in Salt Lake City that’s close to some cool bars and restaurants?
Hotel – Extended Stay America Suites, Sugar House

Extended Stay America Suites is a long-stay hotel with spacious, fully-equipped suites with kitchenettes, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for home-like accommodation in a cool district.

Apartment – King Bed, Sugarhouse Health Center

This modern apartment offers a king-sized bed and fast WiFi close to the Sugarhouse Health Center.

House – Sugar House Urban Basecamp

The Sugar House Urban Basecamp is a stylish, centrally-located vacation rental offering a cosy stay with modern amenities and easy access to local restaurants, shops and attractions.


Capitol Retreats views! Near Salt Palace,sleep 28
When deciding where to stay in Salt Lake City, you might want to consider the Capitol Hill area.

Capitol Hill is in the northwestern part of Salt Lake City, and as the name suggests, the area is home to the Utah State Capitol building.

The imposing landmark sits on a hill overlooking the city.

You can see views of the downtown, the Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

Take a guided tour of the Utah State Capitol to learn more about Utah’s history and government.

Capitol Hill has steep streets, so be prepared for some uphill walks! You will be rewarded with lovely views.

Capitol Hill Park is a lovely spot to enjoy panoramic city views while admiring the impressive architecture.

Wander around the neighbourhood’s steep streets past trees and a mix of residences and government buildings.

Also, in Capitol Hill, the historic Marmalade District is known for its unique architecture, and Memory Grove Park is a tranquil greenspace perfect for leisurely walks.

Accommodation in Capitol Hill is somewhat limited compared to downtown, with most options being bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals.

Prices tend to be more affordable than in the downtown area but can vary significantly based on the season, type of accommodation and view.


  • Historical Significance: The area is historically significant and home to the Utah State Capitol and other historic buildings.
  • Sweeping Views: Capitol Hill offers panoramic views of downtown Salt Lake City and its surrounds, so if you like having space, this is a good option.
  • Proximity to Downtown: The neighbourhood is within walking distance of downtown, providing easy access to its amenities and attractions.
  • Quiet Atmosphere: Compared to Downtown, Capitol Hill tends to be quieter, making it a good choice for those seeking tranquillity.


  • Hilly Terrain: Sits on a hill, which might be difficult for anyone with mobility issues or prefer flat terrain.
  • Limited Dining and Nightlife: While there are some local dining options, there aren’t as many restaurants, pubs or bars as downtown.
  • Fewer Accommodation Options: The area is mostly residential, with some government buildings, so accommodation options are more limited than other neighbourhoods.
  • Limited Shopping: The area does not have as many shopping opportunities.


Apartment – Designer Style Luxury Modern 5 Star

This designer apartment is an upscale vacation rental with chic interiors and premium amenities in a lovely location.

Apartment – King Bed

This convenient apartment is near the hospitals and has a king-sized bed for a restful stay.

House – Capitol Retreats Views

Travelling with the family? This large home has beautiful views of the city and sleeps 28. It’s suitable for large groups and is near the Salt Palace Convention Center.


where to stay in salt lake city with mountains in the background
When planning where to stay in Salt Lake City, don’t forget that being so close to amazing ski slopes means that winter is a busy time.

9th and 9th is a vibrant neighbourhood in eastern Salt Lake City, getting its curious name from the intersection of 900 East and 900 South Streets, which forms the neighbourhood’s heart.

The neighbourhood is two miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City and has lovely tree-lined streets, independent boutiques, dining places, and an art-house cinema.

The 9th and 9th has a quirky charm and a vibrant community feel.

The iconic Tower Theatre is at the heart of the neighbourhood, which showcases Indie films and foreign cinema.

Other attractions include Gilgal Gardens, a hidden gem with unusual sculptures and engraved stones, and Tracy Aviary, near Liberty Park.

Visit the local Farmer’s Market for fresh produce and local goods, or enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Liberty Park, the city’s largest public park.

As for accommodation, options in 9th and 9th are mostly vacation rentals and boutique bed and breakfasts, providing a more home-like experience during your stay.

Prices vary but are generally more affordable than in downtown Salt Lake City.


  • Local Charm: The area has character and charm, providing a more local experience than tourist-centric locations.
  • Walkability: The neighbourhood’s compact layout makes it easy to explore on foot.
  • Dining and Shopping: 9th and 9th has excellent independent shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Liberty Park, Tracy Aviary and Tower Theatre are within easy reach.
  • More Affordable Accommodation: Generally, rooms are more affordable than in downtown Salt Lake City.


  • Distance from Downtown: It’s a bit further away from downtown, meaning you’ll need to commute to explore the city’s major attractions.
  • Limited Nightlife: The neighbourhood has a limited nightlife scene compared to downtown.
  • Fewer Hotel Options: Vacation rentals or bed and breakfasts are popular and there are fewer traditional hotels.
  • Limited Public Transportation: While the area is very walkable, taking public transport is not as convenient.


Apartment – Gatsby And Liberty Park

This charming Gatsby-style apartment near Liberty Park is centrally located and is well-positioned for exploring local attractions on foot.

House – Modern Downtown Masterpiece

This modern house is a luxurious and contemporary vacation rental providing an upscale stay experience near the city’s top attractions.

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