10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations


10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations, places made popular through pictures are suffering, similar as Dubrovnik, which has seen 60,000 new excursionists a time because of Game of Thrones alone. While it can be instigative to see for ourselves where our favorite pictures and television series were set, it can pose serious problems that we do n’t always consider.

1. King’s Landing, Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

Since the filming of Games of Thrones, both the Dubrovnik locals and UNESCO are protesting the huge number of tourists visiting this UNESCO world heritage site. In fact, UNESCO has warned that it may remove the city as a heritage site because of the impact tourism is having with hundreds of thousands of people arriving every year.

2. The McCallister home from Home Alone, Winnetka, IL

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

This impressive house actually exists and people are still taking the opportunity to get a photo in front of it years later. The problem is that this is a private residence, which means that having strangers illegally park outside your home to take photos could be considered an invasion of privacy.

3. Christ Church College from Harry Potter, Oxford, England

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

This movie location is actually located inside one of the collages of Oxford University, meaning that there are students on campus trying to work around large crowds visiting the area. The huge number of sightseers that the city attracts has led to complaints from the residents.

4. Murder House from American Horror Story, Los Angeles, CA

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

The infamous mansion actually exists in real life, with many people flocking to it for a photo. So many people, in fact, that the new homeowners are suing their real estate agents for not telling them it was in the series. They have also had a few break-ins since moving with desperate fans trying to get in.

5. The “Joker stairs,” The Bronx, NY

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

Made famous from the latest Joker movie, these otherwise normal stairs are attracting a lot of attention as everyone wants to get a photo on them. This has led to the locals complaining about just how many people are blocking these stairs for a quick photo opportunity.

6. The pink house from Love Actually, Notting Hill, London

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

The house from that Love Actually scene is a real residential home, and many, many people still visit it. The owner has complained about people on their doorstep taking photos for Instagram, while the local council has asked for people to stop visiting. The silver lining is that the homeowner has put a charity box outside to collect money for local causes from the visiting crowds.

7. That bookshop from Notting Hill, Notting Hill, London

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

This bookshop is perhaps the most famous in the world after appearing in the romcom. Some local residents have complained that because the film was such a success, many people want to visit and even live in the neighborhood. This has hugely changed the area as house prices have increased and the area has been gentrified over the years.

8. The bus from Into the Wild, Alaska

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

The bus made famous by the story of Chris McCandless has been controversial with many people risking their lives to visit it. Two women have died trying to reach it and there have been numerous rescue missions. This has led to the recent removal of the bus, which had to be airlifted out to prevent people from making the dangerous journey.

9. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City, NY

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

This New York apartment, where so many of Carrie Bradshaw’s antics took place, actually exists — well, the entrance does. Because so many tourists have flocked to the apartment, the owners have had to put up a sign that says not to stand on their steps. There’s even a Sex and the City tour bus you can take, which is now banned from stopping outside their house.

10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Skellig Michael, Ireland

10 locations we should stop visiting -movie locations

This idyllic island off of Ireland has received a lot of attention and thousands of tourists have visited each year. This is worrisome for the native bird and wildlife habitats of the small island, and also for its history of ancient monasteries which may not be fully protected.

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