20 AMAZING BEACHES IN EGYPT, Egypt offers some of the nicest beaches in the area, with a coastline spanning two oceans for a total of 3000 km (1864 miles). There are many different beaches in Egypt, ranging from the sun-drenched beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, the diving beaches of Dahab, and the lovely beaches of Hurghada on the Red Sea, to the historic beaches of Marsa Matruh and the opulent Mediterranean beaches of Sahel.


Whether you like to dive and explore the coral reef, kitesurf the waves, or work on your tan, the beaches of Egypt will offer you an experience to remember. Egypt’s beaches are divided into beaches of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. There are all kinds of beaches in Egypt, from beaches with a rich history and natural wonders to fancy summer retreats.



Beaches in Egypt Red Sea day beds
Pick a day bed and relax by the Red Sea on one of the beaches in Egypt.

Egypt’s Red Sea coast starts from the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the north, extending about 1,500 km (930 miles) in length.

The seawater connects the waters of the Mediterranean Sea with those from the Indian Ocean.

There are several world-renowned Egyptian resort towns on the Red Sea, which are some of the most famous beaches and destinations worldwide.


beaches in egypt Sharm el Sheikh beach resort
Some of the best beaches in Egypt are in and around Sharm el-Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh is the most famous beach in Egypt for tourists.

It is mainly a resort town cornered between the sandy desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the blue waters of the Red Sea.

Visitors from around the world flock to Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy the sandy beaches, blue waters and colourful coral reefs.

Glass-Bottom boat trips and parasailing adventures are popular here, and Ras Muhammad National Park is a must-see if you ever visit the town.

1- Na’ama Bay
north coast egypt beaches
Bay in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Naama Bay is a natural bay and the main destination for tourists in this resort town.

It has cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bazaars, but above all, Na’ama Bay is famous for its fantastic and relaxing beach.

Over there, you can enjoy spectacular snorkelling, diving, and parasailing experiences by day and then experience the fantastic nightlife across the bay by night.

2- Shark’s Bay
red sea beaches egypt Tiran Island
Overcast sky over the Red Sea and Tiran Island, which has a lovely beach in Egypt to discover.

You hear the name “Shark’s Bay” and start wondering about the story behind it. Yes, it has something to do with sharks.

English explorer William Dampier said in 1699: “Sharks we caught a great many of, which our men eat very savourily. Among them, we caught one which was 11 feet long.”

Located on the other side of Tiran Island, the Shark’s Bay area forms a stunning cove perfect for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

The area has many hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

3- Ras Um Sid

At the tip of a small peninsula, a few kilometres south of Naama Bay, you will find the marvellous Ras Um Sid beach.

This beach is one of the most exciting beaches in the city because of its unique topography, pelagic fish sightings and fast currents.

Ras Um Sid beach is much quieter compared to other destinations in the city.

Additionally, it offers a spectacular view of the Red Sea and the reefs for those who love taking awesome Instagram pictures.

4- El Fanar

El Fanar beach is just another favourite destination for those who love nature and water activities.

This sandy beach is guarded by an old lighthouse, backed by a rugged cliff and sits between the rocks and the sea.

Here, just like every other beach in Sharm El Sheikh, you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, diving, and the underwater coral reefs are amazing.



Beaches in Egypt Hurghada
Some of the best beaches in Egypt for a fun time are near Hurghada.

Hurghada is another coastal resort town overlooking the Red Sea, with sandy beaches stretching for nearly 40 kilometres.

It is also another perfect destination to start your summer early, along with Sharm El Sheikh, as the weather here is warm all year round.

5- Mahmya Beach
hurghada egypt beaches
Egyptian designs on a beach in Hurghada.

Mahmya Beach is a magical beach located in the protected Giftun Island, 11 kilometres off the coast.

Mahmya is one of the most beautiful beaches in town, as it has the largest protected coral reef cluster and incredible marine life for snorkellers and divers.

Take a boat and sail towards the island for a memorable experience on its incredible beach.

6- El Sawaky Beach

El Sawaky Beach offers one of the best views of the Red Sea from its excellent location in the El Dahar District of downtown Hurghada.

The entry prices are relatively cheap compared to other beaches in the city.

Yet, it is a calm private beach where tourists and locals enjoy the golden sand and blue waters while indulging in regular water activities.

7- Old Vic Beach

Tranquil waters, relaxing vibes, and open views are what make the Old Vic beach stand out, not to mention its central location in downtown Hurghada.

The neighbouring Giftun Islands act as a natural wave-barrier to make the waters as calm as possible for those who want to enjoy the sun and sea.

As a bonus, the surrounding mountains make the area almost entirely wind-free.

8- The Smokery Beach

The Smokery Beach is located on the Red Sea, next to the New Marina of El Gouna.

It is a well-known destination for tropical, luxurious and exotic experiences with yachts, excellent restaurants and luxury international hotels and shops.

The nightlife on this beach is unrivalled and absolutely one-of-a-kind, especially in the summertime.


egypt beaches Dahab
A beautiful Egyptian beach and mountains near Dahab.

Despite being a small town on the southeast coast of the Sinai in Egypt, Dahab is one of the world’s best diving destinations.

Once a tiny Bedouin fishing village, the town went through an enormous transformation to become a world-renowned destination.

Dahab is approximately 80 m from Sharm El Sheikh.

9- The Blue Hole
best beaches in egypt The Blue Hole
The Blue Hole is a popular diving spot in East Sinai and this is one of the beaches in Egypt that divers will love.

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous destinations in Egypt and features one of the most dangerous diving sites on earth, with a depth of 120 m.

As the story goes, a comet fell from the sky and created this deep hole, shaping an awesome beach around it.

You can dive safely in the Blue Hole and brag about it to your friends.

10- Canyon Beach
beaches in egypt
A beach in Egypt with fine white sand and turquoise sea in the Red Sea.

With the mountains on one side, the sea on the other and the sand under your feet, Canyon Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Egypt.

An interesting feature of this beach is a 52 m deep cave where you will find lots of colourful fish.

This is the beach to choose to enjoy the marine life by day and stargazing at night.

11- The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is an exotic and remote beach that was once only known to local Bedouins.

But the secret is out, and it’s now a popular spot for holidaymakers to enjoy the Sinai Mountains, wild ocean and magical lagoon.

12- Three Pools

The Three Pools beach is another popular snorkelling and diving destination, named after three naturally lagoons.

It has three natural pools with sandy bottoms connected by an alley of coral, which opens out into a coral garden with pinnacles.

The variety of fish, turtles and coral is breathtaking, making it a top spot for underwater photography.


cleopatra beach in egypt
Cleopatra Beach in Egypt.

Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline extends for nearly 1,050 km, from Rafah city on the border with the Gaza Strip to the town of Sallum near the border between Egypt and Libya.

The Mediterranean connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.

There are dozens of resorts spread across a part of the northern coast, known to locals as “Sahel”.

This is the go-to destination for Egyptians from all over the country, especially in the summer.


This one is not a city, but a very long strip that extends along the shores covering the area between the Governorates of Alexandria and Matrouh.

The locals call it “Sahel”, which translates to “Coast”.

Once summer kicks in, Egyptians from all backgrounds and governorates flock to Sahel for three months, filling the air with a vibrant summer holiday atmosphere.

13- Hacienda Bay

Hacienda Bay is a summer haven with a gorgeous landscape and is home to one of the fanciest beaches in Egypt inside a private, world-class, gated two-million-sqm community.

With the blue-green Mediterranean waves lapping in the background and pure white sand under your feet, what else could you ask for?

A drink? Or maybe a book?

Hacienda Bay is 44 km (27 miles) from Porto Marina and 21 km (13 miles) from El Alamein Museum.

14- Marassi

Marassi Beach is a fabulous destination with panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

If you love nice yachts and lively beaches, this is the place to be in Sahel.

Marassi Beach is 125 km (78 miles) west of Alexandria and a few kilometres from the historic city of El Alamein.

15- Stella, Sidi Abdelrahman

Stella Beach is part of a resort that sits on three man-made terraces, covering a vast area.

Enjoy panoramic views as you descend from the terraces to the beach.

The Stella Sidi Abdelrahman Resort has 500 rooms in the five-star hotel, 878 chalets and villas, swimming pools and landscaped gardens.

16- Almaza Bay

Seven-star hotels, sports facilities and a multitude of beach activities are what make the Almaza Bay beach stand out in Sahel.

This is a classy and high-end destination for those who love to be pampered.

Almaza Bay beach is 38 km from the city of Marsa Matrouh.


Marsa Matruh is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast that is well-known for its crystal-clear blue water and white sandy beaches.

It’s a favourite destination for locals in Egypt.

The city also has a unique history related to WWII, so pay a visit to the Rommel Museum, built inside the caves that were once the headquarters of German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

17- Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach has rocky outcrops, tunnels and high waves, making it an alluring beach to visit.

It’s also home to the Cleopatra Bath, a stone pool fed by natural spring water, and other archeological sites, including an underground tunnel connecting the beach to the nearby castle.

Cleopatra Beach is around 5 km northwest of Marsa Matruh.

18- Rommel Beach

Rommel Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Egypt.

The beach has a long history and was named after German commander Erwin Rommel, whose nickname was the “Desert Fox”.

The historic beach features a trench dug inside the rocks, which Rommel used to hide during WWII, and that has now become an archeological museum.

19- Ageeba Beach

Ageeba is a famous beach in Marsa Matruh in an extraordinary location.

Carved in the middle of a plateau that stands above sea level, the beach takes a shape that looks literally like a horseshoe.

Ageeba means wonder and this beach is truly a wonder as the deeper the water, the darker its colour.

Archeological landmarks nearby come in the shape of 2,000-years-old Roman Tombs.

20- Gharam Beach

Gharam Beach or the ‘shore of love’ is a secluded and romantic Egyptian beach with soft sand.

You can swim with colourful fish or just relax on the sand.

Gharam Beach’s outstanding landmark is a huge rock formation that juts out of the ocean.

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