20 BEST BEACHES IN BRAZIL, when you suppose of Brazil, you imagine lively road parties, inconceivable geographies, the potent Amazon River and some of the world’s stylish strands. Of course, it’s a vast country, and to see it all would bear months, but indeed if you have just a many weeks in this beautiful country, make time to visit some of the inconceivable strands in Brazil.

From capsules of sportful dolphins swimming offshore to turtle nesting grounds, aquatic castles and jungle trails, the country has unique decor that you can find on Brazil’s strands. With over 2000 strands, whether you ’re searching for party central, with deepwater bars and feasts into the night, or a remote desert islet with not another soul in sight, you ’ll find it on Brazil’s bank.




salvador brazil beaches aerial view of beach, buildings and mountains in the background
Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil.

Easily Brazil’s most famous beach, Copacabana is not the place for a quiet getaway but the place to experience truly authentic Brazilian culture.

Surfing, sunbathing, parties and barbecues on the beach are just a few of the things you’ll encounter on this busy beach, which is alive with the buzz of locals and tourists.

The boardwalk has restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment and you can spend most of the day soaking in the atmosphere.

Even at four kilometres long, you won’t find any empty spots on this beach, but it’s the perfect introduction to Brazil.


most beautiful beaches in brazil Aerial view of buildings on the beach front
With buildings right on the beachfront, where you can walk straight out onto the sand, it’s no wonder Ipanema Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Brazil.

The second most famous and another beach you will have seen on postcards of Brazil, Ipanema is not far from Copacabana.

It has a more laid back vibe, and you’ll find plenty of space to stretch out, swim and enjoy the sunshine.

However, as it’s still a Brazilian city beach, you’ll find a buzz of activity on the boardwalk and the surfers, for whom Ipanema is an international cult destination.

The best way to enjoy the beach is to grab some snacks and drinks from a local stall and set yourself up for the day.


Beaches of Brazil (Praia do Rosa aerial view of wide beach with hill
It’s easy to see why they say that Praia do Rosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

The closest beach to the town of Iberaquera, Praia do Rosa, is a well-known and yet still mostly untouched beach.

Stretching for a few kilometres, you’ll find powdery white sand with warm blue waters that are perfect for swimming.

The beach has a lagoon that fills up at high tide and forms a makeshift swimming pool at low tide. It’s great if you’re not keen on getting into the ocean.

Between July and November, southern whales rest here to give birth, and this season sees many more visitors arriving to catch a glimpse of them.

You won’t find any resorts, but there is a range of boutique and local B&Bs to spend the night.

Make time to walk one of the two trails on the north and south sides of the beach, which end in sweeping views over the coastline.


brazil nude beaches coconu trees and thatched huts on the beach
A beautiful beach in Porto de Galinhas. With clear water and soft sand, you can see why this region has some of the best beaches in Brazil.

A popular resort town that is home to a few beaches, with the main one being its namesake, there are plenty of empty stretches of sand for you to choose from at Porto de Galinhas.

The two best beaches are Praia des Carneiros and Toquinho Beach; both are boat rides away.

Their remoteness means that these two Brazilian beaches are far more tranquil than others. And you can take a boat from Toquinho Beach to a deserted island that you’re likely to have all to yourself.

Then, after an exhausting day of paradise, head back to the main beach, Porto de Galinhas, for a little more liveliness, beachside restaurants and local music.


beaches in brazil red rocks in foreground with waves lapping at the sand
Lopes Mendes Beach on the island of Ilha Grande near Rio de Janeiro is one of the beautiful beaches in Brazil you may not have heard of.

Ilha Grande (Big Island) is home to many beautiful beaches, making for a great space to spend a few days.

The island has no roads and efforts have been made not to build resorts or big hotels.

So, you’ll find it relatively peaceful and quiet, with golden sand and crystal-clear ocean.

You’ll have to take two boats to get there as it is fairly remote, but the untouched beaches and wildlife that awaits you are more than worth it.

The main beach, Lopes Mendes, is the most popular due to its high waves frequented by surfers.

Lopes Mendes enjoys the reputation of being one of the best beaches in Brazil.

You can arrive here the easy way, by boat to Pouso and a 15-minute walk, or the hard way, a three-hour trek through the hills.

Either way, it remains relatively remote, yet these three kilometres of Brazilian beach will reward you with the country’s best sun, sea, and sand.

It is popular for surfing due to its high waves, although the roughness of the sea is not ideal for swimming.

If you get here early enough, you’re likely to get a corner of this beach all to yourself.



Considered by many to have some of the best surf breaks in all of Brazil, Praia de Cacimba is on the island of Fernando de Noronha.

It is also one of the island’s biggest beaches and is a great place to spend a day or two.

With views of the ocean and the nearby Morros Dois Irmoas Hills (Two Brothers), you can see stunning sunsets here.

Waves can reach up to five metres high, so if you come at certain times of the year, you’ll find the island packed with locals attending festivals and surfing competitions.


beaches of brazil red sand with few people
Praia Ferradura in the city of Buzios is another beach near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Buzios is a legend both locally and across the world as the favourite destination of celebrities.

The area has numerous beaches, the best of which is Geriba Beach, where you can relax into the evening with some fresh local food.

Ferradura Beach has abundant marine life, including turtles, for you to encounter while snorkelling.

You can also go paragliding, surfing, zip-lining or ride a beach buggy here as the Brazilians love adventure sports, and there are endless activities to fill your days.

Order a caipirinha at a beachfront bar to enjoy a spectacular sunset.


brazil beaches blue sky and water at Praia do Forno
Praia do Forno in Buzios is another of the beaches in Brazil near Rio de Janeiro.

Praia de Forno translates as ‘Oven Beach’, which may give you a hint of its nature.

Named after both the intense heat, often reaching 40 degrees, and the red coloured sand, the beach gives off an all-around hot atmosphere – which is even more excuse to jump into the beautiful blue water.

The beach gets fairly busy with beachgoers lounging around under beach umbrellas, but not too crowded to find a spot.

When you’re ready for food or are looking to rent snorkelling gear or kayaks, the next beach over has all of this and more.


Beaches Brazil nude woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat with Brazil's flag
There are over 2000 beaches in Brazil, making it one of the top countries to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

Praia de Pipa is on Brazil’s north-eastern coast and is the perfect place to spend a few days (or a few weeks!).

The main beach is called Praia de Amor due to the heart-shaped pools on the beachfront that form at low tide.

Besides laying in the sun and watching people play volleyball, there are many activities on offer.

For a short excursion, cycle along the shoreline, try your hand at sandboarding or take a boat ride to see the nearby lagoons and dolphins that swim here.

Also, pay a visit to the ecological sanctuary, where as well as dolphins, you can see turtles, monkeys and tropical birds.


Beaches Brazil aerial view of rows of colourful beach umbrellas at Maragogi Beach
Pick an umbrella and relax on Maragogi Beach in Brazil.

If you’ve done your research on the best beaches in the world, Maragogi will probably have come up, being home to Brazil’s largest barrier reef.

The white sand stretches on forever, and the ocean is impossibly blue.

You can spend some time exploring the incredible natural pools, only accessible by boat just offshore, before getting stuck into everything the reef offers, including incredible snorkelling and scuba diving.

You won’t find any infrastructure or amenities here, meaning it is untouched, so bring everything you need.

Maragogi might feel like it’s a world away from the city, but fortunately, it’s an easy journey to get back to the civilisation of Porto de Galinhas.


nude beaches in brazil the fishing village of Jericoacoara with blue sky
Jericoacoara Beach is one of the most beautiful Brazil beaches and definitely worth a visit.

One of Brazil’s remotest and most authentic beaches, Jericoacoara (known as Jeri), is the place to disconnect and enjoy nature.

It takes up to five hours to get there, plus changing to a 4×4 to get over the dunes, so rest assured you’re in for an adventure.

There is not much electricity here, including streetlights which aren’t needed because there aren’t any streets, just sandy footpaths.

It still manages to be a lively place filled with restaurants, bars and live music, but there are no large developments, meaning it retains its original fishing village atmosphere.


rio de janeiro brazil beaches boardwalk on the beach in Florianopolis
Florianopolis in Santa Catarina is one of the main tourist destinations in the south of the country, with some lovely Brazilian beaches to explore.

Whether or not you prefer the hour-long hike to get to this beach, or a relaxing boat trip, Lagoinha do Leste is a spectacular postcard-perfect beach in Brazil.

Located on the island of Florianopolis, this is just one of 42 incredible beaches to choose from in the area, so it’s best to make it an extended trip.

There are few facilities on this beach due to its remoteness, so it is wise to bring snacks, drinks and swimming gear.

Many other beaches on the island have an equally laid back vibe with the added bonus of local beachfront restaurants where you can enjoy some of the world’s freshest seafood.


best beaches brazil couple's feet poking out of the edge of a hammock on the beach
Lying on a hammock with no care in the world is one of the things to do at many of the more remote beaches in Brazil.

This beach is only half a kilometre, yet it still manages to be just as spectacular as the others on this list.

Located near Florianopolis, the beach is on an island you can get to by ferry, but it can be tricky to access the island as it’s home to protected archaeological sites.

Visitors are limited to 1000 people per day and to protect the area, there is no development, so you cannot stay overnight, but it makes for a lovely day trip.

Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy relaxing on the beach and snorkelling. You can also visit the ancient archaeological petroglyphs and walk through the Atlantic rainforest on the island.

Aside from the beach, you must be accompanied by a guide and you’ll need to pay the entrance fee.


Another Brazilian beach famous for its crystal-clear tidal pools, Taipus de Fora, is also well known for being one of the country’s best snorkelling and diving destinations.

Featuring sapphire waters and swaying palm trees set along seven kilometres of untouched sand, it is paradise on earth.

It is not just the water that holds beauty here, as there is a jungle and mangroves to explore as well as waterfalls, which can all be visited via easy trails.

For an authentic experience, camping is the way to go, but in the town of Taipus de Fora, restaurants and accommodation are plentiful.


Praia do Espelho literally translates as ‘Mirror Beach’, so you already know you’re in for a treat.

At the end of an hour-long dirt track, the beach is worth the trip that few people make, meaning it is still beautifully untouched and undeveloped.

Stunning white cliffs frame the beach, and you can easily walk for miles without seeing another soul.

If you’re looking for an adventure and have the means to get here, bring everything you need with you and enjoy this slice of paradise all to yourself.

The best way to see it is to camp overnight so you can see how the beach gets its name from the reflection of the moon on the water at night.


beaches in brazil rio de janeiro curving beach, emerald waer and green cliffs
Escape to paradise: Sancho Bay in Fernando de Noronha may not be one of the most famous beaches in Brazil because of its island location.

If you’ve been thinking so far that there are too many quiet beaches and not enough adventure, this is the beach for you.

Located in a UNESCO Heritage protected marine park, this incredible beach, with its azure waters, is located in a rugged group of islands that will remind you of Jurassic Park.

There’s a considerable amount of wildlife here, both in the water and on land, which you can explore through activities such as snorkelling, diving and trekking.

The best things to see include the wild birds that nest in the clifftops, pods of dolphins that swim offshore and hundreds of turtles that hatch on the beaches.


Beaches in Brazil golden sunset with people walking in the distance
Golden hour at Santos Beach is a magical moment to enjoy.

Santos Beach is known by the locals as Garden Beach due to the 5km-long, perfectly maintained garden that runs behind the beachfront (the longest in the world).

Beyond the garden is the lively main street, filled with cafes, restaurants and bars.

The beach is enormous, with ocean views and views over the nearby city skyline.

As it’s close to Sao Paolo, Brazil’s largest city, it’s a popular weekend getaway so you’ll find authentic Brazilian food and beach culture here.

The gardens make for a lovely place to shelter from the heat of the midday sun after you’ve relaxed on the beach, and nearby you’ll find lots of historical buildings to explore.

The town is famous for its coffee exporting, so grab a cup of the world’s finest and settle in for the day.


pink sand brazil beaches aerial view of young girl having a lot of fun in shallow water
There are so many beaches in Brazil to choose from, you could spend the entire year making footsteps on the sand and still not run out of beaches to visit.

The island of Tinhare is a tropical paradise and popular getaway for both tourists and locals alike, which can be reached by ferry and is strictly no cars allowed.

This gives the area a peaceful feel compared to the hustle and bustle of most Brazilian cities and towns.

With golden sand and soft waves lapping at the shore, you’ll find watersports and activities aplenty, lots of beach loungers and umbrellas to relax under and plenty of shops to rent equipment from.

The island has been developed, so there is no shortage of hotels, restaurants and bars to stay and have fresh cuisine or party the night away.


If you’ve come to Brazil for diving or snorkelling, Praia de Leao is a beach not to be missed.

Named after the offshore rock shaped like a sealion, ‘Lion Beach’ has an abundance of underwater life to be explored, including a sunken fort.

There are a few places to stay but not much in the way of food outlets, so make bring snacks and drinks and set up camp early before exploring the waters.

It is wise to plan your visit as many months of the year, ropes and buoys restrict parts of the ocean, and in some months, swimming is banned altogether to protect the turtles and dolphins that breed here.


best beaches in brazil fishing boats moored near the beach with lush jungle at one end of the shore
The village of Caraiva in the municipality of Porto Seguro is one of the beaches of Brazil that is great to visit for a dose of local village culture.

Caraiva is renowned for being hard to get to, and every journey is different.

What is certain is that you’ll at least need a plane, a 4×4 and perhaps a canoe and a horse.

Once you arrive, you’ll be in a truly remote, deserted corner of the country.

There is no infrastructure (although there are unconfirmed reports that electricity has been connected), so if you’re looking to unplug and have a Brazil beachfront camping experience, this is the place to go.

The beach area has a very slow pace of life, with just a few local guesthouses, some canoes for hire and not much else.

Spend a few days here pretending you never have to return home.

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