21 BEST AND AMAZING MAINE LANDMARKS, maine is a state in the north- eastern part of the USA and is known for nature, wildlife and rich maritime history. The tidal bank of Maine is indeed longer than California, at 3,478 long hauls( 5,597 km). With a plethora of natural prodigies and milestones in Maine to explore, the state attracts callers from around the world.

Known as the ‘Pine Tree State’ because it has the most forest cover of any US state, a lot of the total land covered in forest is unclaimed, making it paradise for those who want to be surrounded by wilderness. The climate varies considerably, with cold and snowy winters to warm summers depending on the season. Outdoor recreation is important to the state’s economy as winter enthusiasts love visiting Maine for snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding.

Despite having a low population count (1.34 million as of the most recent census in 2020), Maine is a wonderful place if you are into nature, outdoorsy activities and keen to explore its maritime culture.




Maine Landmarks Bold Coast Trail
The Bold Coast Trail is a natural landmark in Maine. Photo: Visit Maine

The Cutler Coast Public Reverse Land allows avid hikers to experience the wilderness of Maine’s coast.

Hikers can enjoy up to 10 miles (16 km) of trails with blueberry barrens, woodlands and peatlands overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Also known as the Bold Coast, there are plenty of bird species to look out for if you are a birder at heart.

Hikers may even have the fortune of spotting a breaching whale, depending on the time of year.

The Cutler Coast is at Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land, ME-191, Cutler, ME 04626.


landmarks of maine Thunder Hole
This Maine attraction is the Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park.

This hiking trail within Acadia National Park runs along the path to the eastern side of Mount Desert Island.

Between Sand Beach to Otter Cliff, a hiker could spend all day exploring this area for photo opportunities.

The Thunder Hole is the main attraction of this trail.

Some hikers swear that they can hear a sound like thunder while some distance away from this place.

The Ocean Path in Acadia National Park is at Bar Harbor, ME 04609.


Maine Landmarks Screw Augur Falls
Screw Augur Falls near Newry is a natural Maine landmark to tick off your to-see list.

The Screw Auger Falls trail is near the city of Newry, with the main feature of the hike being the waterfall to see.

It is a 25-foot (7.62 m) plunge over the edge of a granite ledge that transforms into a gorge.

Nature lovers will enjoy this trail for walking, nature excursions and bird watching.

The best time of the year to hike this trail is from April until September.

The Screw Auger Falls is at Screw Auger Falls, North Oxford, ME 04261.


landmarks in maine
Bubble Rock is an incredible natural landmark in Maine. Photo: Visit Maine

Bubble Rock is arguably the best-known boulder in the entire state of Maine.

This rock is precariously perched on the eastern edge of the summit of South Bubble.

Geologists confirmed that it is a glacial erratic, a huge rock that was moved by ancient glaciers.

This popular hiking trail is within Acadia National Park and it’s really popular, so get there early.

The Bubble Rock is at Park Loop Rd, Mt Desert, ME 04660.


Reversing Falls Preserve provides visitors with a fantastic display of the power of the ocean tide.

Reputed to be the largest set of tidal falls in Maine, the tide drops or rises an average of 20 feet (6 m) every 6.4 hours creating high swells and the falls.

On the outgoing tide, this process occurs in the reverse direction, with the name’s significance quickly being realised.

Nestled between Denny’s Bay and Cobscook Bay, hikers can watch seals and bald eagles that make their home nearby.

The Reversing Falls is at Reversing Falls Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666.

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famous maine landmarks
Bar Island View is a beautiful Maine landmark to see.

One of the more unique trails in Maine, this stretch of gravel bar connects the town of Bar Harbor and Bar Island.

However, there is a catch to walking this path that hikers must be aware of.

Depending on the tide level, the ocean can completely cover the gravel bar if you do not conduct research ahead of time.

When this path appears, the bar provides opportunities to investigate small tide pools in the area.

The Bar Island Trail is at Bar Harbor, ME.


Maine Landmarks Gulf Hagas
Gulf Hagas is another stunning natural landmark in Maine. Photo: Visit Maine

Part of the Appalachian Trail corridor, the Gulf Hagas area is federally owned and managed under the National Park Service (NPS).

It is a primitive but beautiful area, so hikers should be warned that help is many hours and miles away.

If you attempt this journey, visit one of the few remaining stands of virgin old-growth forest in New England and stop by the Hermitage.

Giant eastern white pines grow in this area, reaching 150 feet (46 m).

The Gulf Hagas is at Ki Rd, Brownville, ME 04414.


Megunticook Lake stretches across several parts of Maine, including Camden, Hope, and Lincolnville.

The towering cliffs of Mount Megunticook are a picturesque landmark in Maine for hikers to admire.

The lake is available for a variety of activities, including fishing and other recreational activities.

Barret’s Cove is a hidden gem on the lake.

The Megunticook Lake is at 104 Beaucaire Ave, Camden, ME 04843.



The Kennebec Arsenal is one of only 43 National Historic Landmarks in Maine.

It is one of the best surviving examples of 19th-century munitions depots in the US.

Built between 1828 to 1831, the Kennebec Arsenal is in Augusta, sitting on the east bank of the Kennebec River.

It has eight Greek and Gothic Revival granite buildings along with other unique parts of the structure.

The Kennebec Arsenal is at Arsenal St, Augusta, ME 04330.


Hodgdon Brothers Shipyard built the Schooner Bowdoin during the winter of 1920 to 1921.

The mission of the vessel was to travel the treacherous Arctic waters during specific times of the year.

The Bowdoin enjoyed a long history of Arctic expeditions, with its last voyage in 1954 with its captain Donald MacMillan.

Today, it serves as a charter ship for training runs to Labrador and Greenland out of the Maine Maritime Museum in Castine, Maine.

The Schooner Bowdoin is at 9 Campus Rd S, Brunswick, ME 0401.

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Winslow Homer Studio was the coastal home of famous American painter Winslow Homer (1883 to 1910) in Prouts Neck.

This studio puts you in touch with Maine’s artistic heritage.

Winslow Homer is regarded as one of the greatest American artists of the 19th century and had ties to the Portland Museum of Art.

The Winslow Homer Studio is at 5 Winslow Homer Rd, Scarborough, ME 04074.


Maine historical landmarks Victorian Mansion
The staircase in the Victorian Mansion. Photo: Visit Maine

Victoria Mansion is one of the finest examples of the Italian Villa style in the United States.

The New Haven architect Henry Austin designed the Victoria Mansion and built it between 1858 to 1860.

Victoria Mansion is a model of elegance that has been open to the public since 1941. A tour will teach you about its rich history.

The Victoria Mansion is at 109 Danforth St, Portland, ME 04101.


The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is the only remaining active Shaker community believing in communal ownership of property and gender quality.

Shakers built the site in 1794 as it is regarded as their “Chosen Land”.

18 well-maintained buildings stand tall and proud, reflecting the Shakerism faith.

You can visit the museum, library, exhibits, and guided tours to learn more about the Shaker religion, which revolves around the values of pacifism, communal living and equality of the sexes.

The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is at New Gloucester, ME 04260.


Fort Kent Historic Site is a Maine State Park located at the Fish and Saint John Rivers Junction.

This historic landmark in Maine was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973 due to it being the only surviving fortification still standing from the Aroostook War.

The fort was where the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842 was negotiated.

For tours, you can visit the original log blockhouse, which is open during the summer.

The Fort Kent State Historic Site is at Fort Kent, ME 04743.


historical landmarks in maine Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe.

Harriet Beecher Stowe House was the rented home where famous American author Harriet Beecher Stowe and her family lived from 1850 to 1852.

She wrote novels such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin and sheltered the escaped fugitive slave John Andrew Jackson from South Carolina.

The site is now a National Historic Landmark and a National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom site.

The Harriet Beecher Stowe House is at Brunswick, ME 04011.

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Wadsworth-Longfellow House was first opened to the public in June 2002 by the Maine Historical Society with tours.

In 1962, the house was made a National Historic Landmark due to its historical and literary importance.

This historic Maine landmark is the oldest standing structure on the Portland peninsula.

In addition, the famous American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born and raised there with the house reflecting his family’s ties to the American Revolution.

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House is at 489 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101.


Olson House is a 14-room Colonial-style farmhouse located in Cushing, Maine.

One of the best-known US artists of the mid 20th century, Andrew Wyeth, made the house famous through his paintings, such as Christina’s World.

Wyeth was a realist painter, and is favourite subjects were the land and people around him.

As a National Historic Landmark, the Farnsworth Art Museum owns the house, making it available to visit.

The Olson House is at 384 Hathorne Point Rd, Cushing, ME 04563.


The Cushnoc Archaeological Site is in Augusta, Maine and was a 17th-century trading post operated by English colonists.

Built by them in 1628, this site provides a glimpse into the early period of colonial settlement in New England.

It was excavated between 1984 and 1987, where artifacts relating to the mid-17th century, such as glass beads, were discovered.

However, all that remains at the site is a plaque commemorating the discovery today.

The Cushnoc Archaeological Site is at Augusta, ME 04330.


maine cultural landmarks Penobscot Narrows Bridge
Penobscot Narrows Bridge is an engineering landmark of Maine.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge is a 2,120 feet (646 m) long cable-stayed bridge connecting Verona Island to Prospect.

You will be amazed by the spectacular 360-degree view of the Penobscot River and Bay.

The award-winning design of the bridge is an engineering marvel and the distinctive Maine countryside and western mountains provide a scenic backdrop.

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge is at US-1, Stockton Springs, ME 04981.


portland, maine landmarks Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light is another historic landmark in Maine.

Sitting in Cable Elizabeth, George Washington began the construction of the Portland Head Light in 1787.

Completed in 1971, this historic lighthouse is reputed to be the oldest lighthouse in all of Maine.

It’s automated, and the US Coast Guard maintains the tower, beacon, and other parts.

This location was also featured in several seasons of the series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

The Portland Head Light is at 12 Captain Strout Cir, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107.


Maine famous landmarks Nubble Lighthouse
The Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick is a Maine landmark to visit.

The Nubble Lighthouse is a famous American icon and a classic example of a lighthouse.

As a fun fact, NASA’s Voyager spacecraft carries photos, including one of Nubble Lighthouse, to present to extra-terrestrials.

The Nubble Lighthouse stands on Nubble Island off Cape Neddick Point at 41 feet (12.5 m) tall.

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