Russia, the world’s largest country, stretches across Europe and Northern Asia and spans 11 time zones. As similar, its natural geography is vast and filled with a range of surroundings from comeuppance to arctic downs.

Russia is also home to numerous spectacular man- made milestones similar as assessing castles and palaces. Then are 20 milestones in Russia that should be at the top of your list if you’re planning on visiting this inconceivable country.




russia landmarks kremlin
The Kremlin is Moscow is one of the top landmarks in Russia.

The existing features of the Moscow Kremlin were built between 1485 and 1495 by skilled Italian architects.

Traditionally, the Kremlin was the home of the tsar, until Peter the Great assigned St Petersburg, named after himself, as his seat.

The Kremlin has a turbulent past; in 1917 the Bolshevik Uprising stripped Moscow of its capital status, and during the Soviet period, 28 of the original 54 buildings were destroyed.

Today, the Kremlin opens its doors to the public, with museums housing important objects and artworks opening in 1961.

The Kremlin features many important historical monuments and artefacts, including the Tsar cannon and Tsar bell, both of which are the largest in the world.

The Kremlin is currently the residence of the Russian president.

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landmarks in russia Red Square at night
Red Square is one of the most famous landmarks in Russia and a place everyone needs to go to in Moscow.

The most famous place in Moscow is Red Square, which forms an important base for Moscow’s history.

Red Square connects St Basils Cathedral and the Kremlin and is named after the brightly coloured bricks that pave the square.

Construction on the square finished in the late 19th century.

The square itself has had many purposes, inclining a marketplace and a Soviet parade ground.

As the square links two of Moscow’s most important landmarks, a stroll through the bustling square to absorb the breathtaking architecture is a must.


landmarks in russia st basils
St Basil’s Cathedral is a phantasmagorical Russian landmark.

St Basils Cathedral lies to the south of Red Square.

The cathedral, built in 1555 under the orders of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, was designed to symbolise the Heavenly City.

Its walls are bold and colourful and feature many precious stones.

The cathedral is actually nine churches in one, and each section is connected internally by galleries and passages.

The cathedral does come with a grizzly legend.

Ivan the Terrible did not want his cathedral to be replicated anywhere else, and so blinded the architects so they could not recreate this place of worship.

The cathedral has been threatened by many forces.

In 1812 French troops retreating from Moscow had plotted to blow up the cathedral, and in the 1920s the Soviets decided to pull it down.

Luckily the cathedral was saved and is now a world heritage site.


Visiting the monastery of St Nilus Stolobensky on a summers day provides tourists with spectacular views over its cream facade and silver-blue domes.

The monastery is located on a small island in Lake Seliger. Founded by a group of monks between 1591 to 94, the monastery is a collection of many smaller churches and living areas.

Much of the monastery has been rebuilt and restored over the years following damage during the Soviet period.

Visit the Bishop’s Chambers for neoclassical and Gothic Revival architecture.


landmarks of russia hermitage
The Hermitage Museum is in the Winter Palace, which is an amazing historic Russian landmark.

The Winter Palace is St Petersburg’s most famous building and one of the most impressive Russian palaces to visit.

The palace itself is unmissable, with its vivid green colouring adorned with gilded carvings.

The Winter Palace was completed in 1735, but would be expanded in the years that followed before reaching the size it is today.

The palace houses a museum filled with treasures and priceless art collections named the Hermitage Museum.

The Winter Palace has not served as a residency for the Tsars since 1881, however today it is still used as a place to hold official ceremonies.

The building was heavily damaged during the Siege of Leningrad, however, this tragedy did start the process of returning the original splendour of the palace’s many rooms.

The State Rooms, in particular, are now a favourite among visitors.



historic russian landmarks kizhi
Kizhi Island is one of Russia’s historic landmarks.

Located in Lake Onega, Kizhi Island is a sight to behold.

On the island are two 18th Century wooden churches and an octagonal clock tower.

The current churches are built on the site of two former 16th Century churches that perished in a fire when lightning struck them.

The churches themselves reflect harmony through the shapes used and showcase complex and artistic Russian carpentry.


famous russian landmark catherine palace
Catherine’s Palace is a famous landmark in Russia.

An impressive blue, cream and gold building named after Catherine the First, wife of Peter the Great, Catherine Palace was designed as a rival to the palace of Versailles.

The palace in St Petersburg was completed in 1756 and took over 100kg of cold to decorate the exteriors of the palace, much to Catherine’s dismay.

The palace houses many impressive rooms, including The Great Hall, often referred to as the Hall of Light.

The room occupies the full width of the palace, and large arched windows offer scenic views of either side of the palace, as well as illuminating the treasures within.

The palace is now open to visitors to gaze in awe at the sheer lavishness of the palace. Tours are also available and offer access to the parklands in which the palace sits.


landmarks russia
Moscow’s railway stations are amazing landmarks in Russia.

Many see metro stations as merely a stopping point before their train to and from work arrives.

In Moscow however, the Mayakovskaya Metro Station is a thing of beauty.

This station is often regarded as the most beautiful in the world.

An art deco masterpiece, this station was opened in 1938 and was designed by Alexey Dushkin.

Unlike many stations of the time, Dushkin opted to use a lighter metal; favouring aircraft steel over traditional girders, giving the hall a larger more open feel.

Around the metro station, there are many mosaics, adding to the reputation that Moscow’s metro lines have of a museum underground (Dinamo station features Greek friezes and reliefs).


historical russian landmark bolshoi
Another fantastic Russian landmark is the Bolshoi Theatre.

The Bolshoi Theatre is a historic theatre in Moscow, famed for its performances of ballet and operas.

The theatre was initially given permission to be built by Empress Catherine the Second in 1776.

Over time, and after two fires that destroyed much of the original building, the theatre was refurbished and officially opened as the Bolshoi Theatre to coincide with the coronation of Tsar Alexander the Second.

Like many historical buildings in Russia, the theatre was in danger of being demolished.

Today, the theatre has been restored to its former glory after being left in a state of disrepair following bombings during World War Two, and a lack of funding.

Performances at the theatre are world-renowned for their beauty and passion and entice audiences with classical ballet performances and modern adaptations of classical literature.


moscow russia landmarks Izmailovo Kremlin
Izmailovo Kremlin is one of the lesser-known Russia landmarks and well worth a visit.

Izmailovo Kremlin might be less well known than the Kremlin in Red Square, however, Moscow’s second Kremlin is just as awe-inspiring.

This fairytale-like structure features whitewashed walls and boldly patterned and decorated rooftops.

Unlike other Kremlins in Russia, built as fortresses, the Izmailovo Kremlin was built as a cultural centre.

Building began in 2007 and the design is loosely modelled after traditional Russian architecture.

You can find hints of this in its bold rooftops, which are similar to those adorning St Basil’s Cathedral.

Within the Kremlin are small museums, each dedicated to a different subject.

Inside, you will find museums for folk art, bread, vodka and several stalls selling traditional Russian crafts.

Izmailovo Kremlin is at 24 3-ya Parkovaya ul. Moscow, 105187.


famous landmarks in russia Peterhof
Petrodvorets Peterhof is one of the most iconic landmarks in Russia.

Peterhof is a series of palaces and ornately designed gardens in Saint Petersburg.

Peter the Great commissioned the palace as a rival to the Palace of Versailles.

Domenico Trezzini began work on the palace in 1714, creating much of the Petrine Baroque features still seen today.

Aside from the grand architecture, the biggest lure of Peterhof Palace is its gardens.

The gardens are positioned both inside the palace walls and the surrounding areas.

They were inspired by 17th-century French creations, particularly the pleasure gardens found at Versaille.


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