Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities


Tourism in Greece and the top 10 tourist cities and islands worth your visit

Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities; Greece is one of the most wonderful tourist countries in the world, where it never fails to provide only unforgettable moments.


Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and the reason for this is that it is a perfect blend of wonderful landscapes, ancient history, rich traditions and many other elements of tourism. If you are still thinking and looking for your tourist destination for this year, then there is no need to think too much and we suggest you travel and tourism in Greece. Here in this article is your guide to travel and tourism in Greece, and its most important tourist attractions worth visiting in Greece.

Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities

Greece is a country famous for its clean beaches and long history. It has hundreds of archaeological and historical sites, which depict the importance of ancient Greek history. Greece also has mountainous landscapes, picturesque terrain, and valleys scattered along the Greek mainland.
Greece is also surrounded by water, particularly the Aegean and Ionian seas. Greece consists of more than 1,400 islands, but only 169 of them are inhabited.

These wonderful Greek islands have one of the most prominent nature components, which made them one of the most important and popular Greek tourist destinations. The islands of Greece attract tourists, especially in the summer. Whether the island is large or small, green or barren, it is ideal for holidays or relaxation. The most important feature of these Greek islands is that they include all the requirements and facilities to guarantee you an unforgettable vacation as well as a safe one.

Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities and The best time to travel to Greece

If you intend to visit Greece, the best time to visit Greece is during the spring, i.e. from April to early June. You can also visit in the fall, between September and October.

The reason for this is; During the spring and autumn, the weather is mild, as well as to avoid crowds and crowds in peak seasons. This will allow you to reduce the travel budget, since it is not in the high season either summer or winter.

Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities

The city of Athens is the most famous tourist city in Greece, but besides Athens there is a wonderful group of other most beautiful Greek cities that you can visit during your vacation. This is where Greece has a unique set of cities, some of which are located between rocky hills and others overlooking the beaches that surround Greece. This is in addition to a large number of islands available to explore. Here are 10 of the most beautiful tourism cities in Greece, which we advise you to include in your next tourism program in Greece:

tourism in athens


Athens contributes a lot to tourism in Greece, as it includes a long list of archaeological and ancient sites. Tourism in Athens is very active throughout the year, although the best time to visit it is between “April to October”. This is because the weather is great and favorable during those months, and away from the crowds of tourists. This makes visits to archaeological sites, museums and venues much easier, and rooms are cheaper to book.

This city is one of the most visited cities in Greece and popular among tourists. The reason for this is that it enjoys a perfect Mediterranean climate, with the legendary Greek sunlight. A unique blend of glorious history with modern and urban innovation. And the coexistence of a wonderful culture with amazing natural beauty, accommodation in high-class hotels, modern means of transportation such as the modern developed metro, a vibrant rhythm of life, a wide choice of shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities and of course the warmth of the Athenian people. All this made the city of Athens an ideal tourist destination throughout the year.

The most important tourist attractions of Athens

Acropolis temple.
New Acropolis Museum.
The National Archeology Museum.
Neighborhoods of Plaka and Anafiotika.
ancient agora.
Hadrian’s Library.
Cycladic Art Museum.
Temple of Olympian Zeus.
Panathinaiko Stadium.
Byzantine Christian Museum.
Monastiraki flea market.
Church of Panagia Kapnicaria.
Syntagma Square.
Church of the Holy Apostles.
National parks and Zappeion.
Saint Demetrius Church.

Tourism in Santorini


Tourism in Greece is not complete without a visit to Santorini, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and is a unique summer experience. The volcanic island of Santorini offers a pristine landscape, an island that was formed as a result of volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Today, Santorini is a unique attraction, with its amazing rock formations, and traditional whitewashed settlements built on the edge of the caldera. Which attracts thousands of tourists and Greeks annually during the summer.

Santorini is a Greek island, belonging to the Cyclades island group, strategically located in the Aegean Sea. Also referred to as Thera, it is the place where one of the largest volcanic eruptions in world history occurred. Today, the caldera is what remains of the volcano, which is still active, by the way! And that volcanic nature and caldera with sunset, made Santorini a romantic destination that attracts thousands of tourists every summer to this beautiful Greek island.

The most important tourist places in Santorini
Fira city.
Oia village.
Santorini Caldera.
The archaeological site of Akrotiri.
red beach.
ancient Thera.
Archeology Museum, Fira.
Museum of Prehistoric Thera.
Pyrgos city.
Perissa beach.
Al-Amoudi Bay.

Tourism in Nafplio


Located on the Saronic Gulf, Nafplio has been dubbed as the most romantic destination in Greece. Nafplio is located two hours from the Greek capital of Athens. You can reach Nafplio by car or even by bus. The trip passes through the northern Peloponnese, allowing you to enjoy beautiful scenery throughout the trip.

The ancient city of Nafplio has narrow alleys, tall houses and beautiful squares, buildings with exquisite geometric architecture, as well as ancient castles. A visit to Palamede Castle is also a must do in Nafplio. Nafplio is also home to an important archaeological museum, located in the magnificent Venetian building on Syntagma Square. The gallery includes some of the oldest remains of the Paleolithic period, as well as statues, jewelry, clothing, carvings, and rare Neolithic artworks.

The most important tourist places in Nafplio
beach promenade.
Akronafplia Fortress.
Syntagma Square.
Palamede Castle.
Archaeological Museum.
Ottoman Turkish Fountain.
Church of Agios Spyridon.
The Porta dela terraferma.
Ancient Tyrins.
Bortzy Castle.

Tourism in Corfu


Tourism in Corfu is very developed and ideal for all types of vacationers, as it is a suitable tourist destination for families and children, as well as a romantic destination for couples. Corfu is a green island rich in picturesque scenery, with endless coves and beaches, green hills and forests. Tourists prefer Corfu to spend their summer holidays and enjoy all the avenues of relaxation. Corfu is also the birthplace of many famous personalities in the arts and literature as well as politics.

Located in the far north of the Ionian Islands, beautiful Corfu has a mild climate, lush vegetation, some stunning beaches, underwater caves and tunnels. Therefore, Corfu has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Greece, and tourism is the main source of income for it. Corfu Airport is located five kilometers south of Corfu Town.

The most beautiful tourist places in Corfu
The Achilleion Palace.
Kassiopi village.
Paleokastritsa Beach.
Canal d’Amour beach.
Cave Beach “La Grotta Beach”.
Mount Pantokrator.
golf club.

Tourism in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki also known as “Salonika” is a mixture of cosmopolitan culture and the vibrancy of big cities with a friendly atmosphere and small town charm. Thessaloniki is a wonderful tourist destination that we advise you to try during your holiday in Greece. Away from the crowds and crowds of Athens. It also features a local cuisine that serves the most delicious and delicious Greek dishes, which we recommend you to try.

This delightful city has an impressive multi-ethnic heritage and is also influenced by the different civilizations that have made their mark, including the Romans, Venetians and Ottoman Turks. I enjoy a group of ancient ruins, and the Byzantine churches. It also has a world-class Archeology Museum, one of the best in Greece. Thessaloniki is also famous for its music, as it has live bands performances, at various venues throughout the city, all year round.

The most important tourist places in Thessaloniki
St. George’s Church.
The white tower “remnants of the Byzantine period walls”.
Saint Demetrius Church.
Arch of Galerius.
Archaeological Museum.
The upper city.
Byzantine walls “Ancient ramparts”.
Church of the Holy Apostles.
Saint Sophia Church.
Macedonian Museum.
The historical monument “Villa Allatini”.
The Archeological Museum of Polygyros.
Mount Olympus.
Thessaloniki store.
Church of Agios Demetrius.

Tourism in Zakynthos


Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, easily accessible. Located only 16 kilometers from the west coast of Peloponnese in the Ionian Sea, it has an astonishing and diverse geography. That’s where steep cliffs descend into rocky shores, with white pebble beaches and clear turquoise seas, crystal clear on the northwest coast. While in the south you will find beaches with golden sand, and fewer rock formations. The central hinterland of the island is also overflowing with forests and olive groves.

This picturesque combination of beautiful scenery and stunning beaches made tourism in Zakynthos a distinctive tourist destination in Greece. You can explore the underwater world, as it is full of hidden caves and colorful fish, which are ideal for snorkeling and diving.

The best tourist attractions in Zakynthos
Shipwreck Beach “Navaggio Beach”.
The city of Zakynthos “Zante City”.
Byzantine Museum.
Roma Mansion.
blue caves;
Keri Caves.
The port of “Limnionas”.
Zakynthos Marine National Park in Laganas Bay.
Askos Stone Park.

Tourism in Patras


The city of Patras is the third largest city in Greece, famous for its port, which connects the country with Italy. But there are many elements of tourism in Patras beside its port. It is the largest city in the Peloponnese, is home to a unique castle, and thanks to its important university of 20,000 students, Patras has a very dynamic and lively nightlife.

Patras has various tourist attractions, and the city can be divided into two parts, each of which is a large neighborhood. The new city is located near the shopping centers, the old city is located next to the castle. Greece is located on the European continent and Patras is located in the center of Greece. Where Patras is located in the northern part of the peninsula called the Peloponnese, about 215 km west of Athens. Its area is about 738 km, with a population of 260,000 people.

The most important tourist places in Patras
Medieval Castle.
Rion-Antirion Bridge.
St. Andrew’s Cathedral Church.
Archaeological Museum.
Patras Castle.
Roman Odeon Square.
Patras lighthouse.
Patras South Park.
St Nicholas’ Staircase.
Rio Castle.
Achaia Clauss Museum.
Apollo Municipal Theatre.

Tourism in Rhodes


Rhodes is a wonderful island of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Greece. Rhodes is famous for its medieval cultural treasures. Tourism in Rhodes is highly developed, especially on the northern side of the island. Which attracts thousands of visitors every summer, as well as the architectural wonders that line its streets. The shores of the island form endless beaches, with golden sands and crystal waters. It is an ideal tourist destination for all categories of vacationers, whether families, children or couples, due to it being a picturesque and romantic place.

Over the centuries, the island of Rhodes was held by the Greeks, the Knights of Saint John, the Ottoman Turks, the Italians, and then again by the Greeks. As a result, its architecture is an astonishing blend of classical, Ottoman and Italianate. Dating back to 408 BC, Rhodes Town is located on the northern tip of the island of Rhodes in the Dodecanese, a wonderful contrast between ancient and modern. The impressive UNESCO-listed medieval Old Town lies within the modern city limits, but is still quite separate, thanks to a double set of towering walls, topped by domes and minarets. Inside is a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets and squares, which allow you to enjoy a wander.

The best tourist places in Rhodes
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.
Town Walls
Archaeological Museum “The Knights Hospital”.
Knights Street.
Suleiman Mosque.
Roloi Clock Tower.
Elli Beach.
Mandraki Harbor and Commercial Harbor.
The new village.

Tourism in Skyros


Skiros is a quiet island, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, located near the island of Evia. It is an island decorated with lush green hills and secluded beaches, which makes the island of Skiros an ideal tourism destination in Greece, especially for visitors looking for unique holidays. The island includes many amenities that tourists need, and enjoys endless beaches, with clean waters, wonderful settlements with typical traditional Greek houses, and impressive folklore.

Castles, picturesque churches, and ancient sites are scattered around the island. Its north is rich in rich forests, small sparkling bays, farmlands, and expanses of pine. While the south is characterized by barren hills, and a rocky beach. It is possible to see a rare breed of small-bodied horses that are endangered in the wild, if you are lucky. Tourism on the island is ideal for families with children, and romantic couples’ holidays.

The best places to visit in Skyros
Byzantine castle.
The Monastery of Agios Georgios.
Church of Agios Nikolaos.
Faltaits Folklore Museum.
Robert Brooke Cemetery.
Church of Agios Panteleimon.
Archaeological Museum.
Gyrismata beach.
Pouria beach
Skyros Pony “Skyrian Horses”.
Mouries Farm.

Tourism in Mykonos


Mykonos is one of the most famous islands in Europe, always at the top of the list when it comes to the best tourist destinations in Greece. Mykonos attracts visitors from all over the world, as it offers a typical Cycladic beauty. Tourism in Mykonos is very well developed. Tourism in Mykonos peaks from May to October, when the weather is hot enough to enjoy the Greek sea.

Mykonos is one of the most popular summer destinations in the world, and once you’ve gone once, you’ll want to come back again and again. It has many picturesque beaches around the island, with crystal clear turquoise waters, some with cafes and restaurants, others almost deserted. It also has a number of beautifully designed hotels, so there are many great places to stay.

The best tourist places in Mykonos
The little gun.
The old port of Mykonos.
Delos Island.
Archaeological Museum of Delos.
The Pelican Village “Peter the Pelican”.
Archaeological Museum.
The Catholic Church.
Gyzi Castle.
Chora Castle.
Folklore Museum.
Armenist lighthouse.
Municipal Library.

Tourism in Greece and the top tourist cities

The impact of tourism on the Greek economy
The tourism sector in Greece is the most important sector among other sectors. Where it had and still has the largest role in the development and growth of the economy, and is one of the most important pillars of the country’s economic growth, and despite the fact that the tourism and travel sector has been subjected to noticeable fluctuations in recent years, the rate of increase in its contribution to the Greek local economy has been increasing, specifically during the period extending from 1999 AD to 2018 AD; The year in which the tourism sector contributed to 20.6% of GDP.

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