Tourism in the Russian countryside


Tourism in the Russian countryside

The most beautiful towns in The Russian countryside

Tourism in the Russian countryside, Would you like to take a tourist trip in Russian countryside and meet the friendly locals? Take a one – day tour of the Russian countryside outside Moscow and other cities to escape a crowded city, discover quiet rural life, beautiful monasteries or small towns. In this article, we will learn about tourist places in rural Russia.

Climate in rural Russia:
The Russian countryside has a mild summer climate and a cold winter climate.
Tourist places in The Russian countryside:

Sergeev Posad:
Located northeast of Moscow, Sergeyev Posad includes the magnificent monastery of Saint Sergeyus, the most sacred place in the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as a number of churches, including the Ascension Church, and the Caesarean tombs of the Godunov family.
Svyazk is located on the lake of the Volga River, and enjoys many landscapes and historical monuments, such as the Kuybyshev Water Reserve, which lies at the highest point on the edge of a majestic cliff, and the monastery, which is currently restored and inhabited by monks.
The city of Uglich has original Russian architecture especially in the domes of the churches of St. Demetrio and St. Teodoro.
The city of Schleselburg near St. Petersburg is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset beside Lake Ladoga, and includes the Oriszk Castle, which has its impressive granite gates.
perslavel-Zalsky is one of the small Russian villages near Moscow and St. Petersburg that enjoy the charm of tourism in rural Russia; It randomly combines luxury buildings with the neighborhoods of fishermen who go out fishing in their boats on Lake Bolishkuyevo. The village has a cathedral, a Goritsky monastery and a Troitse Danilov monastery.
The city of Kirilov is a Soviet-era tourist landmark in rural Russia, featuring the large monastery of Kirilo Belozersky, founded in 1397, as well as 12 magnificent ascetic churches and cathedral.
The city of Ustashkov is one of the highest tourism cities in rural Russia and was planned according to the modern classical layout of architect Ivan Starov in the 18th century. The city contains a whole range of churches ranging from Zhetny Klosty in the mid-18th century, the beautiful Ascension Church built in 1689, and the famous 16th-century Nilov Monastery, one of the largest former monasteries in Russia.
The village of Vorzogori in the Arkhangelsk region:
The village of Vorzogorie is located on the shore of the White Sea. The village is known for its shipbuilding and has built ships for the monks of Solovetsky Monastery. The village includes the wooden church built in 1850, the church of Saint Nicholas in 1636, the church of Vvedinskaya in 1793, and the bell tower in the 18th century.
The Altai Mountains of Siberia stretch from Russia to China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Traditionally inhabited by different ethnic groups involved in horse breeding and forestry, it is also a very popular tourist destination for both locals and tourists and is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Altai have frozen rivers and snow-covered mountains that attract many amateurs and mountaineers.Denisova Cave in Siberia is particularly important because of bone fragments, artefacts, and prehistoric horse fossils that existed here, some of which date back to 50,000 years.
Yaroslavl – Vyatskoye area:
Viatskoy is an interesting old commercial village located in the Yaroslavl region, with perfectly preserved buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, and numerous museums, hotels, restaurants and concert hall. Museums in the village often contain rare exhibits such as egg boilers and toasters that were used during the Russian Empire.
The city of Kolomna is located 100 kilometers north of Moscow, a charming ancient city with scenic churches, historic 19th-century houses and its own Kremlin building.
Tourism activities in The Russian countryside:
-walking and hiking for long distances in the surrounding Bissternsky National Park, with horse riding and snowboarding trails in the rural village of Aso.
-The Trans-Siberian Railway is a wonderful way of exploring Russia’s magnificent rural villages, architectural artifacts and scenic landscapes.
-River treks in the Volga, characterized by the main panoramic attractions of Moscow and scenic rural towns. Travelers will be able to enjoy classical churches and medieval castles.
-Indulging in the Russian countryside by visiting memorials and battlefields.
-A guided tour of the monuments and monasteries in Zvenjorod.
Best Russian country hotels:
Ring Primer Hotel:
The Ring Primer Hotel, located in the cultural and commercial centre of the city of Yaroslavl, has a restaurant that offers luxury Russian, European and Eastern dishes, facilities for people with special needs, a fitness centre and no-smoking rooms. All rooms contain a flat screen television with satellite channels, a Mini Bar, an electric kettle, and a private bathroom with free showers.
Por Navolok Hotel:
The Por Navolok Hotel, located in downtown Arkhangelsk, has a number of amenities to ensure that guests get comfortable accommodation, including a spa, health center, steam room and massage services, and a restaurant that offers European and Russian food. Other facilities at the hotel include a free Wi-Fi service, a fitness centre, a business centre and meeting or party facilities.
Best Russian country restaurants:
Okino’s restaurant offers a range of delicious eateries and has a room for celebrations and weddings.
Baratov’s restaurant offers the most delicious European and Middle Eastern food.
We hope that tourism in The Russian countryside has awakened your desire to learn more about Russia and its treasures outside the country’s major cities. Don’t forget that Russia is certainly more than the magnificent city of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the most beautiful of which are the tourist areas of The Russian countryside.

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