The most important touristic places in Turkey


The most important touristic places in Turkey

The most beautiful touristic places in Turkey, don’t miss it!

Turkey is well known for being one of the most popular destinations in the world; Tourists arrive to view the landscape, monuments, and history of the State, and the tourist sector is one of the most visible sectors on which the Turkish economy depends; In the second quarter of 2017, the return from the tourism sector was $5,413,480,000, while the per-person expenditure was $611 and the number of visitors was $8,863,391 in the same period. here are the most important touristic places in Turkey.

Turkey’s tourist cities:

is the heart of the Turkish Republic and its economic, tourist, and cultural center. Although it is not the capital, it has a privileged place among Turkish cities. Istanbul has an ancient history spanning thousands of years. Constantinople, Byzanta, Astana and Islambol, and Istanbul is the largest Turkish city; With an area of 5,461 km ², it has a population of 14,804,116 or 18.5% of Turkey’s total population. Istanbul is located in the northwest of Turkey, and belongs to the region of Marmara, overlooking the Black Sea to the north, and the Sea of Marmara to the south. Istanbul has many historical and religious monuments that have made it the most prominent tourist destination among Turkish cities. The port of Aminunu Wini Kabi, and the religious sites, Istanbul is famous for its Ottoman-style space, such as Al – Sulaymaniyah, Abi Ayub Al – Ansari, Sultan Ahmed Al – Fateh, as well as Istanbul, is one of the most famous churches to become a masjid and then a museum, as is the Panorama Museum in Turkey 1453 which tells the story of the opening of the city with 3D technology.
Bodrum city:
is a small coastal city in southwestern Turkey, 900 km from Istanbul, bordering the Mediterranean coast. Bodrum has a beautiful coastal harbor and is well known for its warm beaches; It’s meant for tourists to swim on their shores and enjoy their landscapes. Bodrum features white buildings carved in green mountains, and one of the famous names of the city is the “Pearl of Turkey.” Bodrum has a long history. It is the birthplace of the Greek historian Herodot, where St. Peter’s Castle is located. It also includes the Palace of San Pierre, where a large Roman theatre is located.
Trabzon City:
Located northeast of Turkey to the east of the Black Sea, it is 1069 km from Istanbul, and is the second-largest city in the Black Sea region, with a population of 300,000. The city of Trabzon is characterized by its scenic nature, its high green mountains, and its vast forests, along with its lakes, waterfalls, and rivers. The most prominent natural features of Trabzon are the Castle River, the Serra River, along with 10 other rivers, Lake Osengol along with three other lakes, and other features include the Aya Sofia Museum and the Church of Constantine, The Conqueror’s masjid, and other places.

Antalya City:
It is located in southern Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean coast. Because of its location between the Taurus Mountains and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the city has scenic nature, combining the beauty of nature and the beauty of the coasts. Antalya has many tourist spots worth visiting, most notably Olympus, Kamar, Alania with 100 km of beaches, Rivals with a scenic river and lake, and Kikova with clear water. Antalya also has other features, such as Atatürk Park, Amusement Park, Antalya Museum, and Water Museum.
Izmir City:
It is located in the far west of Turkey, overlooking the Aegean Sea, and is 9 hours by road and 1 hour by air from Istanbul. Izmir is characterized by an international trade fair that remains throughout the year, making it an important commercial center. The city also has 9 universities. Other tourist features are the remains of the Greek-era city of Ajura, the Museum of Izmir, which displays the civilizations that passed through the city, the Qazeb castle built by Iskandar, the Ottoman-style masjid of Hastor located on the coast, and the ancient city of afs.
It is located in northwestern Turkey, in the southern region of Marmara, in the central cities of Istanbul and Ankara, and on the coasts of the Sea of Marmara. The Stock Exchange is the fourth largest Turkish city in terms of population; It has a population of 1.7 million. A stock exchange is an important industrial center in Turkey; The automobile industry thrives, and the stock exchange is an important tourist hub because of its scenic nature and features. One of the most prominent tourist features on the stock exchange is the high-altitude Mount Uludag, which is known for its snowmobiling, which is known for its snowmobiling, and many historical Ottoman and Greek monuments are common in the city.
Marmaris city:
is a peninsula in southwestern Turkey, in the state of Moglia in the Turkish Rivera, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, about 785 km from Istanbul. Known for its quiet relaxed atmosphere, Marmaris includes several tourist features, along with historical monuments, the most notable of which is Paradise Island; Nemara Cave, which dates back to the Greek era, was the temple of the Greek goddess Leto, and other features located in Marmaris include a famous castle, the Xailai Bridge, and the Abraham Agha masjid.

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